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Busch Gardens Williamsburg (BGW BGE) Discussion Thread

P. 447 - Halloween Harvest Trip Report

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Halloween Harvest, or “Howl-o-Scream Lite.” Busch Gardens is sticking with its “reservations only/limited attendance” events with Halloween Harvest during October. This is sort of “Howl-o-Scream

It's so weird seeing the park map like that, but at least a half open park is better than a closed park!

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Folks at SFoG was using long tongs to hand out candy last week. These slides or chutes look more fun.
That's such a Six Flags thing to do, lol.


In the words of Sisqó...




Those tong-to-tongs-tongs-tongs.


This is the stuff the world needs today


(how did this end up in the BGW thread? The world may never know.)

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"Contactless trick-or-treating"


Oh God... Is that another new COVID term?


I really hope they're just throwing candy at children!


I think they should launch the candy across the park with a catapult from InvadR--Halloween done Viking style! They could call it the "candypult."


THIS. All of this!

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Halloween Harvest, or “Howl-o-Scream Lite.”

Busch Gardens is sticking with its “reservations only/limited attendance” events with Halloween Harvest during October. This is sort of “Howl-o-Scream Lite,” with kid-friendly activities during the daytime session (11:00 am-3:00 pm) and slightly scarier stuff in the evening (5:00-9:00 pm).

During the day, the park offers “contactless trick-or-treating” and a scavenger hunt, in addition to a selection of rides, such as Apollo’s Chariot, Tempesto, and the attractions in the Sesame Street Forest of Fun. But in the evening, monsters also take over Festa Italia! It’s a rather motley crew, too, representing Howl-o-Screams past--for example, Jack the Ripper, fiendish clowns and ringmasters, and a reaper or two. (They were pretty active, particularly as you crossed the bridge into Festa Italia.) There are no mazes.

The food selection isn’t as strong as during “A Taste of Busch Gardens” last month, but Marco Polo’s Marketplace is open, and you can get the same German meatballs they serve up at the Brauhaus at the Vesuvius Grill across from Escape from Pompeii. France, Fort New France, and part of Oktoberfest are closed, though (but you can ride Verbolten). And, yes, Jello-shooter syringes and other Halloween cocktails are available.

Halloween Harvest has proven popular, so the park has added extra days (Wednesday-Sunday).  Who wants to join for "Howl-o-Scream Lite"? Maybe we can seek a peek at Pantheon while we're at it.



This photo perfectly illustrates visiting parks during the pandemic. Wear your masks, people!



No Ripper Row in England this year.



Here’s where you can go. No France or New France for you!



The horror . . . the horror . . .



If you want a nice snack, I recommend the German meatballs at the Vesuvius Grill. If you want some good beer, go to Grogan’s in Ireland.


Spookiness level increasing.


“So, I ain’t scary enough for you in broad daylight, eh? Well, come back later.”


Who wants a look at Pantheon?


Those who would gaze upon Pantheon . . .


. . . must get past these fiends . . . why, hello.


Behold the “Most Anticipated Attraction of 2020, er, 2021”!


The bridge spans the Festa Italia Train Station.


The steps to Mt. Olympus!


Even the gods must comply with the ADA.


Here’s a look at the station. Not sure if it’s “finished” yet.


Sigh! I hope we'll get to experience that Intamin airtime next spring.


I’m not sure what this little structure is, but it appears that something has yet to be installed. Maybe lockers?


Well, at least we can ride Tempesto--in every other row. I didn’t notice any such restrictions on Apollo’s Chariot, but they were using a grouper (you couldn’t just queue for any row you wanted). They did this for Griffon and InvadR last month, too. The lines moved pretty well for Tempesto, Apollo's Chariot, and Verbolten that night.


Why is that Victorian-era prostitute giving me such a dirty look?


The Headless Hearseman is in Italy this year (he’s usually in England). Gaze upon him while you eat a sloppy Italian dinner with lots of red sauce sauce for that Halloween feel.


The weather was perfect that evening.


Yep--if you’re gonna plunge to your doom in the Rhine River, it may as well be during pleasant weather, right? (Seating was in every other row--like on Tempesto.)


OK, now it looks a little more “Halloweeny.”


“Yoo hoo! Who’s up for some unspeakable evil?”


“Now I scare you good, right?”


One last walk over the spooky Oktoberfest bridge.


By the power of the full moon, I invoke thee, Pantheon! 


The Red Skull says, “Visit us again, soon. And tell Captain America I will totally kill him someday!” Thanks for reading.

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8 hours ago, SharkTums said:

It's so weird seeing the park map like that, but at least a half open park is better than a closed park!

True--My guess is that staffing has a lot to do with deciding how much of the park to open, as well as state pandemic guidelines. 

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Great update. It’s a shame about the stupid rules being imposed on them but I really admire the park’s ability to creatively work with them.

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