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Large RCT2 Project- New Area/Coaster

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So, here's my current project that I have been working on since April 2008. I haven't come up with a name for it yet, but here are some aerials.. If there are any particular spots in the park you'd like closeups of, I'll be happy to show them to you. It's still under construction obviously!





(Mall and soon to be residential stuff)



(Park, waterpark, hotel)


And here is an overview of just the park:



I have layout problems soo, don't laugh.

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The park is great, I love it!


I wouldn't mind seeing close up of most of it, lol. And I dont think you have any huge problem with the layout of your park. As long as the guests are getting lost, then you're fine! I like that you are building a city to go along with the park too, it makes it that much more realistic.

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Okidokes, at your request, here's Outlaw:








I have since changed the station and whatnot, so now it has a station fly through which you can see here:



And here are some of Adrenaline:



There's the entrance area.



First drop and such.



Little pond, and waterfall.



Overview of ride.

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^ Thanks, I was kind of happy with the layout because usually it takes me forever to come up with something I'm satisfied with, but this time I was just kinda messing around with it and it turned out decent. Here are the screenies of the hotel (a lot of stuff is missing because these were taken before I started the actual amusement park etc):



The back of the hotel:



The road goes over the lake, and there is a parking lot beside the road which has a bridge that leads over to the hotel.



Another shot of the lake :



Overview of the hotel area so far:


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I have to agree with everybody else on this. The park looks incredible. Building design is impressive and the coaster layouts are very well-done and realistic...


I would actually like to see more of the buildings outside the park. I just can't wait to see the finished product.

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Thanks for all the feedback! And no, I'm not a member for NE.. Those guys are just a bit too good!


For the person who requested it, here are some screens of some random buildings outside of my park:



Part of the shopping outlet.




A gas station and a McDonalds




A smaller hotel


And here's the waterpark for whoever wanted screens of that:








Just a heads up, I'm workin on another area of my park right now with a drop tower

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From the topic, I thought you had been working on some ultra cool new drop tower in RCT 2 for a year. Aside from the initial let down, the park looks really good and the surrounding area is a nice touch. Keep plugging away at it!

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Architecture isn't the greatest and it's not the most detailed, but overall I think it looks okay. It's home to Hell (a flyer that goes underground a lot), the Dungeon (an inverter), and the Haunted Forest (a maze where there are creepy people and you have to collect a certain amount of checkpoints to win the best time, dunno if youguys have ever done mazes like that)..




The queue area for Hell and some of the beginning of it.




Random shots, and here is an overview of the area:


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