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PTR: The rides of Wisconsin State Fair!

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So on August 6th I made a short little trip to the infamous WI state fair!


The ride selection isn't as great as previous years they still have some pretty good rides.

While I felt like crap afterward, I had a great day and enjoyed plenty of cheese curds and cream puffs!


Favorite rides of the day: (Extreme was closed)




Ending the day right...


Mirror maze :-)


Full speed!


half speed...



The Oribt... This ride is great and progressively gets faster trough the ride until the very end!




Another of those rides that will kill you...






The carts are made of thin plastic and you can feel them bend when it's windy... Freakiest Ferris-wheel ever!





This little drop ride has some good ejector air









My personal favorite!







The painful part


But It dose look amazing at night


Spin Out gets my vote for most painful ride...




Our newest addition...I think we got it last year.



A fair must have


Puke master 9000

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Zippers are my personal favorite fair ride as well.

You can usually get some sweet airtime while flipping over the top of crest at least once or twice during a ride cycle!

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Zippers are not my personal favorite . There's just something about swinging around in a cage with some crazy creeper carnie controlling my life, but that's just me. Viper looks interesting, and orbit looks like it could be enjoyable.

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Well that's why I love Zipper! It's just the chaos of it all and its really the only ride I find thrilling!

Orbiter is pretty good.. It gets pretty intense in the last seconds of the ride and is jut a fun ride over all. But Viper is a different story It feels like its going to die and my car didn't even swing like the others.

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Looked like fun. Except that I'd never go on a Zipper my self of course.


Spin out was really that painful? I've ridden the one at my local fair and it wasn't that bad. Was quite fun actually.


What type of ride is Viper? I have never seen it before.


Is that drop tower made by ARM/Larson? Or is it Fabbri?

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And the questions keep on coming.


We had the Viper here in Windsor a few years back, except it's called the King Kobra. I was going to ride it when it was here last, but I hadn't eaten much, went riding, and my stomach wasn't doing well.

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What is the name of that "newer ride" you have? (The one that looks like a giant windmill... I can't make out the writing. It looks like a KMG Tango.


The Viper is a new Wisdom Rides design Based on the old Venture "Cobra". On the old Cobra design, the ride was always raised and tilted and the seats swung out further (the seats on the Viper are more fixed apparently due to the joints wearing out faster... and they have those annoying OTSR's)... it was like two little paratrooper rides at the end of a rectangular beam. The problem with it, was that you could only load 6 seats at a time, then spin the ride around and then load the other 6.


The new viper raises and lowers, so you can load everybody at once.


Here's a picture of the Cobra:


1970's Venture Cobra

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What is the name of that "newer ride" you have? (The one that looks like a giant windmill... I can't make out the writing. It looks like a KMG Tango.


It's a Zamperla Shocker. The ride motion is essentially that of a Tango but the riders are seated. Looks like its built on a Power Surge base.

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Cobra is an awesome ride. I remember riding that at my fair when I was in 4th grade.


Great photos. Zipper is also my favorite fair ride. Too bad my county fair never has it anymore.

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For the Wisdom Viper, I've been on it, and to me it feels like a Zierer Wave Swinger. There isn't much too it in my opinion. For the original Cobra, I've been on that too, and I would say it acts like a Sizzler, but it's not neck snapping, and the g's on that thing if the carnival workers put it backwards are amazing!! Venture Cobra = Great. Wisdom Viper in my opinion = good.


That Typhoon (Orbiter) is really lame, and slow. It's really old. For the Spin Out rides, they aren't painful. They redid the background on that Spin Out. For the Zipper was it only running with 3 motors this year? Last year it was, and they would only load the ends of it (4 cars).


I'm really shocked that they had all those rides (the same from last year). Some of those rides are up for sale: Extreme X, Viper, Genesis, Double Shock, Orbiter (Typhoon), Hurricane, Wave Swinger, and so on. It just shocks me that they haven't sold one of them yet.



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I also guess Spin Out jut doesn't like my bits more than other peoples.


I will NEVER ride one of those death eating machines again. After riding one, I had to leave the fair for fear of losing the ability to walk and/or fainting!

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