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(RCT2) Volcano Blaster!

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Okay, this is my first ride to put on TPR, so bear with me. It is a dive coaster that blasts through a live erupting volcano! It also has a splash down to cool off the heated train that has gone through the volcano. Enough talk, onto the pictures!


A train at the top of the lift!


A set of cars hanging out on the holding brake!


A train entering the erupting volcano!


The turnaround, and drop onto the lift behind it.


A train flying through the splashdown!


The helix. This is a slow part of the ride, so no major g's are created.


The final brake run and the station. Thanks for viewing!

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Like the drop into the volcano, did the same thing in my park.


The ride seems a bit over sized if that makes any since. I would scale it back in height. Maybe it's just the angles I am seeing it from in the pictures. Either way some times a shorter slower coaster is a better coaster. Just my opinion though.

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^I don't understand it with you NE guys. You think that hacking is easy to do, especially when the tools used for it are outdated. Plus real coasters don't go through water(besides water)



Its ok new guy, don't worry about the advance stuff.


The only thing I see a real problem with me is the long pre-brakedrop. It should be a simple turn.


Thats all


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^I don't understand it with you NE guys. You think that hacking is easy...-Matthew


I agree, its not easy and for the most part NOT NESSECERY!

I will never understand what is SOOOO great about everything being hacked.

You can make great "unique" coasters without hacking anything.


Sorry to get off topic but this everything needs to be hacked to be good is really getting on my nerves.


astro, your coaster is fine, there is no need to hack in any inversions.

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