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Busch Gardens Williamsburg (BGW BGE) Discussion Thread

P. 466: New Slide for Water Country in 2023

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Worked Pass Member preview today. A couple of other observations.


- The park was packed. It felt like a busy summer weekend. Hopefully the crowd dies down later, but with the warm weather, I don't see it happening.

- I absolutely love Verbolten's station. It looks amazing.

- The new maps resemble BGT's maps from last year (bright and colorful on the back) I got a couple today for anyone who wants to trade.

- Entwined was undergoing dress rehearsal. I didn't get to see it.

- Best of all, BGW brought the bananas/rasta-bananas back for another run. Not only that, the park introduced new plush chili peppers I plan on winning a few during the summer.


It was a good day to be had.

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Outstanding photos again Chuck- and Verbolten is by far the eye-catcher of the season. I'm glad they're taking the extra minute to make everything look so good with it.


How were the other rides at the park doing? Hopefully my beloved Nessie was doing well for the day...

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^^Yep--very busy. All the main parking lots were full, and they were using the Scotland lot across from the brewery. Food service seemed to be bearing the brunt of it.


^Everything seemed to be running just fine (esp. Apollo's Chariot).

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Sorry we missed you Chuck, the park was packed but the lines for the big 3 coasters were surprisingly short (Mostly all families at the park)

Great pics, here are some I snagged from the cruise.


I really hope they get the waterfall going again but it looks like it is just gonna be for drainage.




From the Rhine River






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is it me, or does that drop out of the covered bridge look steep for a family coaster? I can't wait for this to open...

Looking at it from this angle, it doesn't appear that steep...




Keep in mind, this has a 48" height restriction, whereas Big Bad Wolf was 42". There are other family coasters out there, like Shock Wave at SFOT that have a 42" height restriction that have both a steeper drop and two inversions back to back!



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I know BGW is supposed to plant trees over by the bridge and around the event building, but are they going to plant them before it opens or sometime later?


I hope so! I mean the areas look too open to give off the forest feel. Trees that block the ability to see segments of the ride yet to happen or block the view of people on midway help immerse the ride experience in my opinion. Especially the beginning of the ride as you wind down you can clearly see the exit from the even building... there should be trees blocking the view of the ride's track entering the building from the track exiting the building. Also the space beneath the brick tunnel facade should be filled in because it doesn't go down to the ground so shrubbery or such would fill in that space well. The hill under the bridge could use some more adult trees also. Other than that... the ride is SPECTACULAR LOOKING... I can't wait to ride.

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"Früling in Deutschland" always fun when american parks change our spelling.... i often see this when parks use german expressions it's kind of funny for us! But here they only lost n "h", the correct spelling is "Frühling" But i like this little failures... It's like many european parks make many mistakes with english expressions,too! it's kind of sympathetic


EDIT: ^you were a little bit faster or i have overlooked it

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The park still has a ways to go yet with adding the theming. I'm not sure what they have in mind to "hide" the show building (after all, they stopped theming DarKastle at the front), but time will tell. The concept art suggests that more needs to be installed, but we'll see. They certainly have made a lot of progress since the Hard Hat Tour earlier this month.


Sorry I missed you too, Jeff--I'm glad you got those additional angles on Verbolten from the Rhine River Cruise (I "missed the boat" on that one, but I did get some decent shots from the train). You get great views of Verbolten from Mach Tower (of course) and the top of the Loch Ness Monster.

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Thanks for the updates, Chuck. Busch Gardens never disappoints and I love how they pay attention to all the little details to make each ride they put in fit in the themed area they put it in.


Love the look of the trains, the decrepit covered bridge and the look of the area around the station.

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