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Monterey, California


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Here's the thing.

My family and I are *hopefully* going to go to America next year, probably around July.


Since it is my first time to America I hope to go to a lot of theme parks.


I am wondering a few things...

1) What would be the closest theme park? (SFMM is about 5 hours away)

2) What coasters would you suggest I go on? (I'm about 150cm tall, and about 50kg, now)

3) Where should I start, what would be the best 'starting' coaster for someone new the world of coasters and thrill rides?

4) What price range would the parks be at, and would it be: pay at entrance+free rides/free entrance+pay per ride?

5) Any other helpful info about parks and coasters, e.g. maps, parking etc.


The reason I am posting this now, is so I can plan what to do in advance before going. This will give me an idea of how my family and I can plan our trip.


Thankyou in advance for all your help.


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The nearest amusement park to Monterrey is Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk which is a great way to spend a few hours and ride a truly classic woodie. It's not too intense, but it's old and really holds its own. If you're willing to drive SFMM is probably a good choice, but if you choose to go north you can hit up California's Great America and possibly SFDK if you're up for it.

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Well, my mum promised that we would go to a "big" theme park, namely one that was Six Flags owned.


Which brings me to ask another question.

Are there any hotels near SFMM? If so, which would be the best, not too expensive, but still reasonably nice rooms/value for money?

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Just out of pure curiosity why Monterrey? I can totally vouch for the aquarium, its very good. Also, very close(I think 30 minutes) to Monterrey is a place called Big Sur, just type it into google images, its breathtakingly beautiful. I went there a very long time ago, and it is awesome. Also, there is a fishermans wharf in monterey if you are ever looking for seafood.


Those are some non park things, but, if you and your family want to do a really chill day check out big sur.

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Go to the aquarium ok, but there is also a good park called

California Great America in Santa Clara

1 hr NORTH from Monterey




a closest Six Flags!! 2 hr and half from Monterey NORTH (just North of San Francisco): SIX FLAGS DISCOVERY KINGDOM which is very interesting for the whole family!

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There are a lot of great parks to go to in California. There's also a lot of great coasters, rides, food, hotels, and general attractions to visit. Look at parks with attractions you and your mom and dad would like to do. Make sure you do what is interesting, but don't go over budget. Trust me, it's easy to do so, especially there.


Even though SFMM is pretty far, I think it is well worth a visit. If you decide to go to SFMM, since you'd like to start out 'small', I'd start with Goldrusher, then go to Revolution. After that, Ninja and Colossus are pretty good 'intermediate' starters. Once you're finished those, you're on your own and you should be fine. There is a hotel right outside SFMM called the Hilton Garden Inn. You can walk to the park from there, literally. If you think they're too pricey, you can choose from a wide variety of hotels that are less than 20 miles from the park. If you want me to mail you a brochure for SFMM, let me know. SFMM's website will have details on rides, hotels, and all that other important stuff. SFMM's Website


Knott's Berry Farm would be pushing nearly 6 hours (as well as Disneyland Resort), and that's without famous Los Angeles traffic. But if you can go there on a day where good rides are open, I'd certainly go. I would make sure Xcelerator's open if you go to KBF; You cannot go to KBF if you don't get an Xcelerator ride, no matter how afraid you may be of it. Start somewhere around Jaguar! and you can work your way up from there. Since Knott's is right in the middle of Buena Park, there should be a few hotels just outside the park that aren't too far away. There's even a resort inside park grounds. However, if you decide you want to go to Disneyland, you can stay in Anaheim. After all, it's only about 15 minutes away if you take I-5 (the major freeway that goes through the area). KBF's Website


If you decide you want to go to the Disneyland Resort, do your first day at Disneyland. If you can have a second day, go to California Adventure. At Disneyland, most of the coasters and other rides are pretty easy, so you can go on them in any order you please. However, I wouldn't recommend Space Mountain. If you think you'd prefer more high thrill and intensity attractions, DCA is great. Tower of Terror is great, California Screamin' is pretty good, and Soarin' is another highlight. Maliboomer is pretty good, but it sounds like they may be getting rid of it soon. .I'd certainly recommend the Holiday Inn Express if you want to get a hotel not far from Disneyland. However, there are SO many hotels in the Anahiem area that you will probably have to do a lot of research to find a good deal for that time of year. Disneyland's Website


I went to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in 2006 (when it was still Marine World), but I don't remember where we stayed at during out trip there. Anyways, it's a pretty good park. It's pretty close, just past San Francisco. They don't really have a 'great' collection of coasters in terms of being able to start off and go up slowly, but if you've gotten more used to big coasters it's fine. Medusa is a great B&M Floorless coaster, V2 is less exiting than the other one but still pretty fun, Kong is the typical Vekoma SLC, Boomerang is the typical..... well, you know, Boomerang, and Roar! isn't bad. If you're into marine parks, there are a few things to entertain you. I can definitely agree with Noemi, it is a pretty good family park. SFDK's Website


I've never been to California's Great America, but I've heard great things about it. It's got a nice collection of coasters and a few good flat rides. Great variety, so far as I'm concerned. CGA's Website


Just north of Monterey is San Jose, and I would recommend Raging Waters if you are interested in going to a water park. It was pretty dead when I last went there, and you'll have to find some way to cool down in the hot California sun of July. Trust me, water parks are great during that time of year. If you happen to hit any big parks, you may also want to check if they have water parks. Knott's and SFMM have neighboring water parks, although you have to pay a sperate price to enter each one. If you plan on doing several days at SFMM and you'd like to do HH, go for the SFMM/HH pass, it gets you into both and it pays for itself in a few visits to either park. Not only that, but you also get discount coupons for all kinds of crap that has to do with SFMM, as well as admission to many other SF parks!


There is a whole lot of assorted food in California, especially medium sized chain restaurants with 3-course meals, fast food, and international samplers. You'll probably eat at a place you've never heard of, so be prepared to change your tastebuds a bit. However, it that just isn't going to happen, there are a few Outback Steakhouses around the place.


You will always find something to do, no matter where you look. California is famous for it's beaches (they have enough of those in Australia, I bet). However, where you're staying is a little far north of where the really good beaches are, so I'd try to either stay a little south if possible or not be way to interested in beaches. Boardwalks are popular, and you don't have to look way too far to find one. Santa Cruz has a famous one with several carnival rides, a classic woodie, and a coaster that's a spitting image of one that they recently took out in Seattle. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk's Website There are probably a few local attractions you can check out that vary place to place, such as chairlifts, alpine bobsled courses, mini golf complexes, go carting places, and family fun centers.


To make things easier, I've included a map of California so you can get an idea of where this all is. I've also added a few websites. Beginning research early is the key to doing things right, so dig up as much info as you can.


That's all I can give you right now. If you need any more info, I know a lot and can find something else you may need. Hope you can get your trip planned out well!






Makes things easier.

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