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Busch Gardens Williamsburg (BGW BGE) Discussion Thread

P. 467: Loch Ness Monster Update Tour

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Busch Gardens announced today Verbolten, the park’s new multi-launch, indoor/outdoor roller coaster, will open Friday, May 18. Guests and coaster enthusiasts alike have been anticipating the opening of this one-of-a-kind roller coaster since the project was announced in September of 2010.


“The combination of hard work and a mild winter has put us right on track for a May 18 opening,” said Larry Giles, Busch Gardens’ vice president of engineering. “We can’t wait to debut the largest roller coaster project in the park’s 37-year history.”


Many unique design elements await guests on Verbolten including two high-speed launches that propel riders into and out of the Black Forest, a breathtaking free-fall element and a nearly 90-foot traditional coaster drop over Busch Gardens’ Rhine River. Verbolten features the most immersive ride experience of any ride Busch Gardens has ever created, and it will make guests feel like they are part of the Verbolten story.


Verbolten is the capstone attraction of a two-year rejuvenation project in Busch Gardens’ Oktoberfest village. Mach Tower, the park’s 240-foot drop tower, joins the launch coaster as the park’s newest thrill attractions. They join an award-winning pretzel restaurant and new performance spaces that also opened in 2011. This year’s addition of Entwined: Tales of Good and Grimm, a new show performed inside Das Festhaus, completes the park’s Oktoberfest transformation. For more information on Verbolten, visit http://www.verbolten.com.

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Speaking of Verbolten, I spent a few hours of this very pleasant Easter Sunday at the park. Although I have no idea what's been going on in the show building, the park has been adding more touches to the station's elaborate theming, as well as some landscaping.


Care to have a look?


"Officialness" of opening date confirmed.




So, what is new over at Verbolten?


Looks they've been planting a few trees.


Gotta keep their reputation as the "World's Most Beautiful Theme Park," you know.


These trees and shrubs will look very nice after they've grown a bit.


Looks like some more theming is waiting to be hung in "Gunter's Creepy Office."


Hi there, water-filled dummies. How's it going? They treating you well?


Looks like the painting of the station is finished.


They've added some new signs since our last update, too.


The station looks great.


The CM working by Verbolten mentioned that the office, which was a empty shell during the hard hat tour, is now full of interesting stuff that adds to the ride's backstory.


Uh oh! Looks like the Black Forest is creeping up on the station!


More of Gunter's creepy collection of stuff from abandoned cars he's found in the Black Forest.


Hmm--don't mind if I do.


So far, so good.


You can get a closer look at the wrecked car now.


I think Gunter's gonna need to keep this one in the shop for a few extra days.


I understand that car-eating trees are a common hazard in Germany. So, they need their own sign.


Here's a look at what I think is the ride exit (lockers are behind the tarp on the left).


They've added more stuff under Gunter's creepy car, as well.


Hmm--I don't think those barrels contain beer.


Not even this poor bike can escape the wrath of the Black Forest.


Nothing can, it seems.


Looks like they've planted some new trees over by the second launch section.


The station is looking more and more like a particularly bizarre garage.


One last look at the station . . .


. . . and another "Black Foresty" detail.


Here is the backside of Verbolten. Nothing much to see here.


Men at work in Gunter and Gerda's garage.


Verbolten is starting to appear on shirts now.


Here's a particularly interesting new park shirt that you can scan with your iPhone.


Remember--save the date! Or sign up for East Coast Bash! Or both!

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I saw those new t-shirts yesterday in the Alpengeist gift shop. I kinda thought they'd bring back "Defy the 5". I do love those designs though. The QR one looks interesting.


I also caught a glimpse of Entwined. It was a nice show, although I wish it was a bit darker. Feels like a replacement for "Castle O Sullivan" instead of "This is Oktoberfest"

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Looks like another winner for BGE! Looks like they're doing better with the landscaping than they did with Griffon, which to me, in comparison to other rides in the park, looks like it was just plopped down. Still greatly landscaped compared to pretty much any other park though. Hopefully I'll get there this year to ride Verbolten. I only live two hours away, but with 9 other parks on my list for this year, and general admission being so much at BGE this is the lowest on my list still.

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^As I recall from the hard hat tour, the park is using "real cars" in the theming, but I think they were just shells of old Euro sports cars. From what I've seen of the animated videos BGW has posted online, I imagine there's some classic sports car tangled up in some evil tree or bush in the show building.

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^The bright colors are meant to match the atmosphere of Oktoberfest Village--so, a "moodier" paint scheme wouldn't make a lot of sense. I like contrast, myself, so I've appreciate the little touches of how the Black Forest is intruding on the station.


Watch out for Gunter in his "oil-stained lederhosen."

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Assuming that's not some very well done replica, then it's a crime to leave a 1969(?) Porsche 912 sitting there looking like that.


From what I was told, it is a real car that was caught in an accident and BGW purchased it.

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Wow, this thing is looking incredible! I love the stacks of luggage for theming. I can't wait to check this thing out for myself, when it's open of course. Thanks for the update, Chuck!


Also, from this picture, it looks like we may be seeing a return of the waterfall, which makes me really happy. Of all the stuff that has been going on with this ride, the return of the waterfall has been my biggest concern, haha.


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^The bright colors are meant to match the atmosphere of Oktoberfest Village--so, a "moodier" paint scheme wouldn't make a lot of sense. I like contrast, myself, so I've appreciate the little touches of how the Black Forest is intruding on the station.


Ok that makes more sense to me now thanks

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It would be really cool if BGW spent the next three or four years not adding new attractions, but expanding upon the theming in the other areas of the park, bringing them up to the standards set by the Oktoberfest renovation.

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^ That doesn't get people through the gates like new attractions do. I'd agree with this if they were to add atleast a little something to the park each year such as a flat, new 3D movie, kiddie expansion, ect. along with adding theming.


BGW does not struggle to get families through the gates.

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