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Busch Gardens Williamsburg (BGW BGE) Discussion Thread

P. 452 - Busch Gardens Summer Nights

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Goodbye ol girl


Me and family and friends went to get some awesome last night rides on Saturday. She was running great as usual. good that they have built in to the announcement in the station that she takes her last ride on Sep 7.


Also a few weeks ago they were selling cardboard replicas of the 25th anniversary sign for $20 which IMO was a ripoff but BGW made it right, yesterday they were selling a similar item but it is on a thin metal plate and about 18" in Diameter for $30 (22.50 w/ Season pass).


It was a special night that I will never forget and I hope my son never forgets either. we got 7 rides last night.


So long old friend




I'll be paying my respects tomorrow (get in a ride last Friday night, too). So, they're selling metal signs now? Figures. I've already bought one of the cardboard ones.

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Yea Chuck I would try to take the other one back and see if you could exchange it...the new one is much better.


In case people did not know BGW is having a sale on ALL merchandise at the park 15% off (25% off for passholders) this weekend, Needless to say the wolf gift stand has been getting cleaned out.



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I got these from Theme Park Brochures and thought it would be awesome to share them.


PS: Does anybody have any info regarding the Sesame Place that was operating near Dallas-Ft. Worth?


RIP Big Bad Wolf... 2009 really feels like the end of an era.


I'm really curious about this second Sesame Place that existed in Dallas during the 80s. I wonder what rides/attractions they had and why it closed?






The park has really changed since 1984.

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Thanks for that video... It made me a bit teary eyed... SO glad I got to ride two weeks ago (8/25)... Amazing day at the park overall...


...And so here we are... Just one more short operating day for her... RIP Big Bad Wolf... You treated us well and you will be greatly missed...

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Man, today (sunday) the line for The Wolf was nuts, all the way out of the queue house at one point, out of the entrance, and headed down to the foot of the bridge over the Rhine. 2 train op did not help at all either. Something "major" seemed to be wrong with train 3 and it did not make an appearence all day. Trains 1 and 2 were on. Did anyone go on Saturday and was it running all 3 trains?


What a way to go out... tomorrow, Williamsburg is expecting up to 5 inches of rain...BGE had better open!

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BBW ran all 3 trains on Saturday, never went down either from what we could tell.


line filled up about 75% of the que house most of the day.


I am glad we chose Saturday to say goodbye.

we got in alot of great night rides.



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Yes Saturday it never had problems though I did notice one of the trains making a weird noise. Had 5 rides and got the last ride of the night in the front. We had 3 people in our group so I had to find someone to ride with and I wanted to ride the last ride in the front well there was a single rider in the back I was gonna ride with him. But he changed his mind and switched seats. So instead of potentially making me get in another seat I saw a kid a few trains before me and asked if he wanted to get on the last ride with me he was excited he said he wanted to get his last ride in the front and was very happy it was the last train of the night! It was an awsome ride and I will miss it.


Some things the Ops told us.


A little over 29 million riders through its life.

Employess had there own ride session today

And one when asked said they were told by higher ups that a new land will replace the ride.


R.I.P. Big Bad Wolf 1984-2009

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2009 really feels like the end of an era...


- All these huge celebrities dying over the summer...

- Tommy Griffiths leaving Tommy and Rumble

- 100.5 Max FM becomes a pop station.

- Big Bad Wolf closing forever

- GeoCities, the world's first social networking website, is dying this October

- I've developed a serious addiction to Facebook and everything it has to offer.


All good things must come to an end... I guess with every loss, we gain something new.


- I've gone on a lot more trips this summer than in years past.

- We've got a new president

- I've been able to build up my brochure collection

- I'm more confident in my public speaking abilities

- I've been able to connect to all my old friends through Facebook


- I discovered TPR!


- Dan "Goodnight sweet prince" I'll post my tribute here, Facebook, and Coaster-NET when I can get it done in time...

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Well, the wolf has died. May it rest in peace. At least the weather semi cooperated. We got the rain, but it really started as the park was closing, and Norfolk and Williamsburg got more than 5" last night! I will try my first picture post here before long documenting the final hour.

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Well, this really has been a tragic year for suspended coasters. The 2 best, EF and BBW appear to have reached the end of their roads, and no ride will ever be able to replicate them. A huge loss indeed.


I had the opportunity to visit BGE on both sunday and Labor day. Sunday, train 3 went down for the count, and the wolf was not supposed to open until 11:30 due to this failure of sorts, as well as train 3 being in an unusual position on the transfer track, and I was surprised they opened the ride with the train half way onto the transfer track. At one point however, they did shut down the ride to cycle #3 around to get it in proper transfer position. Lines on Sunday were ridiculous, exiting the Queue house, and extending down to the bridge over the Rhine.


Labor day the line was much shorter, probably due to the dismal weather. Most of the day was fairly dry (luckily) until the very end. Riding in the dark and in the rain is INTENSE on wolf however. After riding both Beast and BBW in the dark, I would actually give the nod to BBW for better night ride, but everyone is welcome to their own opinions. Rides are (literally) night and day on the ride. Its a very good ride in the day, but at night, it turns incredible. In addition, the ride shocks are warmed up for the day and is capable of swinging better. This was very evident on Sunday morning, as I was the 2nd train out and it was running very "stiff." (insert morning wood jokes and that's what she said jokes HERE.)


Being in the final 15 rides, I witnessed an incredible amount of howling, media coverage, etc. I enjoyed the experience very much. By the time they cut off the line at 7:25, 3 security officials were guarding the line, all major park officials were at the ride, and the line for the front seat was back to the QQ/Handicap entrance, while all other seats were walk ons. They did not give you the opportunity to switch seats after your front seat ride, which would have been nice, meaning there were 2 people per train every ride usually, unless staff and backseat riders were on the train.


A few more pics may be posted a bit later, however I gotta make it short right now.


Let me know how everyone liked my first photo TR!






Note: The following pics are from 9-6-09.

Train 3 was down for the day, note the position on the transfer track and the ladder next to it. I have never seen a train in this position on the Wolf.


Evacuation car, would've loved to have ridden that...could count as powered credit!!!


Man the Wolf is busy today.


Really busy.


WTF!? really? This line snaked all the way down to the bridge over the Rhine. 2 train operation really hurt today.


at least everyone in line gets a great view of the wolf!


Note: The following pics are from 9-7-09. Looking down the final breaks.


For the last time..."The Big Bad Wolf is Running... No Faults" Couldn't have said it better myself


Last ops of the Wolf's existence


The last time anyone will ever guard this entrance.


One of the final trains of the Wolf's existence, with rain falling like tears onto her. Thanks for 25 amazing years.

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One more pic to drive home the length of the front seat line in the last rides lol. In reality, the line may have gone all the way down the walkway to the Queue, but this gives you an idea.


Walk on for all other seats...Note the media guy in the white shirt and camera.

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I wonder how long it's going to be before they start ripping it apart. They said they closed it before the end of the season because of their time table for demolition, so we'll probably see track coming down pretty soon.

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Even though I never rode this I would love to have a car hanging from my ceiling. Does anyone know if they are planning on selling parts of the ride because it was so historic.?


I guess I'm stuck with Iron Dragon and Flight Deck. Depressing.

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