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Photo Trip Report: Every credit in Arizona


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So, it's been a year since my last Photo Trip Report because...well...nothing really happens out in the bloody hot hell that is Arizona. So when The Big Mike Road Show was touring into this lovely hot @$$ state, I decided to call into work sick and hang out with the Big Man.


Fun Trivia...Big Mike was the first TPR member I sat next to on the bus on the very first TPR trip back in 2006 when we visited the UK.


More Trivia...I am currently running on 2 hours of sleep and 6 Cherry Cokes.


Another Trivia...Robb and Elissa are the greatest.


Last Trivia...Everyone on TPR is awesome.


Back to Arizona...train of thought lost...here's what happened that day...


That's it for the rides at CnC and Enchanted Island...


Next up, Fiddlestick's and Schnepf Farms which has the best coaster in Arizona!


SPLOOSH! I wonder if that is a real word? Is Sploosh in the dictionary? Anyone know?



JimmyBo: "Big Mike, don't lean forward"

Big Mike: "Alrighty dude, I'll lean forward."


And then we never spoke again...


Warning before the drop. I guess Big Mike better not lean forward like he did in Phantasialand when the entire wall of water soaked him and myself


Log Flume was well themed. It was better than Splash Mountain which Jeff Johnson still counts as a credit and Big Mike does not. Therefore Jeff Johnson is the true credit whore


There's a log under there somewhere. Lumberjacks are still searching for the missing log


Sea Dragon Wagon Boat with 4 riders on it. It was super crowded at the park.


Flying through the helix


You definitely notice the Gold shirt on rides like this. Not to mention when there's only 2 riders you tend to see the Gold


Big Mike is trying to hide behind the well placed Palm Tree


How many Lift Hill shots have you seen from the back where the entire train takes up the lift hill? You said 5? Well...here is another one so deal with it


Astro Afro Turf is the greenest grass you will ever see in Phoenix. Plus, throw your feet out of the train but keep your hands inside


ERT = erotic rides today


ERT on the Patriot Act was the best ERT I have ever had...besides every other ERT session on a TPR trip. Haven't been on a TPR trip yet? THEN SIGN UP!


"Big Mike is here...everyone leave the coaster so he can have ERT"


The Patriot Act doing it's thing...what is it's thing? You will go to jail if you knew


The Patriot Act got it's own coaster


I'm eating a homemade chocolate chip cookie...these guys are jealous


Helix of death, doom, life, happiness, green, purple, awesome...I want a cookie


That loop looks fine to me...what's so wrong with it? If you'd ridden it then you know why this coaster is so awesome!


The tallest, fastest, steepest...blah blah blah...even with all the hype I'd still rather be sucker punched in the gut


Alright...let's go to some rides


Big Mike trying for a comeback on his last ball. But he only lost by a couple million points.


Pinball heaven! I love pinball games. Since we were a little early before the rides opened Big Mike challeneged JimmyBo to a pinball match...Big Mistake for the Big man


I wonder why they call it Castles N Coasters...I get the coasters part but not the Castles part. Anyone else know why it's Castles?


Big Mike ready to ride the tallest, fastest, steepest, longest, most inversion coaster in the state of Arizona!


Good use of the dumpster out inthe parking. It's like you don't even notice it


Next up, Castles N Crappers


So this is where the San Diego Chicken ended up...He's a sandwhich now. I guess all the pranks got him killed and made for good cooking.


If you don't know who or what the San Diego Chicken is then google it and if you post a picture I will say "Well, done!" If you post a picture of you WITH the San Diego Chicken then I will say "Well done!!"


After Enchanted Island it was time for breakfast, brunch, lunch, supper...whatever you call it where your from. Here in Arizona we call it food


Hippo says, "Feed me trash and I will lick my chops because trash is good"


It's so hot that this tiny wannabe Knott's Parachute Tower is burning up from the sun


Seriously...warning infront of every ride. How hot is it outside? 10am and its already 101.


Everyone....this is Jeff. Jeff is cool. He's so cool that he rode the Dragon Wagon and I took his picture instead of Big Mike. That's how cool Jeff is.


Caution, Rides will burn your @$$ off unless you sit on a damp towel. No joke...they had damp towels for you to sit on


"I like to eat small children."


Here's the coaster...A Dragon Wagon. Standard wagon with a dragon


This little park has won many awards mainly for kid themed stuff. It was very impressive


Big Mike has reached the office and now time to use his charm to get the credit


Employee entrance to the office


Notice the "Enchanted Island Entrance" Sign. Yeah, we are going in the back entrance to talk to the manager so Big Mike can get his kiddie credit


Behind the scenes of Big Mike doing his thing for the Big Mike Road Show


Enchanted Island. Nice little kid park with a credit for those whores out there


Cabadian Geese just chillin. The one on the far left just took a massive dump and lost 2 pounds...seriously


The first amusement park was located in Encanto park which had green grass. If you've been to Phoenix and Tucson you know it's hard to find green grass.


Alright, Starbucks time before all the coasters and craziness take place


This one's for all the smokers out there because you are the butt of many jokes


Blizzard Ahead! Yeah...I wish!


And here is where Decades was suppose to be...Land For Sale. I guess we should expect the park to be open within the year


Failed attempts at an amusement park still stand near the I-10 in Eloy (This was from a previous park, not from Decades)


For those of you that care...this was the street that Decades Theme Park was suppose to be built near. It's in Eloy. It would have been better than Hard Rock Park


We'll start off with myself driving 1 1/2 hours to meet the Big Man up in Phoenix...Woo

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A few things...I have a new #1 coaster in Arizona and it is called Peachtree Express and it is at Schnepf Farms. This little Farm took me by surprise and I think Jeff and Big Mike weren't expecting it to be as awesome either. Special thanks to Kerri and the Schnepfs for letting us hang out and walk around the farm. It was a great time.


Onto the pics


And thanks again to Big Mike for giving me something to do in the state of Arizona. I still get 400 of your credits Big Man


The sun slowly sets in the West and this trip Report.


Thanks to everyone that met up with The Big mike Road Show. Thanks to Kerri at Schnepf Farms for treating us like royalty. And thankfully Big Mike survived driving through a dust storm and a monsoon.


Now it's time to head out of the Phoenix area and head back down to Tucson...where this awesome storm awaits us


Sadly, it's time to leave Schnepf Farms but it was definitely the highlight of the day. Great and friendly people and an awesome coaster. It was just all around fun


They even had a little playground for the youngens to run around in. This farm had it all. If I were a kid I would love to go here




"Three little pigs" houses. Sadly, the pigs were eaten by the wolf...there was a twist in this version


Looking better than Jeff for being the same age


Yep...read it and weep people. 1912...that's old. I could make a Jeff Johnson old joke year but I'm not going to. I'll leave that up to everyone else.




Donkey Punch!


Lamb Chops tonight anyone?


Goats are cool. And there is a cock in this picture as well...Can you find the cock?


Not TPR Trip Report is complete with a picture of a jackass


Walking around the farm. They have a long slide at the top of the hill


The Bee is giving the international "peace" sign or is trying to be cool like Kristen


They had a nice looking swing ride but it was too hot outside to operate. Keep in mind that they get most of their business during the Fall-Spring Time!


One more pop of air before we check out the rest of the Farm


2 huge thumbs up for this awesome ride!


Trying to keep my @$$ planted in the seat was near impossible.


Big Mike taking his glorious ride at the front of the train


Ejector air brings out the double and triple chins


This little hill may not look like much but it gives you ejector air in the front and last row and floater air in the middle. Great air time on this thing.


First turnaround...everyone is still in their seats...for now


Oh My God! POV of the first drop! Don't let this first drop fool you...the back seat has some ejector air


Now it's time we ride the main attraction


Kerri telling us the history of the ride, how she bought, how they keep it up, how the designer and builder came out and rode it a year ago and was amazed how good it was. Great Q&A session


There she is...in all her beauty. The Pachtree Express. This thing was wild!


Coaster and swings? Wow...this was a lot more than I thought!


What's that I see through the treees? A coaster?


Crossing the tracks...we went from Southside playas to Northside stuck-ups


Driving on the farm to the area where all the fun shall be had


Time to hitch a ride in the Big Mike Road SHow rental car from hell...let's hope we survive


Alright...time to roll out into the Farm


Well kepted up green grass! That's not astro afro turf! Props to the Schnepfs for keeping that grass green


We arrived at the Schnepf Farm Wedding house area. This area was really nice. If I ever got married on a farm I would get married here


Dude...where the f*ck are we?


Time to stock up for the ride out into the area that they call... Farmland!


That is the face a true gentle Teddy Bear. If you know Big Mike, then you know what I'm talking about


That is the face of someone who is having fun


Big Mike and Jeff getting their credits


No other Rolling Thunder Layout can beat this Rolling Thunder Layout


The true credit of the trip. Rolling Thunder! I think this is the best Rolling Thunder in the history of Rolling Thunders


Sea Dragon Wagon Pirate Ship Jumping Bouncy Things


Miniature golf area 2...I heard this course has ninjas on it. If you like Ninjas (and who doesn't?) then this course is for you


Miniature golf area 1


Here's the driving range. Oh, and season passes are a great deal if you like to bend over and take it up the...I'll stop there


Fiddlestick's is a miniature golf place but it has a real driving range...dont believe me...


Prizes you can win if you are really good at games or you are a sweet talker with the lady behind the counter


Inside game area. It's not as impressive as Castles N Crappers but it gets the job done. Sadly though there will be no rematch of pinball because Big Mike was still so bitter that JimmyBo whooped his @$$


We are at Fiddler on the Roof Stickman's place.

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Aw man. I wish I had known. I would have taken off work to hang out with you guys. But awesome TR JimmyBo!


I've never been out to Schnepf Farms, but it looks like I should get out there and get the other Arizona credit.

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^ Every month except end of May through beginning of September has beautiful weather. But I don't blame you for not wanting to come here during the summer. Big Mike was surprised by the heat when he was here. He said he'd rather have humidty. I laughed at him

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Thanks for the TR! Of these, I've only been to Castles-N-Coasters. Loved the pinball and the mini-golf, enjoyed the super Desert Storm funkiness, but I'm still not too sure about the whole "110-degrees in May" thing.

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Log Flume was well themed. It was better than Splash Mountain which Jeff Johnson still counts as a credit and Big Mike does not. Therefore Jeff Johnson is the true credit whore


Definitely NOT true!


Besides, I never have and never will count powered coasters!!!








Btw- Nice pics four-eyes!

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I need my Snechphamabob credit! Awesome TR Jimmy! Oh, by tha by, I didn't see any cock in that photo. Nope, no cock. You'll have to point out the cock to me at another time. I did however see tha peacock!


Guy "I'll pass on that awesome looking mine train ride though. Waaaayyyy too intense for me!" Koepp

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Great TR! Looks like you and Big Mike had a great time. That coaster at the Schnepf Farms looked really cool, never ridden it, or even heard of it until now. Gotta love all the excitement of living in AZ. I wish we had a great park to offer, but oh well at least LA isnt too far away.

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Sometimes I'm amazed that the Phoenix and/or Tucson area doesn't have a major theme park, being that there is certainly the population to support it.


But maybe the extreme desert heat is the roadblock to such a project.


Anyway, nice TR. Looks like you guys had fun.



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Ah yes, summer in Phoenix...so hot you could literally cook breakfast on your credits.


I remember thinking Desert Storm was awesome when I was a kid. I wonder if it has gotten worse over the years, or if I just didn't know any better. Thanks for the TR, that arcade shot brought back a lot of memories!

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Sometimes I'm amazed that the Phoenix and/or Tucson area doesn't have a major theme park, being that there is certainly the population to support it.


But maybe the extreme desert heat is the roadblock to such a project.


Yeah I think the summer heat might be why. But we do have pretty nice weather when other parks elsewhere are closed for the off season.


I'm still holding out and crossing my fingers for a decently sized park in AZ. Probably won't happen anytime soon though.

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The tallest, fastest, steepest...blah blah blah...even with all the hype I'd still rather be sucker punched in the gut


Agreed! This coaster has gotten even more painful over the years!


And talk about HOT in AZ... We've been relatively cool-ish this week with highs of 105 Last week (or the one before) we were hitting 115 118... That's the point where even the walk from your house to your car in the driveway is the most miserable thing you will ever do.


Which FiddleSticks did you guys go to? The one on Elliot road in Tempe? It looks like it to me... If so, I'm proud to say that Big Mike was only about 5 minutes away from my house!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe if the road show stops past there again I'll come out and say hi!

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Congratulations on conquering the Great State of Arizona. And I can empathize about burning your butt off on rides--the kiddie coaster at Go-Karts Plus in Lightfoot in the summertime is like sitting on a charcoal grill.

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I was looking at the website for Schnepf Farms and it says that it is open for reservations only. How early did you go about making the reservation and what were the costs involved? Was there a minimum party amount? I'd like to go sometime.

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Jimmy, your trip reports are just as awesome as your videos! My only complaint is that you don't do more of them.


I don't envy you living in a state that is consistently over 100 degrees in the summer, though. We just got through three days in a row at or above 105 here in Portland and I thought I was going to die.

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^ Three days in a row of over 100? Wow...that's nothing but I'm glad you got to experience a little bit of what it is like out here.


To answer a question before about Fiddlesticks...Yes, it was the one on Elliott Road. Big Mike didn't even know about that coaster so my VIP status gave him some inside info and he was able to adjust his schedule to make a quick stop out there.


As for Schnepf Farms...they heard the Big Mike Road Show was coming into town and she opened the farm up to us. Seriously, they ran the coaster for us for about 10 minutes and then we could walk all over the farm till we wanted to elave. It was a total blast.


And the cost was free because we are sexy b*tches. If you aren't a sexy b*tch then you might have to pay.

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