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Photo TR : Cusco, and Lima Peru

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Amazing report!


Thank you for sharing!


Do you buy all the items you donate, yourself, or do you take a collection, before you leave? I know a lot of people who do medical mission trips to Haiti and Dominican Republic, and they put up collection boxes for items, before they go.

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First, thanks Robb for putting this on the front page!


The mystery meal was guinea pig! My wife totally hated it, but I thought it was better than a lot of the mystery meat we ate in Africa!


We bought the shoes ourselves before we left. When we were planning our trip, we asked Percy what the kids needed most, and he quickly answered shoes!

There are bathrooms at the entrance to the national park, but once you are up on the mountain, there are none, and its a looong walk back! There was some dude taking a pee over the edge off in the corner, that was nice



The south american people were very nice to us. They are used to seeing a lot of European people, but not too many people from the US, so they assumed that we could speak Spanish(which is not one of the languages we can interpret). Besides the language barrier(which is our fault for being in their country and not speaking their language), the people were wonderful! If my wife would have gone on this trip alone, she would have given away all her money to kids on the very first day!


thanks everybody for chceking out our report and feel free to ask any more questions!


Jeffrey and April

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"smells like butthole", "butterface", and Macchu Picchu equals Epic TR

MP in picture seems like one of the most entrancing, transcendental destinations in the world; I can't imagine what it's like in person. Definitely a goal.


My wife and I wanted to say that your contributions to the children is both touching and just plain wonderful. If even 1% of the world had similar inclinations, it would be idyllic. Thank you so much for such a great TR.


Scott & Trish


"Awaken Secrets: Progressive Rock that would scare Stravinsky into fits: It's Something!"

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^^ thank you very much! it was a very moving experience for both of us. Our friend Percy started crying as we were driving away.


^ we just watched "big" last weekend!awesome movie i might add! That ride is a common one in traveling types of carnivals, there is actually one inthe parking lot of K Mart about 3 miles from our house right now.

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Great trip report, your generosity is inspiring. Makes me think how good I have it in this country and having the time to do such silly things as talk about roller coasters and amusement parks.


Many thanks for reminding me to be thankful.

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Wow, this was such a beautiful TR. Even if you hadn't put in the coaster pics at the end, I would have been more than satisfied with it.


Oh and you giving the shoes to those kids was just about the coolest thing ever.

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I loved the whole PTR, my boss recently returned from 10 days in Peru traveling village to village with a distant cousin tracking down his ancestory.


Sorry it took a while, but I finally added Aventura Park to the Park Index. It took a little detective work to find the exact location of this new park.

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