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Busch Gardens Williamsburg (BGW BGE) Discussion Thread

P. 449 - Food & Wine Festival report

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Halloween Harvest, or “Howl-o-Scream Lite.” Busch Gardens is sticking with its “reservations only/limited attendance” events with Halloween Harvest during October. This is sort of “Howl-o-Scream

Before this thread derails off course into a COVID discussion, I’ll just keep it simple:  everyone should follow their state and local guidelines.  This isn’t something up for debate on TPR. Now

I was at the park today and caught the last test train of the day on the way to Apollo's Chariot.   Here's a short video and some stills.  The outward banked airtime hill looks amazing! Also in c

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In addition to the Tempesto photos I also filmed footage for this video. It's a bit out of my comfort zone so any feedback/suggestions will be appreciated.

Great video, I am a big fan of your photos. Also love that Sunny Crimea tune, not too many drum'n'bass fans round these parts.
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^Scorpion just added a quick queue line/replaced half of it's wooden walkway to the station/repainted some things over it's refurb last month, and Schwarzkopf lift-hill loopers are basically 95 percent surviving globally, so signs point to no worries on the Scorpion front. Egypt and the old Critter Castaway site are more likely based on recent rumors and permits.

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I saw them working on that piece yesterday, too. Or did I just imagine it?

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Awesome progress! A small part of me still wishes they'd gotten a custom layout from Premier, if SFMM was able to put up Yolo for only $6 mil BGW could've done something similar with two trains. But I digress

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I was at Christmas Town and noticed that they'd added some big pieces of track to the launch section.


If it is a coaster. And if it is launched.

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