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Busch Gardens Williamsburg (BGW BGE) Discussion Thread

P. 466: Christmas Town starts on November 11th

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Am I the only one that wishes more parks had Screamin' Swings? I find them very underrated and a ton of fun!


Agreed! I'm not a "flat-ride person," but I like Screamin' Swings.

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what a fun report. . even with only a portion of the park open, it looks like you had a great time.


interesting they didn't move the open area just a smidge more to allow for Le Scoot, or Alpengeist to run. . but as has been noted: some coasters are better than none.


great plan by BGW to open up a portion of the park and get some folks in.


and I'd totally have bought that Black Forest Cake pin - and turned it into a magnet

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interesting they didn't move the open area just a smidge more to allow for Le Scoot, or Alpengeist to run. . but as has been noted: some coasters are better than none.


Funny you should mention LeScoot. As I was getting out of my car, I overheard an argument between two parents and a little girl. She was insisting on bringing a bathing suit to change into later, even though her dad kept reminding her that none of the water rides were open.

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interesting they didn't move the open area just a smidge more to allow for Le Scoot, or Alpengeist to run.

You would have had additional cost to operate two rides with the same amount of money coming in.

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Busch Gardens is bringing back it's Food & Wine Festival for September! You can experience a Taste of Busch Gardens on select days from September 2-27.


From the park's website:


Sip, sample & soar at this ALL-NEW specially ticketed outdoor event!


Enjoy a fusion of flavor and fun as you indulge in a selection of Food & Wine fan favorites pared with an array of NEW park experiences from coasters like Verbolten & Alpengeist, to Le Scoot, more villages & other fun-filled rides!


Italy remains closed, but more rides will be open (check their website for more details).


Some favorites from past Food and Wine Festivals will be offered, such as Bangers and Colcannon, Gamba Fritters, and Steak Chimichurri.

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A Taste of Busch Gardens


Busch Gardens bounced back a bit in August with their Coasters and Craft Brews event, which was held on selected days and inspired (somewhat) by their annual Bierfest. Now they're offering the "greatest hits" of their annual Food and Wine Festival: A Taste of Busch Gardens.


This month's event seems a bit more "festive" than Coasters and Craft Brews, in that they really are offering something beyond their usual dining menu (the "Craft Brews" thing last month meant that Grogan's Pub was open in Ireland). More of the park is open (Forest of Fun and Italy remain closed), and now you can ride Griffon, InvadR, Alpengeist, Verbolten, and Le Scoot, in addition to a few more flat rides (no Loch Ness Monster, though). You can enjoy some unique food, such as Gamba Fritters and Mushroom Risotto, in Ireland, France, and Fort New France. Tasting cards are available, too: five samples for $30.00 and ten samples for $60.00.


The park offers two separate sessions on select days (11:00 am-3:00 pm and 5:00-9:00 pm), and you have to reserve the day and time you wish to attend (check the park's website for details). Admission to a Taste of Busch Gardens is part of your park membership; otherwise, it's $44.95 per person.


I went there after work on Friday, September 4--here's a look. And remember: Masks must be worn, except when eating and drinking, and rides are run at lower capacity (but there will only be 1,000 people at the park, anyway).


Be sure to walk on the right when entering to maintain proper social distancing.


The park seemed a bit busier than it did during Coasters and Craft Brews.


No Loch Ness Monster for you!


This map will tell you what's open and where to get some chow.


"Wilbur, can't a horse get some privacy to take a bath around here?"


I recommend that you drink plenty of beer to wash down some fritters, then ride Finnegan's Flyer. The results could be either amusing or unfortunate, depending on where you are.


Get yer tasting cards here, folks! (Or at other places, since this register is closed.)


This place is now offering more than just baked potatoes.


Here's where you find the good beer, as the Festhaus is still closed. There isn't as much indoor seating as they offered last month, though.


Here's what was on tap.


That is one big owl. I know you're not supposed to feed the animals, but if that big scary bird wants one of my fritters, he's getting one!


Where they grow sangria.


Yummy desserts are available in France . . .


. . . as are tasty fries.


The German Frites (French fries with curry wurst) were very good.


Hmm--I haven't ridden Alpengeist in about a year.


The socially distanced line moved pretty well. They were letting in enough people for a train, then holding the line until it dispatched.


Ugh! Shouldn't have ate all that curry wurst!


For all you log-flume fans out there.


Note the extra plexiglass in the seating area near Alpengeist.


Hey! Shouldn't that naked chick be wearing a mask?


No games or Festhaus in Oktoberfest this year--but they're redoing some of the gift shop.


Hey--what's that ride in the lower left "2" of the pink 2020 shirt?


Oh--that one.


Sigh! Our anticipation for one of the "Top 10 Anticipated Rides" continues.


Mach Tower is being put to good use during a Taste of Busch Gardens.




No Mach Tower, but you can ride Wirbelwind. I would've ridden Verbolten, but it broke down earlier, and the line was too long when I came back.


I finished my evening with fritters, gyoza, and beer. Thanks for reading.

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Busch Gardens is offering another limited-attendance, reservations-required event for October: Halloween Harvest. There will be multiple four-hour sessions during the day and evening. It'll be kid friendly, with contactless trick-or-treating and other fun stuff for families, by day, but monsters will roam sections of the park by night.


Italy and the Sesame Street Forest of Fun will be open, and the park will run additional rides (such as Apollo's Chariot and Tempesto). And, of course, there will be Halloween-themed food and drink.


Reservations will open on Friday, September 25th, at 11:00 am.


For more info, check the park's website.

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"Contactless trick-or-treating"


Oh God... Is that another new COVID term?


I really hope they're just throwing candy at children!


I think they should launch the candy across the park with a catapult from InvadR--Halloween done Viking style! They could call it the "candypult."

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