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CARS! The Car Super Thread

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BTW - did you ever see Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle? Demi Moore + Bikini + Enzo = AWESOME!!


That was maybe the worst movie in the history of mankind, but that one scene was priceless! I'll go a step further though. I've stood next to both that particular Enzo and Demi Moore, but not at the same time (that would have been sensory overload). Thankfully though, Demi was topless, so it kind of makes up for the lack of Enzo on site.

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Time for a little detailing. I recently had the opportunity to do a paint correction detail on a customer's Shelby Cobra replica. A good Cobra replica is a thing of beauty, and this one, along with its unique color scheme, was a real treat!


Here she is on arrival.


Such an evil, yet beautiful face.


Backside ain't too shabby either.


In the initial sun pics, this is what we were dealing with....general micro-marring and swirling from general driving and improper washing


If you look at your own car and it looks like this in the light, the "cobwebbing effect" is due to microscopic scratches in the clear coat caused by washing the surface incorrectly (i.e. drive-thru car washes and/or using an old t-shirt or wash rag).




Hey look, it's coaster-related.


The next afternoon it was time to get started with a wash after protecting the exposed interior.


A lot of caution was used during the wash, as not to induce more marring, or water into unwanted areas.


Afterward, she was rolled into the garage a clay bar treatment. The clay bar is used to remove harmful contaminants from the vehicle's painted surfaces. By doing this, you provide yourself with a clear canvas, if you will.


This is just from the hood. What you're looking at is typical road grime, industrial fallout, rail dust, etc. This is why using the clay bar prior to any paintwork is important.


Time to carefully dry her off.


It was time to investigate the defects under the halogen lights. Bottom line: I had my work cut out for me.


The car was basically covered with places like this.


In the fluorescent lights you can see some RIDS, or random independent deep scratches. Since the owner intended to drive it, and not keep her as a "garage queen," it was decided and agreed on that I'd try to achieve at least 90% correction concerning the RIDS. In other words, their effect would be greatly reduced while not needing to wetsand them to achieve full correction, and thus leaving the owner with a finish that he'd be afraid to drive around in for fear of messing it up.


Time to tape her up.



That either sounded like a serial killer's thoughts, or just some real perv.....or both.


Taking the over-riders off for better access.


Then it was time to get busy. The car is glamorous, the job....not so much.


The paint proved to be very hard, and had similar characteristics to some of the modern ceramic clear coats currently in use by Mercedes, Audi, etc. In a nutshell, that means a more aggressive approach was needed to polish it out.


In between polishing I took some time to attend to certain areas which required paint touch-ups.


Here's a look at a panel under the halogen.


And here is what's called a "50/50" shot. If you look closely, you can see where a strip of tape was placed and then removed to show a "before and after" look at the paint, and the defects that were removed.


And here's another 50/50 shot. The panel on the left is the result on one round of buffing. Further rounds with different pad/product combos would be required to refine the gloss.


The paint color fluctuated under different lighting when photographed, but an improvement in gloss was already apparent.


And the reflection was looking pretty good too.


Nearing the end, it was time to remove the windshield in order to attack some of the tighter spots.


Finally, after all the polishing steps were completed, it was time to do an "IPA wipedown," which is using a mixture of 50/50 distilled water and isopropyl alcohol to remove any filling properties that the polishes may contain. This allows you to make sure you achieved full correction without just "filling in" some of the marring. It also serves to clean the surface prior to a sealant/wax application.


Uncovering the snake.


Then my attention turned to the interior. It was thoroughly vacuumed out, and the vinyl was cleaned and protected.


Here's an initial 50/50 shot of the front grill after. It would obviously require a bit more attention.


Finally time to stand back and admire the shine and gloss!


I was pretty happy with the reflection as well. The small white spots are just dust that settled on the finish.


Here's a look at the section with those RIDS from earlier. You can see that they still remain, just not as noticeable.






Oh, we're not quite finished yet though. Time to apply two coats of Dodo Juice Blue Velvet premium wax. Yes, they named it Dodo Juice. The owners are strange. Check out dodowax.com to learn more about this awesome boutique wax.


The next morning she got rolled out for delivery. I wish the sun had been out a bit more for some better shots, but oh well.





The owner's first response? "Where's MY car?" This always makes a detailer happy. =)


Then we cranked it up, and let it torture the neighbors for several minutes.


This was my favorite shot. That gloss is so deep, you could almost dive into it!


This snake had some serious bite! Hope you enjoyed!

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When you called and told me you were looking at a Cobra, I had silver in my head. Perhaps because my Uncle had a silver replica, or because a buddy of mine has a silver one too. That's a pretty sweet color.


And I like all the Toyotas in the driveway! Although I'd be afraid to bring mine over. The paint is a mess....

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I love a silver Cobra, although my favorite combo is the classic blue with white stripes. This green/gold combo is pretty cool and unique though. The green is actually an old GM color called Spruce Pearlcoat, and the gold is an old Chrysler color called Chestnut. Somehow they work pretty well together.


I put 22 hours into this thing. I'd be willing to at least put 22 minutes into yours, Matt.

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So I have been searching around for a new car for about 6 months now. I finally found something that I like... Correction, Something that I LOVE! It is 100% me, and I could not be happier with a car! I bought it tonight, and I am so super excited to drive it to work tomorrow! Now for the pictures! Enjoy!



Well.... Its a Dodge... But what Kind!?


Simple... I like it! =)


Hmmm... Whatever it is... Its red!




I love it!


Nothing fancy, just... pretty!


I even look good with it! =)


Driving it home! Yay! =)

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^Wow, a Challenger? NICE!


I saw a bluish-turquoise (it's one of the factory colors) one the other day and it looked (IMO) more fantastical, but that red is also really good looking. I wish I could get one!

I looked at the bluish color you are talking about, but with red being my favorite color I kept going back to it, so I was like... Yeah this is the one for me! I am getting the windows tinted, and the graphics added next week so its going to look much better. It wont look so... "stock"


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^ Spoiler size does matter. Too big, and it looks like a clown car. It has to blend with the lines of the vehicle.


^^ Of all the new "retro inspired" muscle car designs, the Challenger is my least favorite. I've never seen a sports car that BEGS to be customized. Without proper graphics and custom wheels, it's possibly the most boring looking car on the road, in my opinion. Some unique touches go a LONG way with that ride.


Which graphics are you having installed?

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Has anyone watched the American version of Top Gear yet? You can watch online here. Thoughts?


I don't think the guys are as good as the ones on the original version, nor did I particularly like their first stunt being something strait out of the original top gear (when they had the Lotus try to outrun a helicopter), but I can't complain too much about a show about awesome cars

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Has anyone watched the American version of Top Gear yet? You can watch online here. Thoughts?


I don't think the guys are as good as the ones on the original version, nor did I particularly like their first stunt being something strait out of the original top gear (when they had the Lotus try to outrun a helicopter), but I can't complain too much about a show about awesome cars


I was able to watch half of it before I got bored of it. To me, Jeremy Clarkson is Top Gear.

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I liked the first episode. It wasn't anything special, but then again, it's just the first. I'm a fan of Tanner Foust, and think he's a good host for stuff like this. I'm okay with Rutledge Wood too. The only change I would've made is Joe Rogan for Adam Ferrara. Other than that, like Joe said, I can't complain about a show with kickass cars.


I do have one disagreement with 'em though. The "baddest bull" is quite simply the Reventon, PERIOD. I may be a Ferrari fan at heart, but the Reventon is the sickest looking supercar ever produced.




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