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Busch Gardens Williamsburg (BGW BGE) Discussion Thread

P. 466: Mardi Gras at Busch Gardens

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Because some of us just aren't very vocal riders, and it IS annoying to be forced to do something you consider stupid and meaningless in order to enjoy your ride.

I have to agree. I actually do like enthusiastic operators a lot but making riders do something in order to dispatch the train is too much in my opinion.

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I find it kind of annoying when they refuse to let trains go until they get a response, like I've had happen at some Six Flags parks.

If it only adds an extra few seconds or so to the dispatch, why is that a problem? I for one think that it's annoying when no one is excited to ride. Roller coasters are supposed to be fun for everyone!

Because some of us just aren't very vocal riders, and it IS annoying to be forced to do something you consider stupid and meaningless in order to enjoy your ride.

Eh, it's not a big deal to me if that happens every now and then. It's like other places where people do that to hype up the crowd. Of course, it's best if the operator is really having fun and isn't just on autopilot. I will agree, though: I don't always show my excitement, so I could look pissed off or bored as hell and still be having the time of my life.

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^ Yeah, that's what I mean. At concerts I get disappointed when people just sit down with arms crossed all the time, but at theme parks, I'm typically sweating and want the ride to get moving to give me a cool-down. And I'll usually humor the ride ops when they try to get everyone pumped, but sometimes they'll try 4 or 5 times, and by that point, I'm like "Come, on, I'm dyin' here! There's no fans or AC here!"

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There is an add for food and wine taunting me on the DC metro... Can it be frozen Dirty Shirley time now?


Every train to and from work is just a constant reminder that I'm missing Food & Wine, so I've taken to distracting myself with the vegan ads plastered all over the place.





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Went to the park today. It wasn't overly crowded, but there were butt tons of people flooding in while I was walking out. Both ticket buildings must have been at least an hour wait. I didn't get a chance to see the new show as I had to be in and out pretty quick, but I must say England is very much improved from last year, the amounts of color and music really make a huge difference. I got my first ride on Mach Tower of the season and found the drop to be larger than last year. I might just be insane though.


Some pictures:



Union Jacks have clearly taken over the area.











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Ive read on some forums that people are complaining about he London rocks area. It is a bit bright, but it definitely livens up the path and it is very cheerful! Love the red double decker bus wish i could go to Virginia soon even though I was just there last year. Oh well... Nice pics!

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I was there today, too, and thought the whole England area just looked a light brighter--plus, they now have Coke Freestyle machines there. The Food and Wine Festival was great, too. The new food items are very good, and I think they've been tweaking the stuff they also featured last year (such as the Cheddar and Lager Soup in Canada). I'll post a full report some time tomorrow.


It got pretty busy after 1:00 pm.

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Oh yeah, 1pm was when I was walking out. With the amount of people that were flowing in, I wouldn't have wanted to stay much longer. I didn't get anything from the Food & Wine booths (hoping to do a full day of that later) but the new Caribbean and Southwest options looked pretty good. Glad to see they're expanding the event a good deal.

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I was at Busch on Sunday as well! Glad to see some other TPR people Opening till around 1 was pretty much walk-ons. It definitely got more crowded as the day went on.


The London Rocks show was pretty good. Did anyone else notice that the entire place smelled like cotton candy or just me?


I heard the Germany Wine Tasting ran out though....

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^Probably not (outside of media days), although non-flash pictures are generally allowed. It'll most likely be posted and announced in the theatre.

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I checked out BGW's 2014 Food and Wine Festival yesterday with Thad (Barge84), Shawn (SuperShawn), Jeremiah (Homeboy 23), and Nicole MoonCadet), and we pronounce it . . . delicious!


Yes, you can now eat yourselves into oblivion, which we did, Friday through Sunday until June 29. Most of the food stands from last year are back (except for Austria), with two new additions: American Southwest (in Fort New France) and the Caribbean (in Germany, across from the carousel). They seemed to have tweaked and improved some of the menu items from last year (for example, the Cheddar and Lager Chowder in Canada, with paprika oil, was much better than last year's version) and improved the atmosphere of the food booths.


Thoughts on some of the food items we tried:


Chocolate Lava Cake (America Southwest): Chocolate cake with a gooey filling of "Ancho-spiced" (chili) chocolate. Very tasty with a a bite of its own.


Gamba Fritters (Caribbean): Fried shrimp dumplings (very much like hush puppies) with a very tangy "pickapeppa dip" (it's a Jamaican sauce made with cane sugar and aged in oak barrels). The fritters could have used a few more shrimp, but the dip really makes this appetizer.


Tres Leche con Marmalade de Pina (Caribbean): This is a pina colada in cake form. Perfect if you like walks in the rain and have half a brain.


Vanera con Jamon (Spain): A scallop wrapped in cured ham with saffron rice--the rice was a bit bland, but the scallop was cooked perfectly, and I liked the sauce.


Halloumi (Greece): This is griddled feta with clover honey and pistachios. It was a favorite with the group and very delicious. But it's so rich that I was pretty wiped out after sampling it (Shawn went back for seconds).


Well, that's enough talking about food. Let's look at some.


Definitely a better reason for visiting the park than Mach Tower.


Scandinavia comes complete with an authentic Norwegian.


But it's really all about the Dirty Shirley.


Jeremiah is getting ready for the Scandi Trip with some Gravad Lax Rarakor (cured salmon with potato pancakes and sweet mustard and dill sauce). It was very nice, indeed.


There was "edible art" all over the place. Personally, I think this is the best possible use for watermelon.


The heather and the highlands are calling.


Look! An authentic Scottish lassie!


Yeah, I'm drinkin' an Angry Scotsman! You got a problem with that? (It tastes like stout, only not as heavy.)


Anyone for the "nips and tit . . . ," er, Neeps and Tatties? It's mixture of roasted turnips and potatoes with carrots and chives.


As for Thad and myself, we'll have the Scottish egg. (Note: Scotland could use a few more stand-up tables. it got a bit crowded there during the day.)


And the moment everyone (especially Shawn) has been waiting for.


"No little boy! Do not dismantle the queue, lest you anger the Gods of Olympus!"


Hmm--it appears there was a bit of a run on . . .


. . . Halloumi!


"By your cheese powers combined, I am Captain Feta!"


Here's some cool stuff you can make with fondant.


Aren't the little rodents adorable?


"My precious-s-s-s-s-s . . ."




"No, seriously. Many parts of me are edible."


You can get Sangria in Spain, in addition to scallops and chorizo.


"In the headlines tonight, Mach Tower runs, breaks down, then runs again. Film at 11."


Of course, there are plenty of opportunities to buy merchandise and taste wine. More to come.

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