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Retro Photo TR: Crystal Beach, CNE, and more! July 1984

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I took all of the following pictures at ACE Coaster Con VII from July 11-15, 1984. It was the only convention I ever attended, but it was a blast!


I probably got about 50+ rides on the Comet and had a great time.


I have more pics from the CNE coming as well!


Enjoy the pics!





The lift hill



The Giant Coaster


The Comet from the beach side. It may have been a pier I was on as well.




1984 was the 100th anniversary of the modern coaster. Hence: CAKE!!





Coming into the station




Loved the location right next to Lake Erie.


The view down the first hill.




Yes. The maintenance man from Crystal Beach rode up the first hill in the front seat standing. I think he got out at the top to inspect the ride, but I don't remember.


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As far as the Comet I belive some of the metal that makes up the structure of the ride came from the old cyclone but the ride itself is totaly diffrent. I also belive that when Charles Wood (owner of Fantasy Island and Great Escape at the time) saved the Comet he originally intended to build it at FI and it was stored there for a couple of years. So I belive later on FI built the Silver Comet as a sort of replacement for those upset by not getting the real Comet. So thats why I think they have the similar stations. (Sorry if it's kinda confusing)

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The following pics are from the Canadian National Exposition (or is it Exhibition?) or the CNE! The park is gone now and I have no idea what happened to the Flyer.


I also added one pic from Kings Island (circa 1985.) It shows the Bat station but no Bat. This was before they built the Vortex in 1987.


I also have a few pics of Kennywood's Laser Loop. The area is now occupied by Lost Kennywood and the Phantom's Revenge.


Thanks for looking!


The Laser Loop from the top of the Thunderbolt's chain lift


The Laser Loop


Kennywood's Racer sign circa 1985


Kings Island pre: The Vortex



They were also putting up a portable coaster for the CNE. It was not running when we were there.



The station


Who dressed me? Shorts with brown socks? Eeek!



That's me in the Orange shirt


We were able to get some great shots before ERT that afternoon. They even let us climb on the coaster!








Lift hill


The fan curve


The Flyer trains

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Awesome pics of the coaster at the CNE (the E is Exhibition).

The coaster is gone, but the grounds are still there. The CNE is held every year for 2 weeks before Labour Day.

It's too bad they never kept the Flyer, but it's understandable why they didn't. Maintaining it just to open it for 2 weeks every year doesn't make much financial sense.


The Dopple Looper no longer makes it's appearance at the CNE anymore; that stopped a few years ago, but they do usually have a spinning wild mouse in the main midway along with the usual Dragon Wagon and Caterpillar coaster in the kiddie area.

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OMG Crystal Beach..No Way...Been there many times with my family..I had such wonderful time at that park..I used to ride the Giant roller coaster all the time..I remember they used to have a small water park..Also they had cabins that you can rent...That park changed a lot when my mom and dad used to go when they were kids...Its a shame that the park went bankrupt...Al though i,m glad to see the Comet is still around but it not the same....Thanks for those photos

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I REALLY wished that they had saved the Crystal Beach Giant aka The Yellow Coaster as most of us called it. Besides being my first "big coaster," it was also the last remaining side-friction coaster running a full train (as opposed to Leap the Dips which has single cars) in North America!


Why is it in this country it takes 10 or more years to get permission to tear down a butt ugly, asbestos ridden, useless building because it is "old" and therefore "historic" but you can throw a wrecking ball at a coaster any time you want?

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Thanks for posting these, absolutely amazing. I never had chance to visit Crystal Beach as it was but heard all about it from my family who were there for annual company picnics.


The Flyer with the Dopple Looper in the background is a reality much missed at the CNE! They should let Conklin do the midway again, those were better years.




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John, excellent pics from The Olden Times. I really miss Crystal Beach. It was truly a magical place and a national treasure that should've been saved. Though many disagree, I feel the Comet ran much better (looser?) on the shores of Lake Erie than it ever has at TGE.


The Giant Coaster was such a fun ride. Though it may have looked primitive, it elicited pure joy from its passengers.


I visited the CNE Flyer just before it was destroyed but never got to ride it. It was an odd looking ride by Joe McKee from Palisades Park fame. Love those big four-bench trains. Oh and your coaster climbing outfit !:)


Good to see Doppel Looping as well. I rode it often in Miami and the SC State Fair. Too bad it was retired from the road; it really added good energy to whatever midway it graced.


Again, thanks for posting. We'd love to see more of your older shots. In that vein, I plan to dive back into The Closet as soon the season winds down. I have quite a few more nuggets of retro goodness to share.

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Wow...what a flashback! My Grandfather worked for National Gas and Electric and they would have a picnic at Crystal Beach each summer and we would go. I was so young that I did not ride coasters, but I remember Crystal Beach pretty good. They had this cool fun house with air jets in the floor that would shoot air up at you when you walked over them.


I remember my family saying that the original Comet use to turn and go out over the water but that was modified later (rumor or not, you decide).


Thank you so much for sharing your pictures! I enjoyed the trip down memory lane!

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^The Magic Palace...formerly the Magic Carpet ride which had a really cool effect which was removed some time in the 60's wherein you sat on a bench made out of rollers and the bench snapped to a straight slant and you rolled down onto the slanted downhill ride on a carpet which transitioned onto a conveyor belt near the end. I know the air blasts were controlled by an unseen ride operator and I always thought that would be a fun job.

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