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Six Flags Darien Lake (SFDL) Discussion Thread

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Maybe the crane is there to move the pieces that looked like pipes that another person posted pics of earlier in the thread? It would be a shame to lose TR, it's always been a fun ride with huge lines. I was hoping to take my kids on it for their first time.

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They could easily inground a pull through like they do with a coaster, or they could be getting that one random log that is there. The other thing is that if they are adding a coaster next year, the TRUTH footprint is decent sized, and could fit something, hence they would have to make way

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^ Ask and you shall receive!


Though there was a crane there, I can say pretty definitively that Thunder Rapids is still fully in place and the only thing missing from a few weeks ago is the big gray pieces that one can assume were shipped in to fix whatever may have been wrong with TR in the first place. If you ask me, it looks like TR is here to stay at least for another few years!










Also, in case anyone wanted a Motocoaster update...


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I did notice some construction to the side of the show building next to Viper. I was in the back concert parking grass, not inside the park. Some markers and moved dirt. Most likely not for anything exciting, but I thought I'd share.


This is behind the PAC lawn emergency exit doors. Unlikely to be anything more than maintenance in that location.

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Coming soon


Shortly after I took this pic they ran some logs through the ride but kept the hills dry. The larger hill had water running on it before but was off for the test. This was after 6pm so there wouldve been no point to opening it for an hour, maybe itll be open tomorrow...

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Also, I forgot to mention that on Thunder Rapids, only the smaller hill actually has water flowing down it. Another thing that I had noticed was that there wasn't a single ride closed today! I haven't seen that in a VERY long time!

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