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Busch Gardens Williamsburg (BGW BGE) Discussion Thread

P. 456: Information about Christmas Town 2021!

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More pictures (not songs) of buildings and food.


We caught of bit of "This Is Oktoberfest" in the Festhaus.


In Germany there is food . . .


. . . and beer.


I repeat. Food . . .


. . . and beer.


Hmm--is that ganja I smell?


Jeremiah is trying the Tres Leche cake, Nicole is enjoying a Frozen Bushwacker (sort of a Jamaican version of a White Russian), Thad is chowing down on Gamba Fritters, and Shawn and I are still working on that German beer.


"Arr! Set a course for Tortuga!"


The American Southwest is actually in Canada.


"O Can-a-da . . . your pumpkins are so big . . ."


Authentic Canadian pole dancers.


Here's the Cheddar and Lager Chowder with a glass of Pear Cider. The soup was very good (and portion ample).


My god! Elissa might be part Canadian! ;)


Next stop France--complete with French people.


The Steak au Poivre (peppercorn-crusted beef in a brandy cream sauce) was excellent.


Steak > Anything.


Speaking of beer and all the good stuff that goes with it . . . this is all from the Belgium booth. The chocolate waffle was very good, and the roasted hazelnuts went very well with the beer.


The cake that bites back from the American Southwest booth. Thad isn't so sure about this.


This jazz combo in France said "oo-la-la"--a lot.


As night falls, we were drawn back to Greece.


The Greek Dip Trio (roaster garlic hummus, kalamata-olive puree, and feta) with garlic pita chips was very good.


Night on the Rhine River. They offer a wine-tasting cruise on the river, as well.


Yes, we did sneak in a few rides between periods of gorging ourselves.


Good night, ye lady of Spain.


Hmm--looks like something special is going on in England . . .


. . . must be for the new Coke Freestyle machines in the new Union Snacks shop.


Or it could be for "London Rocks." I'll catch this show later.


Good night, Busch Gardens. That's all.

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Oh, this looks soooo good. I'm going to be there in two weeks, but I had no idea this was even going on. As if I wasn't excited enough to be getting back there already...

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Such a fun day with soo much good food and beverage. Halloumi is still my top pick however they added quite a few runners up which chuck listed. The only two others I strongly suggest is the Mac N Cheese with Canadian Bacon in Canada as well the Meatballs in Scandinavia. Quite sad I will only make it once to the event this year though my bank account is probably relieved.


Thanks for the fun day and update he Angry Scottsman!


Ps - nips and tit-tays!

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Had a blast on Sunday at Food and Wine. Here are my quick thoughts on the dishes I tried:


Steak - Wish is was cooked a little less, but whenever they're serving mass amounts of it they usually cook it closer to medium well, so I'm ok with that. Amazing flavor with the crust. Probably my favorite thing.


Cheese in Greece - Always amazing. I could only handle one serving this year!


Cheese soup from Canada - As Chuck said, it's much better this year. Glad I tried it again!


Shrimp Fritters - Very tasty, but could've used some more shrimp. The dipping sauce compliments it very well.


Pork Slider - Huge portion. It was good, but could've used a little more seasoning.


Mac and Cheese with Bacon - Delicious. Right up there with the steak for my favorite dish of the day.


Scottish Egg - Always a treat. My egg was a bit overcooked, but you can't go wrong with one of these.


Honestly, the only "miss" was probably the pork slider, and that wasn't even something I'd consider "bad". They really upped their game this year. I'm glad it worked so well last year, because this should be an annual event. It's not on par with Epcot's festival (but what is?), but it's about as close as you're ever going to get. Hoping they do it again next year, because if they do, I'll be there!

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Everything is a la carte. They have several different kiosks for each country/area. Most dishes range from the $4-$6 range, so it can get pretty pricey. I felt like the portion sizes were a little bit bigger this year, so it was actually a pretty decent price considering it's inside of a theme park. If you're going to drink and eat all day, I'd plan on spending at least $75-100.

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We just got back from an awesome whirlwind Memorial Day weekend tour of Virginia and were also at BGW on Sunday.


Being that we were with my partner's son, daughter-in-law and grandkids, I didn't get to spend too much time sampling the food and beer. I did manage to sneak in some of that Lax salmon stuff at the Scotland stand...it was interesting, but probably not something I would try again.


Overall a great day despite the fact that I didn't get on Mach Tower, Griffon or Alpengeist. Verbolten was a new credit for me though...very fun ride and a great replacement for BBW!

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Going to be at the park in two weeks. We were originally going to go on Friday and Saturday, but it got changed to Monday and Tuesday which I now am a little bummed out after seeing their Food and Whine festival, oh well!

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^The samples can run anywhere from $3.00 to $6.00. You can probably enjoy some good stuff if you stay away from the rather pricey alcohol. I recommend the Cheddar and Lager Chowder in Canada, the Steak au Poivre in France, the Chocolate Lava Cake in the American Southwest, and the Hollumi in Greece. But check around the booths, see what you like, and go for it.

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