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Busch Gardens Williamsburg (BGW BGE) Discussion Thread

P. 467: Media Town Hall Report

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^Though overjoyed by this news, I feel that BGW may pull a fast one like what BGT did...


Cheetaka ---> Cheetah Hunt


With our luck...


Verbolten ---> Uber Bahn

Launch Fast? Many Launch Coaster? Launch Hunt? Wolf Hunt? Dragon Fire Hunt? Mach Launch?


Or maybe they make it Virginia related. Dogwood Tree Chop? Colonial Cruise? President Assassin? Chesapeake Chase? James River Jaunt?


My vote is still on Das Piggehs, a Three Little Pigs launched coaster adventure, but since they didn't go with Der Fallinfast, I'm not holding my breath.

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I'm going next weekend, how should crowds be? I don't mind too much as long as they aren't insanely packed. Anything else I should know, like what rides to head to first?

I was also thinking of going on Saturday, and was curious how the crowds would be. It's opening weekend, so I expect it'll be crowded, but it's also early in the season and supposed to rain, so I'm not sure. Probably I'll just stick with the historic triangle things.


As far as what rides, I'd probably head to the back and hit Alpengeist and DarKastle first, as those usually have the longest waits for me. Griffon and Apollo I've never waited over 30 minutes for, but I also usually make use of the single rider line for those when I can.

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KDcoasterMAN wrote:

^Though overjoyed by this news, I feel that BGW may pull a fast one like what BGT did...


Cheetaka ---> Cheetah Hunt


With our luck...


Verbolten ---> Uber Bahn


Or more like "Super Fast Ride" or something equivalently inane.


If I were Busch Gardens (Either one) I'd fire the person who named the freakin' thing. I mean, Cheetah Hunt? I picture the name being mutated in the next few months as they gain sponsorship by Frito Lay... (wait for it)


CHEETOH HUNT! Sponsored by FRITO LAY! Join Chester Cheetah as he searches for snack food...


Verbolten could go the same route, I'm afraid- but I will admit: If they DO use this name, it will be one of the -single- greatest ride names at BGE today.

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Visited the park today, had a blast. Got on every ride, with the exception of the three water rides.


Alpengeist got stuck on the lift and Apollo's was down for a while, but overall it was a blast! The Festhaus was lacking today, both in food quality and guest participation in the show. Although, this college kid got up to go dance with one of the girls, and pushed a little girl aside so he could grab the hand of the preformer. She then switched places with her male counterpart, which was quite hilarious to see.


Great visit overall, can't wait to go again later this month, and I guess I'll close with a quick picture of Mach Tower. Sorry for the crappy angle, but hey, no watermarks!


Mach Tower.bmp

Mach Tower Construction

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Does anyone know why you give SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment $300 for a platinum pass they only give you a piece of paper, is there a way to get one that is like a credit card?

Trust me, there's no way in hell you can rip that "piece of paper." You can break one of the plastic cards from Cedar Fair or Six Flags, but it's near impossible to destroy a Busch pass.

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Does anyone know why you give SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment $300 for a platinum pass they only give you a piece of paper, is there a way to get one that is like a credit card?


Yes, go to guest services and ask for one. You make a donation to the wildlife fund and get a credit card style pass.

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There is a sign on a locked gate next to the bumper car house that says something along the lines of "Restricted Ride Access area for *insert awesome German word that I forgot here* Verbolten". You can see the sign when you stand next to the kiddie bumper cars, facing BBW's old station (I believe the gate is underneath the awning so it may be a little easy to miss).


I don't have pictures since I'm normally working when I'm at BGW, but maybe on one of those days when I'm let off early, I'll be able to take a pic of the gate.


Could this be a clue to the possible real name of the ride?


BTW: I noticed light streaming from BBW's old station behind the tarp after the park closed. Looks like some sort of magic is going on back there.


I got a better look at the sign this morning while running the bumper cars. The word is Zuttrit Verbolten. It's a yellow sign right on a gate next to the bumper cars. It' s underneath the awning so it's kinda easy to miss.

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How is Mach Tower supposed to compare to Drop Tower at KD?


They will both be drop towers.


Kind of hard to say, being as Mach Tower isn't ready yet. It isn't as tall as KD's, but it's taller than Griffon and is supposed to feature a revolving platform so all riders will enjoy the same great view. The park also mentioned some other "surprises," such as some sort of lighting package at the top of the tower. Time will tell.

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Here's a first for BGW (from the Saturday, April 9 issue of the Daily Press).


WILLIAMSBURG — Busch Gardens' newest attraction arrived just after midnight Tuesday — the first ever Clydesdale to be born at the Williamsburg amusement park.


The so-far unnamed colt was born to mother, Panola, at the park's Highland Stables, said Kevin Crossett, a Busch Gardens spokesman. He said the stables remained closed to the public Tuesday to allow the mother and foal to bond and be checked medically. The colt made its first public appearance Wednesday afternoon at the park's Highland Stables pasture, Crossett said.


Even though Busch Gardens has long been associated with the massive work horses made famous by decades of iconic Budweiser advertisements, the birth was a milestone.


Crossett said previous Clydesdale births took place at an off-site location and the animals were brought to the park months later. But that site is no longer park property after previous owner Anheuser Busch InBev sold off the company's amusement park interests last year, he said.


The new Clydesdale will remain at the park and "will be out as much as possible," Crossett said.


The Highland Stables, in the park's Scottish village, were redesigned in 2010 to better reflect a working farm. Crossett said several lambs have been born there within the past couple of weeks and now the Clydesdale.


"I don't know how much more of a working farm you can get," Crossett said.



Copyright © 2011, Newport News, Va., Daily Press

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Busch Gardens Williamsburg has sent us a press release about this year's Ramp Jam.


It’s big. It’s extreme, and it’s coming to Busch Gardens this April. The best action sports athletes in the world will challenge “Big Red,” a massive competition ramp used for nationally televised extreme sports events like the X Games and the Action Sports World Tour. On April 30, Big Red makes its debut at Busch Gardens during the park’s second annual Ramp Jam event presented by Mountain Dew.


Big Red’s stats are impressive. Its frame is built of galvanized steel. Birch wood, aluminum and a special surfacing material called skatelite, transforms Big Red into the tallest competition ramp in the United States. A flatbed trailer will haul the ramp from its storage warehouse in Los Angeles to the Williamsburg theme park later this month. The trailer itself can fit within the ramp’s 60-foot width. And at 56 feet deep, there is plenty of room to take advantage of Big Red’s 14-foot-6-inch height.


“Considering how important Big Red is to major competitions, we limit its use to about 10 events per year,” said Rick Bratman, CEO of ASA Entertainment, a leader in the production of action sports events and television programming worldwide.


“Last year’s Ramp Jam event was extremely popular with Busch Gardens’ fans. We wanted this year’s event to be even bigger so we’re bringing in our biggest ramp and expect to see some big air and huge stunts from the biggest names in action sports,” he said.


A team of technicians will begin assembling the ramp in Busch Gardens’ Festhaus Park after it arrives later this month. The ramp will be the main stage for superstar athletes like Bucky Lasek, Jamie Bestwick, Kevin Robinson, Simon Tabron and Sandro Dias to show off their talents as part of the ASA Action Sports World Tour at Ramp Jam.


Ramp Jam continues Saturdays and Sundays for three weekends, beginning April 30 and ending May 15. All performances are held at Festhaus Park and lawn seating is available. Performances will begin at 1 p.m. and the event is free for park guests. For more information about Ramp Jam, visit http://www.buschgardens.com or call (800) 343-7946.


A complete list of athletes featured at Ramp Jam is listed below.



•Bucky Lasek

•Sandro Dias

•Danny Mayer

•Elliot Sloan

•Adam Taylor

•Chris Gentry



•Jamie Bestwick

•Kevin Robinson

•Simon Tabron

•John Parker

•Jimmy Walker

•Trevor Meyer



•Eito Yasutoko

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Spent some time at the park this afternoon, crowds were pretty light up until about 2, which is when I left. Back right seat on Apollo is pure airtime bliss. Anywho, here's a quick update on a few things.


Here we have the baby Clydesdale that was born recently feeding off mama out in the grassy area behind the stables. Not quite as cute as a yellow lab puppy playing with a baby cheetah, but still cute enough.


Mach Tower hasn't seen any more vertical construction, but Dave Chappelle's twin brother was painting the bottom portion gold.


This guy was painting, too. I'm pretty sure the vertical columns are going to be blue.


So yeah, still waiting on more vertical stuff to go up, but for now, painting is all we've got.

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