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Busch Gardens Williamsburg (BGW BGE) Discussion Thread

P. 456: Information about Christmas Town 2021!

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Stand by for more Howl-o-Scream! Why not watch the "Vampire Point Hotel" floor show while you wait?




Meanwhile. back at Vampire Point, the party is just getting started.


Meet Lugosi, Count Vladtastic's butler.


A family of vampire tourists has just flown over from Newport News. I didn't realize that Tidewater Virginia had such a large undead population.


I doubt that TPR will be booking this hotel for any trips.


Looks like they found yet another use for the old "Enchanted Laboratory" gargoyles.


It's getting darker and spookier.


Beer and wine at Open Casket. Not sure if they have Bloody Marys.


Well, I guess I'll grab a bite to eat . . . holy crap!


BGW did a good job retheming the old ice-cream-and-gift shop into the Vampire Point Hotel.


Here's the menu. The tri tip and the red velvet cupcakes were quite nice.


Horrifying Luggage of Terror!


Things can get a little lively at the Vampire Point Hotel.


Lugosi pages people and announces guests during dinner. He particularly likes it if you're a vampire or a werewolf.


"So, you are dining alone? Excellent! Vee love stragglers!"


Get yer pirate loot in Italy at "Captain Barghbie's Booty."


Wenches serve grog here.


Welcome to Torture Hill.


"Jones, party of two, your cages are ready."


Whar be Cut Throat Cove?


Aye, thar it be.


Make yer mark and prepare to set sail!


Welcome to Ripper Row.


You don't say?


Good thing Scotland Yard is nearby.


Well, that was rather careless of the Ripper.


"No 'ead tonight, dearie."


And that's a peek at Howl-o-Scream 2013. Happy Halloween!

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Love it! So happy to see these events opening up. This is my favorite time of the year.





Looking forward to going to HHN and Knott's in a few weeks. Perhaps I will get up there to KI and vist before years end. It's to bad I won't be able to get over to Bush as it looks like their event is pretty awesome!


Nice TR Chuck.

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One interesting request they made during the reception--they asked that we stress in our reports that Howl-o-Scream is not meant for small children. Although it isn't as "intense" as Tampa's event, they have stepped things up a little this year (more aggressive scareactors in the "Terror-tories," for example).


Yet you still see a lot of kids in strollers at BGW's Howl-o-Scream.

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That video clip was PAINFUL. I knew that Live Entertainment was going downhill (see Mix It Up and the ensuing walk-offs), but those vocals and staging of "I Am What I Am" were straight out of BAD community theater. Here's hoping the other forms of entertainment aren't quite so abysmal.

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Hit up the event all three days. Compared to previous years, opening weekend has been fantastic. All the actors were on their A game and it showed. I'm really hoping the trend continues as the event gets better and better.


Mazes and scare zones did seem a bit understaffed at points. The pirate scare zone in Italy was pitiful despite the bungee dude. They need to expand it. Festa is completely unthemed which is unfortunate considering that's where the new maze is. I love what the park did with France and the rest of the scare zones. Other areas were pretty well done compared to opening last year.


I'll probably post a more extensive review once the event really kicks in. Doing this on a phone is a pain.

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^Yes, most of the pirate theming is on the Oktoberfest bridge and in DaVinci's Garden, with the maze and "Buccaneer Galley" in Festa Italia; still, I prefer this to the "evil clown" stuff they've been doing there.

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A quick rundown of the all the scare zones (now called Terrortories) over the weekend. I wasn't sure how it would work out, but most of them came together well with a few issues.


Ports of Skull - 2/5 - The weakest of the scare zones, they really need to expand this one beyond that little corner. Have it take up the entire garden and the Festa bridge or Pompeii path. The bungee dude was pretty awesome and the actors were alright.


Ripper Row - 3/5 - Actors were pretty good and I loved the headless ladies. I wish they kept the kidnappings, but I can see how it would cause problems. I liked the sets but they looked a tad on the cheap side. They should bring the Scavengers costumes back and add a few victims to the mix.


Vampire Point - 4/5 - This scare zone suffers from a staff issue. I saw a handful of people roaming around but with a scare zone this big, there should be more roamers. The actors were excellent. I love the hotel, Vlad, and his crew. Blood Banquet should be cut back though. Even on Saturday, there weren't many people eating there plus it creates a huge bottleneck.


Demon Street - 5/5 - Like Widowmakers before it chainsaws always win out. Combine that with cool special effects and DJ Satan cranking out awesome jams and you have a fantastic scare zone. I just wish they had a few more of those fire dancers on a few more rooftops and grim reaper wasn't changed into smiling demon. Add some stuff to Griffon's area too.


Overall the scare zones were pretty good for opening weekend. I only hope they continue to get better as they usually do throughout the season. Howl O Scream started off really weak in 2011-2012 and those years ended up being among the best. Maze reviews coming later.

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I think my biggest complaint regarding mazes at HOS is the very slow line for 13: Your Number's Up. The path through the Europe in the Air building is very narrow in spots, and you end up being stuck in a conga line.

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One interesting request they made during the reception--they asked that we stress in our reports that Howl-o-Scream is not meant for small children. Although it isn't as "intense" as Tampa's event, they have stepped things up a little this year (more aggressive scareactors in the "Terror-tories," for example).


Yet you still see a lot of kids in strollers at BGW's Howl-o-Scream.


They been stressing the same thing for HOS at Seaworld San Antonio on their Facebook this year as well. Sounds like they are trying to get all 3 of HOS events at the same level of BGT. It looks like they will have a great event this year at BGW.

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^They have two other themed-dining events, too: "Fright Feast" in Ireland's Castle O'Sullivan and "Buccaneer Galley" in Festa Italia. The menus at each venue are different, too; for example, "Fright Feast" offers currywurst. (But I think "Buccaneer Galley" is just the usual pizza-and-pasta buffet they have all season.)

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Howl-O-Scream was great when I went last Friday and Saturday. It seemed more mellowed out compared to my last visits (2005, 2009), but regardless my friend and I had a great time. We only did two of the mazes, Deadline and Cut Throat Cove. CTC was pretty neat and a nice change for HOS. It had the shortest line for any of the mazes there.


Crowds weren't to bad both days either. Nessie, and Alpengeist had walk-ons through out both days. Also the lights under Nessie's loops were off on Friday, those were some interesting night rides. I also got to ride Verbolten for the first time. It won't replace the BBW for me, but it's still a great ride and definitely what BG needed. The night rides in the rain were great, the blue light and the fog machine under the last drop was awesome. Mach Tower was of course closed. Overall we had a great time and I still have the fun fall card so I might go back before HOS is over this year.

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Quick maze rundown. The mazes are pretty good this year.


Bitten - still as solid as ever. Everyone seems to bash this maze because it's been around for a while. I got a few good scares out of it.

Catacombs - I didn't get many scares out of it opening night, but got some last weekend. It seems like the park changed up some of the maze and made it longer.

Deadline - Actors were alright, but this maze had too many dead areas. Not only that but it was insanely dark inside so I kept running into the people behind me. It was much better last year IMO.

Cutthroat Cove - the new maze. The actors were great, but the maze felt cheap. Hopefully the park upgrades this maze and adds more actors in the coming year.

13 - this maze was the same as last year in terms of scares and theming. There's still dead areas and rooms with no theming. Actors were decent.

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