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Busch Gardens Williamsburg (BGW BGE) Discussion Thread

P. 468: Loch Ness Monster Media Day Report

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Drachen Fire was so tolerable that Busch Gardens decided to remove it in just a few seasons.


I still think -- KNOW -- the restraints on Drachen Fire were its worst problem

They thought the same thing about T3.


If this park isn't going to open til mid-June like it seems like it's gonna be

This year or next year?

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^^-- I never felt like a possible broken neck on an SLC, so much pain from one tap. Nor have I ever been able to ride one almost never touching the horse collar, which was a must on DF, though not easy. I rode it a couple hundred times after my moment of great fear, I don't give up that easily. It had a rare combination of intensity and short lines for the time, but with reasons.

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so cool to see the construction pics.


never got to the park when this existed, so sadly never got to try it out myself.. but used to watch videos of it.

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I'm one of those who rode Drachen Fire before the reprofiling, and while it was rough, I didn't mind it too much, and rode on it a second time directly after the first. I certainly don't think it was as bad as many rough coasters that still exist today, but oh well...

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I rode it both before and after. I didn't hate it. In fact I was able to ride it a ton of times in one day (there wasn't ever any real line when I was there), the problem was none of the rest of my family was able to do the same. Probably because I was short when it was open I didn't get my head boxed by the restraints the same way older/taller riders did.

I enjoyed it as a kid, but I completely understand why it doesn't exist. I'm probably more sad that it was part of what helped kill Arrow (of course there were many other things after Drachen Fire)

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While stuck at home, I found this 1997 Press Kit CD from BGW.


LOTS of pics of defunct rides so enjoy!


The cover


The back cover


Check out the requirements! I hope I have Windows 3.1

















Remember this 3D movie?











4th row back in the yellow tank top. Yeah. That's me. We had to ride it 9X for this press shoot. AWFUL!!








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Damn. It looks like Arrow really gave it a hell of a try with Drachen Fire.


^ WOW!! You find some of the most awesome stuff!! Thanks for sharing!


I wonder why Loch Ness Monster no longer has a train in each loop at the same time, like in the above photo?


I've read other users comment that it provided strain on the support structure and was stopped to promote the longevity of the ride. I don't know when they stopped doing that.

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I just received the email from BG & SeaWorld and I'm not understanding this statement about my annual membership for 2020. As stated in the email, "We are automatically extending all active Annual Passes and Membership products to SeaWorld and Busch Gardens for the length of time in which the parks remain closed." That being said, I don't see the parks opening anytime soon, so will it just renew for 2021? If the park never opens for 2020, will I be screwed and not be refunded my money for my 2020 annual membership? What happens if the park finally opens in September/October... I mean thats like only 1 month I can visit the park before it closes for the year. That would suck to have paid all that money to be able to visit the park for 1 month. Am I overthinking it or something? The email is just very vague and I have a ton of questions.

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You are over thinking it. Let's say they were supposed to open on May 1, but remain closed through the end of July. That's three months. That means, with your 2020 pass, you get the remainder of 2020, plus the first 3 months of 2021.

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You are over thinking it. Let's say they were supposed to open on May 1, but remain closed through the end of July. That's three months. That means, with your 2020 pass, you get the remainder of 2020, plus the first 3 months of 2021.


What you said makes total sense, but I didn't get that from what was said in the email. I about had a heart attack and I read it like 4 times. I wish it said, "however many months we continue to be closed in 2020, we will allow those exact amount of months missed in 2020 to be valid for 2021." Ehh, what I just said is kind of confusing too... To your case in point, I am way overthinking this now and it's starting to make my head hurt.

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Another great walk down Memory Lane, John! I miss the old "oom-pah band" elevator in the Festhaus.


I miss the show in the Festhaus. I will NEVER forgive the director of Entertainment who insisted on making his mark on every show in the park and subsequently ruined everything. And after he had the original staff all fired, he got canned. Despicable.


And I can say this since I worked for 4 years in the Entertainment Department.


Anyway, enjoy the pics!!

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Thanks for sharing these pictures, this was from my first year I ever went to BGW and brings back some really cool early memories from my childhood. The park felt like an entire different world back then from what I remember.

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While I never got a chance to ride Drachen Fire, I have to say that the overview shot highlights some of the really awkward looking transitions. I could see where you could really have some headbanging or 'OUCH' moments!


Thanks for sharing, John!

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That concept art is magnificent. I’ve gotten addicted to Mad Men this week, and now with this, I think I might need to go into advertising.


I love the idea of Big Bad Wolf splashing down into the lake for the finale. Who doesn’t love a little hyperbole?

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I don't want to get all hysterical about this because it's obviously a wait-and-see situation but



Busch Gardens says reopening not ‘economically sustainable situation’ in phase 3



JAMES CITY COUNTY, Va. (WAVY) — While Gov. Ralph Northam has announced that amusement parks in Virginia can reopen soon, Busch Gardens Williamsburg said Tuesday it was opting to stay closed.


According to park President Kevin Lembke, Busch Gardens will remain closed because phase 3 guidelines would limit attendance to only 1,000 people inside the park.


Lembke went in front of the James City County Board of Supervisors Tuesday to explain the park’s decision, adding the patron limit is “not an economically sustainable situation for us.”


Water Country USA is also at risk of not opening at all this year, Lembke said.


Lembke said “lack of nuance and detail ” in Northam’s reopening plan is “unlike anything we’ve seen in other states” where SeaWorld operates parks. He added he doesn’t understand why they are guided by the same regulations as a bowling alley.


While Lembke said the park won’t open yet, they have put together a reopening plan, which includes:


Requiring reservations ahead of time

Temperature screenings or a mask requirement for guests

6 feet of distance required between people

Personal protective equipment for employees

Installing 300 hand sanitation stations


WAVY News 10’s Brett Hall reports state Sens. Monty Mason and Tommy Norment said they are pushing for Northam to allow Busch Gardens — and possibly King’s Dominion — to have their capacity raised to 5,000 attendees.


Lembke said that could make reopening feasible.


Despite Lembke’s statements made to the Board of Supervisors Tuesday, the park’s website still contained some information detailing reopening.


Get it together, Virginia!

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