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Tivoli Gardens (RCT2)

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I got bored this week and decided I whip out the old dusty RCT2 disk and build a small 50x50 park. It took about 7 hours to build and landscape and I am quite happy with the results.


Major Rides:


Wildcat: A PTC Out and Back

Wildcat II: A Small PTC Twister That Intertwines With Wildcat

Hangman: A Small Custom B&M Dive Machine

Grist Mill: A Schwarzkopf Shuttle

Cannonball: An S&S Reverse Free Fall


Onto The Pictures and the Download!


And Don't Forget To Comment!








The Wildcats Doing Their Thing


Close Up of Paths

SCR10 (2).bmp

General Overview of the Major Attractions


Wildcat and Wildcat 2


Hangman (Left) Wildcat and Wildcat 2 (Center) Grist Mill (Upper Left)


Park Overview

Tivoli Gardens2.SV6

Download! Enjoy!

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Thank-you for the compliments!


At random I get in the mood to whip out the old disk and build a little park.


I have attempted to build larger parks in the past but my lack of attention span really limits my ability to complete the parks. I also find that if I start to build in one style, I have a hard time changing it up, so doing different themed areas is quite the task! LOL!


I hope that I can get to the point where I can complete a 100x100 park at some point in the near future!


I have included a download at the bottom of my first post. (Although I'm not sure if its showing up?)

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Hey there,


Sorry to resurrect this thread, but I really need some help.


I have tried to fix the missing data file in this park but have no idea how to do it! Could someone on here who knows how to do that sort of stuff fix this park for me? I need to download it onto my computer as the old one crashed and I don't have any of the files on the new computer!



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