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Where in the world are the interpreters now???

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Up front, I ripped the idea off of Robb, from when he did this same thing a few months ago.


My wife and I just celebrated our fifth anniversary with an awesome trip!


Follow along thru the pictures and try to guess exactly where we went, there is one specific thing that we came here to do.


The first person to guess what it is, send me a PM with your address and we weill send you out something cool from here.


Here are a few pics to get started........and yes there was a park and a coaster...but that was not the reason we came here!


and some awesome mountains....


start the guessing and I will post some more pics soon!


this place has some great beaches....


and a few buses


We also had to take a train....


fourth flight...whew...flights are done!


third flight...for this flight we had a BED!


Second flight...


it took a long time to get where we were going...the first class tickets helped with the long flights!


this is the first flight...

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Nobody has guessed the right country so far! But, I do like the Thailand guess...we have been there three times... here is the link to the TR from when my wife went a month ago.








here are a few more pics


This is the front of the hotel we stayed in.


good luck with your guesses, and remember to try to figure out what we did while we were there!



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Oh oh oh, American Airlines (logo behind the seat shows) has a direct flight to Barcelona, Spain. You flew there then took the 4th flight to somewhere regional near the ocean so you could celebrate your anniversary in a Spanish style hotel?

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We have a winner!


Its Machu Picchu!!!!!


bdstorm, I totally thought you were going to guess it! You were right about AA, that is where all our miles are, we flew MCI-DFW-MIA-LIM-CUS the last leg was on LAN since AA doesnt fly to Cusco.


Send me a PM with your address and I will send you out something cool from Peru if you want.


I will write up a TR with the park we went to in Lima...it was scary!


That is a pic of me getting ready to eat fried Guinea Pig! Not the most tasty thing I have ever had!


Thanks for playing along.


Jeffrey adn April

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