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Matt Does West Coast 2009: Final Update!

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Day 9: Knotts Berry Farm & Adventure City


Today was an interesting day. I was looking forward to Knotts but not so sure what to expect. We had morning ert on Xcelerator which turned out to be my favorite ride at Knotts as well as ert on Silver Bullet. Now besides the line cutting, which was really getting on my nerves, I somewhat enjoyed Knotts. I was used to the type of people who visit Knotts because of working at Clementon so the guests did not bother me. Coaster quality though was pretty disappointing. Xcelerator was awesome as well as Silver Bullet. Ghostrider was horrible. I never thought anything could be as worse as riding HellCat in the back seat but Ghostrider proved me wrong. Plus the station was really annoying. Apart from that Jaguar was fun but the train was uncomfortable. I liked Montezooma's Revenge. The Boomerang was a same old Vekoma pain machine. Pony Express was dull. Sierra Sidewinder was enjoyable. Surprisingly the kiddie was my favorite kiddie of the trip Apart from the line cutting I enjoyed my stay at Knotts even though I'd rather be at CGA, Dorney or another Cedar Fair park over it. It was a ok park, Cedar Fair just needs to brighten up the place and take better care of their coasters. So after Knotts we went to Adventure City! This was the scariest park of the trip because we all thought we were going to die on the coasters. We just did a quick credit run. The kiddie was fun but the mouse was so poorly built I thought I my head was going to hit the track. However on the bus to Disneyland we voted Adventure City over Knotts! That night we had some time at Disneyland but Disney will be next weeks update which is the final update. Enjoy the pics & video:


Luckily everyone survived!


Probably the scariest coaster I've ever ridden safety wise!


Freeway Coaster!


Time for Adventure City! And it was an adventure surviving the coasters!


I liked this Kiddie lol.


I enjoyed Montezooma's Revenge.


This thing made HellCat feel like Millennium Force it was so rough!


I mean OUCH for Ghostrider!


Yay for Ghostrider!


This was a fun spinning coaster. Also this was the ride people kept on line cutting the most & it was really pissing me off!


CF trash can pic!


However the trains were uncomfortable.


For a junior coaster this is really well themed. It was also credit #280!


Thankfully there weren't many of these on the trip! Also this was the last one!


Probably the most boring launch coaster ever.


Before the Cobra-Roll!


I went photo happy with this ride. I'll only show one more pic of it.


We also had ert on Silver Bullet which was a lot of fun.


I prefer it over Storm Runner!


Time for morning ert on Xcelerator!


We are at Knotts! I guess we should be excited.

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Thanks for reading! Here is the day conclusion & video!


Day Conclusion:


Silver Bullet=3x

Pony Express=1x



Sierra Sidewinder=1x

Ghost Rider=1x

Montezooma’s Revenge=1x

Timberline Twister=1x

Freeway Coaster=1x

Tree Top Racers=1x





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Hey Matt, I'm actually sitting in my hotel room about half a block from Knott's as I write this.


I thought about going to Adventure City for the two credits but it looks like a place more for kids, in fact I could go there right now but I won't, too creepy.


I can confirm that Ghostrider is still snapping spines, front was fine, 3rd row was fine but 2nd row and 2nd last row started to make my back spasm. I can also confirm that Pony Express is still lame. Silver Bullet was hauling, and so was Sierra Sidewinder.

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The Final Update: Disneyland & Disney's California Adventure August 14-16, 2009


So I waited a while to bring my West Coast TR to a close because I wanted to show you all what I think is a great Disneyland video I made & after the site was hacked I had to wait until Coastertube got back up but I still can’t upload videos to coastertube for some reason so I just uploaded it to Youtube. The trip has finally winded down. No more ert or bus trips. Just 3 days at Disneyland! I was really looking forward to Disneyland. Having gone to Disney World in June & recently getting an internship with Disney World I was looking forward to comparing the two. My first ride at Disneyland was Space Mountain. It has almost been a decade since I rode Orlando's version so I could not tell the difference. I really enjoyed Space Mountain. I counted the turns while riding & if I remember it was 4 left turns & 13 right turns during the ride I really enjoyed the sound track as well. Indiana Jones is now one of my favorite Disney attractions. Big Thunder Mountain wasn't to exciting to me. The Matterhorn was great. I've been wanting to ride Matterhorn for a few years & really enjoyed it. I rode the left side first & the right side following. Gadget's Go Coaster was a traditional Vekoma Roller Skater but it had a neat theme. Tower of Terror was ok. It is not better than Orlando's version, which is my favorite ride in Disney World, but it was fun. Disney's California Adventure was interesting. The California Screamin' was AMAZING! I rode it 26x in two days! It is my favorite coaster & attraction between Disney in Orlando & LA! I enjoyed my stay at Disneyland California I just didn't picture it being that small compared to Orlando. This was a FANTASTIC trip Robb & Elissa! Thanks for doing a great job. I rode 68 new credits this trip & got a total of 202 coaster rides! Although I cannot attend a trip in 2010, Japan 2011 looks very promising & I am really looking forward to that trip. Thanks for following along my TR & enjoy the last set of pics & my Disneyland video:


Map pic!


Not even close to Orlando's but still fun.


Just a boring mouse.


This was a fun S&S power tower.


Some shots of the park!


26x total!


I rode Screamin' again & again thanks to the single rider line!


My favorite ride at Disneyland & my favorite Disney coaster between Orlando & LA!


Time for California Screamin'!


Paradise Pier!


DCA pics!


Just like it was my first ride at Disneyland, Space Mountain was my last & my last coaster of the trip!


Same with Haunted Mansion.


Pirates was enjoyable.


Stroller Street USA!


The castle.


This reminded me of Orlando's!




Did not ride & don't care!


Yup just a Vekoma roller skater.


Big Thunder Mountain was ok. I got the first ride of the day on it in the front!


Indiana Jones is probably my favorite Disney dark ride between Orlando & LA!


Matterhorn was great! I rode the left side first one day than the right the next.


Space Mountain was my first Disneyland attraction. I really enjoyed it. On my first ride the train was to heavy so we were unloaded on the transfer track!


This entrance looks familiar.


Welcome to the Disneyland Resort!

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Thanks for reading & following my 2009 West Coast TR! Thanks again to Robb & Elissa for a FANTASTIC trip! Here is the Disneyland Conclusion & video:


Disneyland Conclusion:

Space Mountain=4x

Matterhorn (left)=2x

California Screamin’=26x

Mulholland Madness=2x

Matterhorn (right)=2x

Big Thunder Mountain=1x

Gadget’s Go Coaster=1x



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Nice pics


I had no idea you rode Californa Screamin that many times! I remember you talking about having a marathon on it but I had no idea you meant 26 rides!


It's too bad we didn't get to hang out as much at Disney, execept I do rember the last ride on SM where we counted turns.


I can't belive that was almost three months ago!

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Nice pictures of Knotts. I don't know about Pony Express though. It was lame, but it was better than I expected it to be, and easily better than the Mick Doohan Motocoaster over here in my opinion.

I agree though, I would have preferred to be at CGA than Knotts, Knotts just stunk.


26 times on Screamin? It's a good ride and all, but not that good. I'd prefer to marathon Space Mountain or Indy or even TOT over Screamin. But then again I did marathon Soarin.


So it seems I was the only one that didn't mind It's a Small World. Sure, it's not much to the ride, but I don't "hate" it.

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Thanks for reading! Here is the day conclusion & video!


Day Conclusion:


Silver Bullet=3x

Pony Express=1x



Sierra Sidewinder=1x

Ghost Rider=1x

Montezooma’s Revenge=1x

Timberline Twister=1x

Freeway Coaster=1x

Tree Top Racers=1x


The last time I was at Knotts, (Dec. 2008) It rained in the morning and everyone left the park but we stayed and in an hour it cleared up.

That day, I got on a total of 40 rides!!!!! I felt spoiled with luck


Xcelerator x10

Silver Bullet x10

Ghost Rider x2

Montezuma x4

Boomerang x2

Sierra Sidewinder x4

Pony Express x1

Jaguar x1

Log Ride x3

Supreme Scream x3


The only thing we didn't get to ride was Perilous Plunge because it was winter time and no one wanted to get wet lol. Ghost Rider is the most painful ride on Earth and that is why we only rode it twice haha. Xcelerator was amazing especially because in the last hour of the day, we were able to ride it 8 consecutive times without getting off in the front row!!!!!! Silver bullet was great as always. The log ride had amazing scenery since it was Knotts "merry" farm.

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Awesome. Disneyland is my favorite park(I was on screamin about twelbe hours ago) and it is awesome to see perspectives from people who are not locals. I do agree with everyone about tower to an extent though, as a ride(in terms of effects and everything) Floridas owns Californias and is amazing. In terms of drop and thrill cycle California gets my vote, I did not get ejected in Floridas(rode it this past summer on vacation) like I did in Californias.

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