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CARS! The Car Super Thread

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My car is an '04 Monte Carlo, which I have owned since May of last year.


Unfortunately, it recently had a little mishap where part of the front bumper, around the left headlight, got dented and chipped. It costs way too much for me to fix right now, so I'm leaving it alone for now, since the lights themselves still work on that side.


The rest of it's fine though, and now I've even thought of a nickname for the thing...Scarface.



Pretty close to what mine looks like...

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^ uh...agreed


I drive a dark green 2002 Kia Optima, but I share it with my sisters. It has a nice little carhickey on the front where my sister scrapped against some beat up P.O.S honda civic. Also available for me to drive is a dark khaki 2006 Jeep Liberty.


Sorry, no pics...

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2001 Chevy Malibu.


Modified PCM. Got leds in the Back up bulbs and under dash lights. Going to install 4 strobes and blue flashers from a friend. Getting a flowmaster muffler. In time going to get new 17 inch rims. I alos got some aftermark driving lgiths








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My Current ---> 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser... All I've done to it is put in a sound system... Its color is called Shale Green Metallic... Its slower than moleasses in the middle of January... It has 62K miles on it!!!


My Near Future ---> 2006 Mini Cooper S... Its got alot of nice stuff... Like slap shift and a superchanger!!!... Its color is called Dark Silver Metallic with black bonnet stripes... It has 11K miles on it!!!


My Near Future --- 2006 Mini Cooper S


My Current--- 2001 PT Cruiser

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^Well I didn't get an S because I was leaning more towards good gas mileage since I drive about 100 miles a day. 40mpg is pretty bad ass... at least I think. And I don't care how gay this car make me looks, I love it.


This is the first car I've owned were it doesn't take a key. You insert this disk thingy and press start. Weird... I'm not use to it yet.



Nice ass!


Not much to it, but the sun roof is huge!!!


My 2007 Mini Cooper

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Here's some old(new soon) pics of my car, a 96 red Olds Cierra



Here is where the back left speaker has fallen out and will not go back in.



On the front passenger door, has since been fixed with bolts



driver door, used to be ducktaped on, now bolted.



My mom rearended a bus in it a long time ago, so the hood wont close all the way, the grill pictured was not bolted on and was stolen, had to buy a new one and bolted on, and there is yellow left from the bus.



And my door wont close all the way sometimes


Still, it works for me.

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And now what you've all been waiting for....

My 2006 Mini Cooper S!!!

These are pictures of "MINI" After her bath...

Yes her name is MINI I know im so orignal...

mini butt.bmp

Nice a$$!!!

side view.bmp

Heres the whole me... Cause the big man didn't f up the picture this time!!!


I got some nice shoes what do you think...

ram air.bmp

FEED ME!!! FEED ME!!! Yes i would like a number 5 with a side of air please!!!


My insides... Cool HUH???

half assed rear view.bmp

Cause I'm really good at picture taking thats why the right half is missing...


As a matter of fact im an S... YES!!!


Hey look at me I'm a MINI...

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