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Busch Gardens Williamsburg (BGW BGE) Discussion Thread

P. 467: Media Town Hall Report

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It was GREAT! With all of the anticipation I was worried I would be let down, but I wasn't! I'll post a full report later tonight. No on board audio. The on board video was not working, but the on ride photo was.


My ride was the lighting sequence. The park is clearing out, I expect the ride to be a walk on within the next hour if they keep it open.

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ok here's my review of my experience. i had just got back in from the park a few minutes ago. i was able to get a ride in on verbolten in the blue train's second row. my experience was the spirit of the forest theme. the queue was quite fascinating looking at all the vast objects they had. upon "renting" my vehicle to go on the tour i noticed the position of the cameras on the train. they were not operating today tho. you could hear the engine rev up and one guy said he felt some vibration on the car in the front seat when it started lol.the launch had more kick than i was expecting. really giving you awesome airtime on the first hill. i was BLOWN away by how much scenery they had in the event building. it was kinda weird at first hearing the voice talking while speeding through the forest. our driving seemed to make the forest more and more pissed off. as the forest began to turn blueish and purple. the freefall drop. gave you that whoa, or OMG experience after which there was this loud squeaking noise then the launch to the bridge. the view was amazing with moderate airtime on the drop. overall 10/10 it truly is a great coaster

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Ok, Just got home after riding Verbolten 5 times... Here are my observations:


First of all it's an awesome ride, it's not extreme in anyway... just pure fun. The themeing in the queue is extremely rich and detailed very cool/creepy. The pre-show video is a drawback though... nothing but corny fahrt jokes, it was disappointing. The station looked amazing, they even went so far as to paint stains from oil spills, oily footprints, and tire tracks on the floor.


The ride itself was just a little bit rougher than i expected but not rough enough to really complain about. As you roll out of the station you can hear/feel the rumble of the engine. The launch into the event building gives you a good kick and the effects/set pieces in the entry tunnel are amazing. I got to experience the Spirit of the Forest and Thunderstorm 'stories.' I didn't get to see the Big Bad Wolf one. The sound effects are great, especially the thunderstorm. It looks like they may be having some trouble getting all of the effects online at the moment, most of the ride on my first few goes was total darkness however later in the evening i started seeing more and even caught a glimpse of the 'moon box' that i didn't see at all on my previous rides. It doesn't look like the effects change at all for the 3 'stories,' only the sound effect tracks, that was a bit of a disappointment as well. The selective lighting inside the show building is a real wow factor and the painted drops look absolutely beautiful!


The drop track is a real nice kick in the butt at the end of the show building, it's a surprise even if you're expecting it... very well executed. They also did a great job blocking the light from the exit tunnel until you roll into the launch. The back half of the ride is just as thrilling, the high speed curves and drop from the bridge is great. As the train rolls into the bridge they even have some creeking sound effects, a nice touch IMO.


Over all my expectations weren't exactly met, but i still think it's an amazing ride and look forward to riding it many more times this summer. The front seat is definitely worth the wait on this one, and the back seat ain't so shabby either.

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Hey everyone,


Got word today about 1pm that the park was soft opening Verbolten! drove down the the park and got to the ride by 2:30pm.


I was welcomed by a screaming blue train, roaring down the Rhine River drop with many happy, elated riders! The "new" Oktoberfest area, envisioned with new, games, pavilions, eateries, and Mach Tower, along with Verbolten, has transformed this once old style part of the park, into a lively fun environment. The area was packed with people as many were sitting and gazing at the new operating attractions. I walked past the wrecked red Porche which was emanating an engine revving noise. I immediately entered the queue line and began waiting.


The first part of the queue line brings you through Gerta's Visitor Center, a razzle-dazzle theme filled with German propaganda, art and lots of gnomes.... Gerta speaks to the guest through a television behind the counter of her ticket booth. The open air vision center has many things to keep your attention while waiting. Later towards the end of the queue, the line winds quickly through Gunter's office (who is seems to be missing), which features many TV "kameras" focused on points in the Black Forest which Gunter has apparent interest. Many of the videos on these "kameras" are very interest and fun to watch.


The Station is well theme and often throws out many references including to the coaster's company of production (Have fun trying to find it ). The dual loading of lanes A and B keep the wait times low. (for my five times in line 25mins, 30mins, 40mins, 30mins, and 65 min (explain the last one in a minute)). At first when I arrived, the attends were assigning rows for every guest, but towards the end, were allowing everyone to choose their own seats. The theming in the station is superb!


The trains. wow. The trains up close truly look like real cars and the seats are roomy and comfortable. The lap bars are also comfortable and very large guest friendly. I am glad to see Zierer going all out for this coaster in regards of their trains.


When it comes to the coaster experience, I would like to allow everyone to experience the ride for themselves. I really don't want to spoil anything. All I will say about the dark ride section is the level of theming is beyond my expectations, though still very "Busch Garden-esque." I won't explain what "Busch Garden-esque" means....


The coaster has some rattling I would compare to Dominator's B&M rattle but otherwise its a rather smooth ride. Its has some intense turn which I was somewhat unprepared for. The helix upon first ride I felt pressed to nickname for time being as the "helix of almost death."



As a family coaster.... I would not say its for younger audiences, its 48 inch height limit fits the age of lowest riders. Middle school age.


The coaster ran flawlessly until about 5:30 when it had a short downtime which added around 30 mins to my wait time. The ride ops were professional but seem a little confused at some moments with their new ride.


A little happy moment happened when a couple got engaged right before the train dispatched. quite a magical moment! wish I had a camera.


Overall: Coaster Experience: 7 out of 10

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My turn,


I have just returned from Busch Gardens, I got 7 rides in on Verbolten today. The signs all said Technical Preview, but it seemed open. The only thing that was not operating was the on board video. Quick Queue was available and I saw people using it. Loading and unloading was fast, you could wait for the front car if you wanted.


The queue itself is wonderful. Little details everywhere. They do need to work on the pre-show video IMO - corny and annoying.


I loved the ride. I had the thunderstorm sequence and the wolf sequence, I never saw the spirit of the forest sequence. The ride being new it was hard for me to tell what is what inside the show building. The two sequences I saw, the scenes all seemed the same with the only differences being the ending / drop track. The wolf sequence, which I think I saw five times, was my favorite of the two. Before the drop you are in pitch blackness and red eyes begin to appear all around you with growling and distant thunder.


We got to ride in the front car late in the evening and the headlights were on, which added to the effects in the show building. I would give the ride a 10 /10.


For the last hour Josh was working the front of the ride. Josh was our tour guide during the TPR mini trip last June. I spoke to him briefly about the ride, and he said within the next month they will have a backstage Verbolten Tour where you get to go in the show building with the ride running.


I took some pictures...


Not a "soft opening"


oil covered station floor




All coke products now, even in the queue


lights on for safety


last ride of the night

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Many park employees told me yesterday that the park plans to have Verbolten open all weekend forbidding malfunction, If your not doing anything, Its a beautiful day to take a ride through the Black Forest, if I should say so myself.


I'll be back on the 18th.

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Sounds like they really want to get the crew ready for opening weekend.


By the way, graduation at William & Mary is this Sunday (Mother's Day), so the park is probably going to be very busy today with all the visiting families. Mother's Day might be your best bet.

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