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Busch Gardens Williamsburg (BGW BGE) Discussion Thread

P. 468: Loch Ness Monster Media Day Report

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The Gargouille?


"- a dragon which rose from the waters of the Seine, the river in France. It spouted a tremendous blast of water from its mouth which flooded the countryside. It was called Gargouille or "gargler". The sign of the cross subdued it, and the people of France erected statues of the creature on the buildings to instill fear. The statues are known as gargoyles."


Other names:


Tiamat, Gryphon, Manticore



Here is a website that would sound like an interesting name for the ride. Wonder if Busch studied the mythodology along these lines, because Loch Ness is also posted on here. You will also notice some names already on coasters opened in the past couple of years. Scroll down the page.



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You will also notice some names already on coasters opened in the past couple of years.


Oh yeah! Like that super water coaster "The Lambton Worm" ;)


In all seriousness, I'm very interested in how this turns out. In all honesty, I'm a little disappointed that all signs point to another drop coaster, only because I was hoping for something a little more original I guess. Here's to hoping the layout will be something to write home about.

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^^^^ Um, Kumba, please do me a favor for the sake of my sanity. Get up out of your chair, step away from the computer, walk outside, take a deep breath, look around, try not to think about coasters for more than 15 seconds, and take in the beauty of where you live.


Many of us would consider trading a vital organ to trade places with you, yet you just provided us with imformation that must've been dug out from the bottom of google's supercomputer in an attempt to guess the name of BGE's new dive machine. Wow. Unless, of course, you're sitting on the beach with your laptop....at which point I would be forced to cut you a little slack.



Scott "I keed, I keed" B.

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The link was emailed to me. I did not research that. It was from a member off of another site. And to your comments, it is the latter. I am actually on the beach with my laptop watching the sunset-awaiting for our group to show up and go to dinner. The plane carriers in Hawaii (between the islands) have some unreliable schedules and I use this to kill time. So, grab a chair and order a Mai Tai..lol


*not much walking along the beach to 'grab' a credit either..lol

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Very interesting. I kind of like the name, Cocktrice.


...and you could just imagine the jokes with that name.


Robb: It has trice cocks!


Elissa: Oh! Is that a new element?


Robb: No, but it sounds funny.



My vote is to name the new ride Shakira... I'd love to see all the name errors with that...


I rode Shekira!

^ So you mean it's 210 feet with an immelman AND 5 vertical drops?



It's late... I'm being really retarted... sorry.

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I agree, Busch usually pics a "fancier" word for a beast on it's B&Ms and then most of the time a mythological creature. Given the rumored color scheme and location I am interested to know what they plan on calling this thing, but it's obvious they're going with the "bird of prey" theme again for the new dive machine.

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^ Hey its moses! Hi Moses!


PGA-this coaster is rumored to have wider, floorless trains so that would mix it up a bit, but they are just rumors. SheiKra broke into my top 10 last year so if this is a dive machine I'll be very grateful, especially one with a unique layout.


Shiekra is my #5 of 70 which is pretty good. That means its better then 65 other roller coasters that I have been on.

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That picture is awesome. And actually, you stay REALLY dry unless you sit in the back row. Then you get a tiny mist of (very warm) water on the back of your legs.

Does anyone know the wingspan of those dive machines?

They look at least around 16 feet wide.


*Jumboshrmp is REALLY excited about this ride*

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I realize I've been missing out on the whole Sheikra goodness the last couple years, I might make it down there this winter, we'll see.


By the way, how well does it work loading 8 people into each row? It's hard enough sometimes for the GP to fill up a row that's 4 across, so I'm wondering whether the operators have to work at pairing people up to run at max capacity.


I'm asking this because I've been disappointed with the efficiency of the operators at Busch Williamsburg the last few years. I'm not complaining because I've seen much much worse, and I think they've always done a decent job, but it used to be much better.


Either way, really looking forward to this new coaster. Should have some more pictures soon, I may be able to get to the park on Sunday.

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^Wow. I thought I was the only old timer that noticed how the ride operations/efficiency have degraded at BGE over the years. I posted several ideas why it's happening on other forums, but not sure if I posted those comments on this site. Looks like management having a hard time finding employees as well as incorporating their 'diversity' work program. Some of my former bosses even confided that there are "some challenges" in finding workers at the park and even changed how some rides operate or even been closed (Skyride operation/schedule, stacking all of their coasters, less attention to detail/ride 'operating').


It wouldn't be fair in saying its a 'sweat shop' situation, but it is quite interesting how they are meshing the two programs (local job market and the foreign workers/diversity program) together to hopefully infuse some (much needed) life into their operations. Some of the job fairs have BG(E) posting "INCREASED Pay" for the -06 season, just to get them into the door. Many...many changes have occured alot lately and in recent years (some really unfortunate). But, I don't think it just relates to BGE issues (alot of the park chains appear to be struggling).

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Host: William Bernstein, Jr. of CWN interviewed Diane Centeno, PR-Mgr for BGE/WC/Kingsmill, today and discussed many issues with the park. Interested parties can watch the video at the following:


Credit Link: http://www.coasterworldnews.com/v2/?cat=media&page=player&address=EXCLUSIVE%20BGE%20INTERVIEW.wmv



**Another interesting note. If you go the BGE website, click on RIDES (upper left corner). The New 07 sign is giving various clues (and changes often).....It reads: "Our Newest Ride-Opening Spring 2007"

Then....it fades-Immense Strength---Vertical.......Flight.....Menacing.


Link: http://www.buschgardens.com/bgw/ar_rides.aspx

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