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CARS! The Car Super Thread

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My Christmas present this year (and my birthday present for next year, lol) is related to cars but in a super awesome way.


My dad is taking me on a Gotham Dream Car Tour and I get to drive! Ill be driving Lambo's, Ferarri's (PLEASE 458 PLEASE!) and other exotics for about 3-4hrs.


To quote Bart Scott:


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Question for anyone out there who may be able to shed some light...


Just was offered a new position at my job, I will not be able to afford a little more "car" than I was planning on. Love when life does that, right?



I've always wanted an AWD sedan. So naturally, the Subaru WRX STi and the Lancer EVO's have always peaked my interest. I plan to buy used and don't mind some mileage as long as there's paperwork to show its been taken care of. And if any mods done to it, they were done by someone who knows what they are doing, not some kid in his dads garage cranking the boost in the turbo up.


I've just come across the Lancer Ralliart. I've been a bit hesitant to pull the trigger on the full on EVO's and STi's just for fear of the insurance. (Though, I still need to price this out) Question is, are the Ralliart's worth the compromise? From what I'm gathering its the exact same engine as the EVO just tuned down a bit and the turbo isn't as strong. I'm sure you could change all that with some simple upgrades though. Handling is similar, not as stiff thanks to slightly softer anti-roll bars but the price difference is HUGE!


I also prefer the new body style to the old. Would the Ralliart be a good choice for someone who wants a daily driver that, with some money, adds performance to run around some autocross and possibly a racetrack? Right now I'm looking at all of them, trying to find the best value and this popped up. Had no clue it had flappy paddle shifter's and all the amenities of the EVO just minus a bit on performance. But it still looks like it "gets up and goes" well and the shifter's look like fun. Plus, my wife has no clue how to drive stick and while its been many years for me, I know I remember. But this would be easier for her to get in if she needed to use it.

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Thats the problem I have with the Subaru...I hate the new body style. The front end is atrocious. I like the older style for sure, but then Im looking at an old car that will likely need some upkeep unless it was just done to the car. But thats the flip side with the EVO's, I dislike the old style, love the new.

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^Gotcha. how does the Lancer Raliant stack up against the WRX in acceleration? I don't really follow Japanese cars, but I know the STi and Evo X are pretty comparable.


Unrelated: Anyone remember when the Ferrari Enzo doing 0-60 in less than 3.5 seconds was considered ridiculous?

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Yes, I do! And now while that is still really fast, its on the "slow" end of fast.


I think the Ralliart is a tenth or so behind the WRX. Partly because its heavier (far more amenities) but also its slightly undertuned. But nothing about a $500 tune cant fix. You can get equivalent (supposedly) to the Evo X with a tune because the internals of the engine are identical.

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I've always found the EVOs to be really cheap feeling, I'd totally go with Subaru (their 4wd system is probably superior too..)




Comparisons of the Ralliart to the WRX (Since the STi compares to the EVO) put the Ralliart way ahead in just about all areas. Ive never driven any of them so I have no real knowledge. I know I prefer the new body style of the Lancer to any of the Impreza's. The older styles are the better ones but now Im talking cars with either higher mileage or cars that have been tuned to no end. And while that would be great, cheaper car with a lot of hp, you cant be certain even with paperwork that it was done right and the things not going to blow up from all the modifications.


I believe Im going with the Ralliart. 500 bucks gets it re-tuned from 237hp to almost 290hp without any changes - just computer settings. If I wanted later I could change the springs for a tighter ride but this also serves to be my daily driver. Ive read that the 09' EVOs and 09' Ralliart share the same AWD system and actually the Ralliart (I think) has more settings on it. Its also been said to be on par or finally better than Subaru's.



Before I was debating between the 2 because I didnt know the Ralliart existed. But i can still get above average performance in the body style I was seeking.




Its gotta be better than my 1999 Olds Alero that has a laundry list of serious things wrong with it. I may end up donating the car for charity to a church so a mechanic can slowly put it back together and write it off on next years taxes. It seriously will only get me 500 for a trade in (Ive actually tried).

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New Car






Absolutely geeked. Took a few days to get used to the clutch...but now I drive it with a solid grin across my face. SO freakin fast and fun. Handling is marvelous.


BTW yes I did a 180 and went with the WRX. Few reasons:


Payment was already going to be in the 300's...for a fairly used car. I loved the new WRX's and they had a bunch of great things done to them in 2011. Bigger engine, better looks (Has the STi body now) better handling, quicker 0-60, etc) and after going to a dealer and crunching the numbers, found out its better in the long run to get this thing brand new than to buy an old car.


That and Im glad I went with full manual car. Been a bit of a learning curve...but its hella fun now. Absolutely thrilled with the choice.

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^My friend was complaining that all the kids at his college has nice cars and cannot drive them well.

I'm just curious as to how he judges their driving ability...? And most young people aren't that great to begin with..



There's a number of surprisingly nice cars here for being surrounded by rural areas. To my knowledge:


2 Nissan GTR's (owned by the same guy...yeah...I know)

1 Audi R8

1 Dodge Viper

and a few nice Mercedes and BMW's (1 M3 and 1 1M that I've seen).

.. and there are probably many more in garages that you never see! Every respectable-sized town has lawyers and doctors and successful businessmen who can afford that kind of stuff. To this date, the only time I've ever seen a Ford GT was in a small town in rural Georgia.


Which M3? Cause a 10 year old M3 is nothing too special, and can be had for less than 15k (which, subsequently, is about 2 years worth of maintenance on that thing). Even newer E9x's are creeping into the upper 30's, which is attainable for a decent portion of the population The 1M is special though - only several hundred of them over here. I've only seen one on the streets, and I live in a major city where high-end cars are routine and exotics are pretty much a daily occurrence. I do sometimes wish I bought one of those instead, bit my car is just so much sexier


* here is an photo from a meet in LA showcasing about 3% of the North American allotment of 1M's However, only 3 or 4 of them even had plates on them, suggesting many were track-rats or garage queens for collectors.


That and Im glad I went with full manual car. Been a bit of a learning curve...but its hella fun now. Absolutely thrilled with the choice.

Cool car! Manual gearboxes mate well with cars like that, enjoy!

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