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CARS! The Car Super Thread

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^ Is it Automatic or Manual? My brother changed his from Automatic to Manual and says the car gets way more Gas Mileage now. Just wondering...



Edit: Oh yeah, I'm about to get my license and once I get out of shcool and get a job I wanna buy a Mini Cooper S Or a Smart Car... maybe, it looks a little 'chick car' for me...

Or one of those Old crappy Vans, like the one Tom uses in War of the Worlds to escape the Tr-iPods


Edit2: Pictures...


Oh look, the Serenity theme song!


This is the Type of Van I'm talking about, but with Fake wood Paneling.


My Car!! Minus the Gay Side Mirrors, Spoiler and Brake Calipers.

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Maybe this year i will get my license cause i will turn 17 this october.


My parents have a White Cadillac Escalade(My mom) and a CTS Cadillac(My dad)




Stupid school bus im tired of the school bus

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