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Eastern US Tour 2010

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So I'm new to the forum but by all means, living in south Florida, I'm not new to coasters. I was raised on Kumba, and Montu is my fav in the world. Only problem is I haven't /been/ anywhere outside of Florida. I've never even been on an Intamin! I'm pathetic!!! Except for Ghost Town in the Sky.. but we won't go there. I'm budgeting a year out for it, and am in the planning stages. I'm budgeting roughly 4-5k for the trip.


Starting in Tampa, Fl, these parks are in order.


Busch Gardens


Six Flags Over GA


BuschGardens Europe


Six Flags MD(i know it sucks, but I'll be taking a break in DC for a few days so I might as well go)

Six Flags NJ

Six Flags NE


Cedar Point

Six Flags Chicago


I realize I'm missing Kings Island, but with Beast down and Son of Beast probably on its way out (or shut down when I'd probably be there), I'm not driving from Cleveland to Cinci just for Diamondback.


Are there any other cool stops anyone else recommends on that driving path? The goal of this post is to get anyone else out there that is planning a trip for next summer and wants to get something rolling with a group to let me know.


I look forward to sharin the coaster passion with you peeps.



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beast isn't down? THANK GOD. Are there any stories of it being down? I could have sworn I read where the Beast was down for good. I also heard of the stories SOB is having.


There are 3 coasters that I'm very sad I'll be missing. Some older than others.


SOB(with loop)

Drac Fire


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I find SFA to be very under-rated. Sure, the coaster selection could be better, but they have a great atmosphere, fun coasters, some of the best theming in the chain, and lots to do.


This is obvious for most people, but never having been to a Six Flags park, I wasn't sure if you knew this; buy a Six Flags Season Pass. It is only $50 at SFOG, and it gets you into all of the parks. It's a great deal!

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^I totally get you there, but the Georgia Aquarium is REALLY nice for a fish tank!


You don't see Whale Sharks in Naples, and they're AWESOME. I wouldn't go out of my way for the aquarium, but if you were planning any touristy time in Atlanta (World of Coke, CNN, etc.) make sure to hit up the Aquarium!

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World of Coke sounds good. I'd enjoy bombing the CNN building, but that's about all I want to do with them


I'm really hoping the Harry Potter theme is open, and that Carrowinds gets a new coaster up for the 2010 season. And everything, especially MForce, is working at Cedar Point.

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I would recommend stopping at Kennywood. You'll probably be nearly pasing it between Hershey Park and Cedar Point. The park is great and can easily be done in one day.


Here's a very recent and VERY good trip report for the park. It covers almost every corner of the park and should give you a good sense of what KP is all about!



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I notice you're sticking to most of the major chains, but since you've never been outside of Florida, I'd try to work in some of the "smaller" parks too.

Going by your list, Knoebels if you're near Hershey, and maybe Indiana Beach since you've got Chicago planned.

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It's hard to say exactly what you should try to add that might be close to your route (not sure of your planned route).


But if you could squeeze in the following:

Lake Compounce (could do it at night using the after 5PM discount price) right after you leave SFNE

Knoebels (could be on the way between SFNE and Hershey)

Kennywood (between Hershey and Cedar Point)

Indiana Beach (should be between CP and SFGAm)

Holiday World, Kings Island, Dollywood (all could be on the way as you drive from SFGam back to Florida).


Having primarily ridden in Florida you may be prediposed to Steel vs Wood coasters, but all the parks I listed (except KI) have above average wood coasters.

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SFA is really not that bad! I go all the time and when I went about a week ago, all of the coasters were open running at max capacity, and the crews were moving the lines very quickly. It felt that I wasn't at the rumored SFA lol. And also in 2010, the supposedly new Thomas Town featuring 10 new attractions is coming. I'm sure that is something you wouldn't want to miss.

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