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Busch Gardens Williamsburg (BGW BGE) Discussion Thread

P. 467: Loch Ness Monster Update Tour

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Something kind of interesting to ponder over. The College of William and Mary has been forced to give up their Native American mascot (known as the Indians for a VERY long time before changing to the Tribe in the 80s), and has now adopted their new mascot, the Griffin. It was among other finalists, but I wonder if the nearby Griffon at BGW had any influence on the submissions and/or selection of the new nickname.


Link to the story.

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^There were a few wisecracks about that around town--and it could be some sly little joke on the part of those crafty college students.


William and Mary had a transsexual homecoming queen last year, so I was sort of pulling for the "Fighting Transsexuals of W&M."

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The National Roller Coaster Museum and Archives (NRCMA) recently received additional hardware to its ever growing collection of amusement park hardware and archives. The deliveries were made to its recently completed new two-story 2,400-square-foot warehouse in Plainview, Texas.


The first truck load of Busch Gardens Williamsburg Big Bad Wolf's cars and wheel assemblies arrive in Plainview, Texas


First up were three semi loads of vehicles, track, control panel, signage and other artifacts from Busch Gardens Williamsburg (Va.) and the recently removed Big Bad Wolf, an Arrow-suspended coaster. Prior to this delivery, the NRCMA did not have an Arrow Suspended Coaster vehicle in its growing collection. Also unique to this collection was the inclusion of two themed uniforms worn by ride operators on the big Bad Wolf, complete with Big Bad Wolf name tags.


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Hey everyone!


Here is a little "Mini Trip Report" from my day at Busch last week. It's not very epic, but it's fun. Since I was in town for the Intimidator 305 filming I figured I'd take a day to hit up Busch. My Kings Dominion days were a little more like "work" days since we were doing their B-Roll filming for media day, so Busch was a little more relaxing. In fact, I didn't actually take a camera into the park so you'll have to deal with the semi-crappy pics from my iPhone 3G.


Here goes.....


I took a picture of the sign just in case I forgot what park I was visting.


I took a picture with Abby Cadabby to send to KidTums but looking back on it now it's sort of just, well... "creepy."


Dave (meteornotes) and Chuck (cfc) spent the day with me. This proves they really had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE to do! =)


New for 2010 - Sheep.


I've decided that this is the nerdiest T-Shirt ever created. It for the coaster geeks and the video game geeks. All it needed is something Star Trek related and you would instantly burst into flames when you put this on.


There is something kind of hypnotic about this picture. Not sure what it is. But just stare at it for about 2 minutes and you'll see what I mean.


Busch Gardens Williamsburg is "Dan Friendly." In fact, why don't you email him and let him know? mrt0ad13@aol.com


Obligatory "I look like a f**king moron" photo!




Yup...still creepy.




"Oh crap! I really should take a picture of a roller coaster!"


I'm told I say this a lot. So I asked Busch Gardens to print it on a T-Shirt for me. How nice of them.


Wow, I gotta clench the rest of the day.


2 Arrows down... 1 to go! ;)


I want to take a moment to commend the Coaster Dynamix guys for taking something that is a hobby of theirs and getting parks to buy into their product. Congrats guys!


Coming soon! It's kind of like Soarin' but with more Europe.


We ended our day at the Williamsburg Buffalo Wild Wings.


Yum! Part Blazin', Part Garlic Parm! If anyone wants to send a few bottles of BWW sauce my way, you know the address!


Thanks for reading!

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This is a special edition trip report simply cause I've never seen you wear glasses. Also, who the hell is Abby Cadabby? I used to watch Sesame Street and Remember Burt, Erny, Grover, Big Bird, Oscar, The Count, Buster(the horse) Big Bird, Elmo, and a few of the people, but never Abby Cadabby.

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This is a special edition trip report simply cause I've never seen you wear glasses.

Heh, that's a good point actually. I wear my glasses like 4 days out of the year. Having ridden I305 about 50 times the day before it really dried out my contact lenses so I was sportin' the not-so-sexy glasses this day.


Abby Cadabby is one of the newer characters on Sesame Street. She was introduced in 2006. I give props to a show like Sesame Street that has been around for so long and can still very successfully introduce new characters. Elmo was in the 80s, Zoe in the 90s, Abby in the 2000's, etc...


I just wish they'd bring back the Yip Yip Martians!



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All right, that would be why I dont remember Abbey Cadabby, I havent watched Seasme Street since maybe 1995 or 96, and even then I wasnt very interested. Of course, Kristen doesnt have the awesome Nickelodean shows of the 90s such as Rugrats, Catdog, Rockos Modern Life, Doug, and my personal favorite Legends of the Hidden Temple. In fact, she doesnt even have Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers or the Gummi Bears on Disney channel.(something like that, they bounced, I remember that)


The What has this new generation come to Ghost


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I was wondering when these pictures would appear on TPR. It was great hanging out with you and Dave (and, yes, I have nothing better to do).


Along with the sheep, is the horse a "no really we're still the same" gesture now that the Clydesdales are gone?


They've never had sheep before, but aside from the absence of the Big Bad Wolf, nothing has really changed in terms of operations. What was nice was that BGE and Blackstone actually listened to their guests; people were bummed that the old Clydesdales were gone, so they the park bought new ones.

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Kristen doesnt have the awesome Nickelodean shows of the 90s such as Rugrats, Catdog, Rockos Modern Life, Doug...

Why would you say that? Of course she does. That's what the media server is for! She has all the best shows thanks to the modern mavels of digital downloads, iTunes, and Tivo!



Robb looks like my grandpa with glasses on.

Glasses just don't suit you, do they?


Thanks. What a great thing to read. You really just brightened up my day.


Glad yo see you had a great time, the park really isn't the same without BBW though.

Actually, it is. IMO, Big Bad Wolf was good, but it never made or broke the park. I actually had visits in the past to BGW where I didn't even ride Big Bad Wolf.


I mean, I liked the ride, sure, but even of you look at the 2008 Steel Coaster Poll:


20 - Apollo's Chariot

21 - Griffon

52 - Alpengiest

111 - Big Bad Wolf

189 - Loch Ness Monster


There is a HUGE gap in popularity from the Arrow's to the B&M's. And Big Bad Wolf only regained a bit of popularity AFTER they announced it was leaving. Big Bad Wolf jumped to #90 in 2009. And when you think about it, it didn't actually jump THAT much. IMO, the coaster didn't seem to become "awesome" to some people until after it left. And really, it was just "ok".


And I totally feel the same way. I would ride the B&M's 2 or 3 times and ride the Arrow's *maybe* once or twice...if there was no line. Even when I lived within driving distance of the park. Even Loch Ness Monster was the last coaster we rode on this visit, and it was absolutely a "courtesy ride."


Big Bad Wolf was a "good" ride, but the park really isn't THAT much different without it. I'm sure it's replacement will make people happy!



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Right, I totally agree there. I'm just looking at it as more of the "normal guest" perspective rather than the coaster enthusiast, I guess. I mean, if Ninja left Magic Mountain, would most people even notice?


But even from the coaster enthusiast perspective, maybe I personally just never found Big Bad Wolf to be that amazing? Night rides, sure, were great...I guess, but I never went out of my way to bother with them.


I just never found this ride to be as big of a deal as people were making it out to be when it was announced it was closing last year. I liked it, sure, but I didn't shed a single tear or care that much when it was announced that it was closing, and remember, BGW used to be one of my "home parks."


--Robb "Maybe it's because after Eagle's Fortress, no other Arrow Suspended even comes close?" Alvey

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