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Mammoth B&M Hyper [NL]

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Didn't care for the first half of the ride but after the mid-course brakes I thought it was great. After the drop (witch was great) the turn coming back was odd and the slow speed on the high banked curve back under the lift killed the fun. Kinda of jerky in a lot of places though. Regardless, it is 100% better than anything I could make.


Thank you for the ride.

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-Had some nice airtime and a very fun layout in the second half. I would almost call it Intamin-esque simply due to its curves. Mmmmm...curves.

-Fairly smooth. It wasn't completely covered in pumps, but at the same time it wasn't the smoothest in the world.

-Covered the best of both worlds. The B&M hyper and the hyper twister.



-It just seemed to kind of drag on towards the end.

-I didn't check but I am pretty sure it would not pass a tunnel test.

-Not very parabolic hills.


My suggestions- Keep working, this was a very good coaster and was definitely pretty fun. I look forward to other coasters you make.

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What I disliked:

some parts where a little too close to the tracks

almost all of the transitions where smooth

could have been a little more fast


How's that a negative. lol


I'll check out the ride tomorrow.

oops sorry now read it again.

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