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Busch Gardens Williamsburg (BGW BGE) Discussion Thread

P. 466: Mardi Gras at Busch Gardens

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I don't think they will add anything else to the bridge, at least not something like siding. The plans that were leaked of the bridge look just as the bridge does now. The only thing that I think still needs to be added is possibly a sign at the entrance of the bridge. Other than that, I think it is pretty much finished.

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For some reason, I recall the bridge being engulfed in overgrown vines. Like they were trying to crush the whole bridge.


I don't recall anything like this in the concept art or plans, though it has been stated that the black forest has something to do with the collapse of the bridge in the 'story' of the ride. I think that would be an amazing touch to have either a mess of vines crawling around the structure or one massive one strangling it. Seeing what they've done with the station so far it's a possibility we might see something like this, but that's speculation on my part.

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It's kind of hilarious that they're using B&M track on all the artwork. I know people have mentioned the absurdity of the inverted track on some of the other collateral, but even in the latest stuff it's B&M track. There was one concept painting of the bridge section that came out before the ride was announced officially that accurately portrays the track.

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^^^Yeah! See! Vines n' sh!t!


It also looks as if you would dive through some sort of thicket as well. That would be cool!


I can't see that happening to the ride. It would be cool to have vines crawling all over it like the station, but what we see in that image is so far from the reality of what we'll actually get. I think the artist was trying to combine the sensations that we'll be subjected to in the show building with the final drop element for a more complete depiction of the ride in general.

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^Mabey in your reality it won't. But my brain doesn't work like most people's brains. Most of the time my brain doesn't work at all.


Guy - You'll have to wait for that sexually themed amusement park to be built where the coaster train travels through bush. We are talking about "Busch" Gardens not "Bush" Gardens.

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Well, that was an "interesting" series of posts.


Here's an interesting little tidbit from the "Inside Busch Gardens" blog. Water Country is improving their habitat for baby alligators: http://www.buschgardensvablog.com/its-little-things. Apparently, this has been around since last year, but I've never the little reptiles.

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I just wanted to repost a classic post from Wes. Enjoy as we enter step 7!




1. After months of rumors and speculation, the ride is announced. The ride is immediately hit with negative views because it didn't live up to the hype coasterboy2194210 had set when he heard from his friend's uncle that it was going to be a 900 foot prototype.

2. Complaints about: The name, the stats, the colors, the trains, and the station layout, sometimes all in the same post. This is based off a crudely done 3D video.

3. Random new threads pop up in the next few weeks, breaking the news of the brand new coaster, even though the original thread is probably still on the first page near the top.

4. People start complaining about the lack of construction, and wonder if the ride will be finished on time.

5. Construction starts, people start complaining about the lack of construction updates. No pictures from 2:35 this afternoon? But another piece had been put up!!!

6. Criticism over the differences between the constructed portions versus the concept art begin. Page upon page of bitter feuding on whether the angle of descent was incorrect begins.

7. The construction is finished. People start complaining about the lack of testing, and wonder if the ride will be finished on time.

8. Testing starts, people start complaining about the lack of testing updates. No pictures from 2:35 this afternoon? But another train has been cycled!!!

9. Someone rides the coaster and reports back. If the review is so-so to good, the person obviously caught it on a bad early run. If the review is glowing, the person obviously hasn't ridden many coasters.

10. The ride opens. The fanboys descend en masse, declaring the ride the best coaster to ever touch god's green earth. Wild claims are thrown out, like the coaster is able to cure cancer, and has ejector airtime even on the brake run and station.

11. A well-travelled, highly regarded TPR member finally rides it, and gives a good but not great review. Fanboys cry foul, saying the person rode it on an off-day.

12. Pages upon pages of comparison to every single amusement ride known to man ensue.

13. As more people ride, the reviews eventually settle into a particular area (bad, moderate, good, great, excellent) and people stop posting in the thread.

14. Meanwhile, dirt has been dug up somewhere else in the park...the cycle begins again.

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Hi all. Long time lurker first time poster. I read on another website that Verbolten will have a soft opening starting this weekend. Does anyone think this will honestly happen? I am really looking forward to the new coaster, and would love to catch it before the official opening day and the long waits that will ensue after May 18.





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Nobody's been trained on the coaster yet as far as I know so soft opening will not happen this week (unless they're training people on the ride right now).


Every time a new ride is built, "soft opening" rumors sprout like dandelions.


Worth repeating.


I don't recall BGW "soft opening" anything, and I've lived in Williamsburg since the mid-1980s. This is not to say that it won't happen, I just wouldn't count on it.


But if you're there and they give you the chance to experience Verbolten early, go for it.

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