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Busch Gardens Williamsburg (BGW BGE) Discussion Thread

P. 466: Christmas Town starts on November 11th

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I'll be at Christmas Town the 6th and possibly 7th of December so hopefully I can get an update on the new coaster.


Speaking of Christmas Town, it'll be my first time back since their first year (2009), anything that I must check out while I'm there?


The whole park, with the odd exception of the Sesame Street Forest of Fun, is part of Christmas Town now. There is a new show, "Scrooge No More," in the Globe Theatre, and be sure to check out the "retro" decorations in Festa Italia (reminds me of Christmas time in the small town where I grew up). Food is very good--especially the steak or prime-rib sandwich at the Festhaus. The buffet at Santa's Fireside Feast in Ireland was good last year, too.


The only operating coaster will be Verbolten, but pretty much all the flats will be running. And, of course, there are penguins in France (but I wouldn't wait more than 10 minutes or so for that).

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^May depend on how cold it is.


The park operates as a lower capacity for Christmas Town, so it won't be as crowded as, say, a Saturday night during HOS; however, the park has hit capacity during CT weekends in the past.

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Lol, no use hiding the new ride now. People can see it from Apollo's Chariot. I am mad at myself for visiting the park this summer before they built this. Also, I think the word filter should change Tempesto to PastaCoaster like how Fulll Throttle ((I spelled it wrong on purpose to make my point) turns to YOLOcoaster.

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I must be the only one who likes the color scheme.

I think it's an interesting color scheme too. The orange supports are a bit out of the ordinary, but I actually like unusual color schemes for the most part. I don't understand why they haven't announced it yet. We all know it is coming, so they have nothing to hide by procrastinating on this announcement .

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This will add some what capacity to the park, but imagine those four hour lines!


Is there any way Robb can set up an automatic word filter for Tempesto. I vote on changing it to "The Pasta Coaster".


Well, being as the name (much less the ride) hasn't been "confirmed" by the park yet, that may be jumping the gun.

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