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Six Flags Darien Lake (SFDL) Discussion Thread

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^ interesting.


Also, though I’m assuming six flags doesn’t care about these, I’m pretty sure this is Ride of Steel’s 20th season. I love how they had a celebration for Mind Eraser and Viper in 2017, but nothing for their star attraction. Oh well! Happy 20th, RoS!

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I mean they've paid attention to the other rides, Vipers station and electric are getting fixed and it got new lights, as well as Mind Eraser getting music. But I guess they see ride of steel as a liability because of it's downtime.

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Six Flags does it at their other parks

This is true. Who could forget the party Great Adventure had for Nitro? Hookers and blow everywhere...


Are you really annoyed by the lack of a sign and some Wal Mart cupcakes? Maybe if a coaster turns 50, 75 or 100 they'll throw up a sign and a press release and interview some insufferable ACEr for the press release (that's about as much effort as they're comfortable with) but this is dumb.

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For them to at least give some celebration to such a revolutionary ride? I don't think so. Darien has been doing it for years, all the way back to RoS's 15th. So why stop now? It's the parks call not Six Flags.


If this kind of stuff bothers you this much then I’m super excited for the future of this park as a Six Flags Park and the years of entertainment that this thread will provide us.

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