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Six Flags Darien Lake (SFDL) Discussion Thread

P. 408: Predator retracking under way!

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So they sent it all the way across the country? Why not SFOT or something?


Look at the pictures of the track pieces. They wouldn't have bothered taking the ride apart like that if they weren't planning to rebuild it at some point. Obviously those plans changed, but you can't tell me they thought it made sense to ship a bunch of scrap metal from Texas to Buffalo for no reason. If they wanted to get rid of the ride they would have probably sold it for scrap before shipping it 1500 miles to throw it in a field and leave it there forever.


They unbolted the track pieces. Look at the pictures of the track. That being said, at this point I would be shocked if anything ever becomes of this ride.

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Not this again. Every year around this time someone comes around asking about that pile of crap.


The ride was not torch cut, what you see in the video is them torching apart some bolts that have seized from years of sitting. I believe that Six Flags at one point really was going to build the ride as it would be a cheap way to add another coaster to the park. If not, it would have likely been shipped to Great Escape or La Ronde (for spares). There was a rumor that the ride was damaged during removal, but I'm sure they would have just scrapped it right away if that were the case.


Obviously by now, the track is very corroded and water has seeped into the rails and supports being outside in all conditions. The trains may have been the only salvageable parts, and they used to be Halloween decorations. The ride merely sits as an "asset" for now, as it adds a little value to the property, something investment firms love. It would cost more to ship all of it than they would likely return in scrap. For a ton, steel generally gets around $60. Darien Lake has a tendency to store all of their defunct rides rather than scrap them.


But as I mentioned, Six Flags likely wanted to reuse the ride like with Big Kahuna. Seeing that the coaster was consistently a bottom ranker, it wouldn't have made much sense. By the time any operator spent the money to rehab/rebuild it, they could just buy a brand new coaster. (Which PARC ended up doing with Motocoaster)

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Whoever started this Batman stand up rumor again must be trolling. I mean.... LOOK AT ITS CONDITION! Also, didn't someone working at Darien Lake already confirm that it will never come back?


On a second note if you really want a good rumor :

It is possible that Darien Lake bought Liseberg's recently defunct Kanonen launch coaster. It may replace the barely profiting go karts they have next to Twister. I did a bit of research myself and it fits perectly into that plot of land. #Kanonenfor2017 / #Kanonenfor2018

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^ just out of curiosity. Where's the proof that Darien Lake owns the copyright for Lake Monster? I checked online and it looks like that belongs to a brewery.


For the record - I don't believe the rumor at all, I'm just saying the TM doesn't seem to exist for this park

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On google earth they have imagery up of the park from Oct 2016. One thing I noticed (besides the unmoved BTE track), they reconfigured BK's queue and built a new building to replace the old tube and locker rental building that was previously torn down. The fence/gate were also moved back, and lockers removed.


Had anyone seen this building this summer (or taken pictures), what is it, lockers? Rental building? Bathroom?



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You are correct, I went to the water park once this summer and I had to use the fluffy, fluffy bunnies filled with medicine and goo, and they are the self - service ones with the rental kiosk. It also does house the tube rentals. It's nice to see DL doing these nice little upgrades to the areas of the park. Even these small changes really do make the overall experience nicer!

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Yes, and that was SF who did that. With DL we are talking about a company with far less financial resources. Heck you can also site all the hard Rock park coasters going to Vietnam, but again we are talking DL financial backing

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This is actually pretty big news but it looks like Darien is offering FREE admission to the park with the purchase of any concert ticket this year. In years past, it was an additional $18 to go to the park for the day.


Where this is really interesting is that some shows this summer have lawn tickets priced at $15-20 which is less than the price of one day admission to Darien. So essentially, you can buy a lawn ticket to a show and be able to go see the show AND go to the park all day for less than the price of a one day park ticket.


The concert lineup so far this year features:


6/3 - Jason Aldean

6/20 - Train/OAR

6/25 - Zac Brown Band

6/29 - Third Eye Blind/Silversun Pickups

7/12 - Nickelback/Daughty (puke!)

7/18 - Chicago/Doobie Brothers

7/21 - Foreigner/Cheap Trick

7/29 - Muse/Thirty Seconds to Mars

8/2 - Kings of Leon

8/4 - Dierks Bentley

8/25 - Luke Bryan

8/26 - Green Day

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Aside from Muse/Thirty Seconds to Mars, I would honestly go to any of those concerts. They bring in some pretty impressive names up there.


It's a LiveNation venue that holds 26k people, it's the summer concert venue for the Buffalo/Rochester metro areas so they always get huge acts. They usually book about 25-30 shows each summer.

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