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Busch Gardens Williamsburg (BGW BGE) Discussion Thread

P. 466: Christmas Town starts on November 11th

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^^I was under the impression that Alpengeist has a zero car because it wasn't completing the course in early test runs. The zero car added 1,000 pounds to the train to prevent that from happening anymore. I'm fairly certain they told us that during the TPR day at BGW last year.


Hmm, that makes sense. I don't really feel that it goes slow during many parts of the ride other than the end, but it does make more sense than what I said I guess.


And no, I don't have a source for that information I posted, haha. I was just told that the zero car helped to control the train more when it is traveling at high speeds, which is why they are also on the B&M hypers.


From a post on a Busch Gardens Williamsburg Blog site,

Busch Gardens Blog Post


"However, engineers did have one issue during the design of Alpengeist; the train was too light to maintain speed and make it back to the station. That is why Alpengeist is one of only two coasters in the world to have a ‘zero car.’ The zero car, located at the front of the train, weighs 1500 lbs. and allows the train to maintain the speed needed to complete the ride circuit."
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I remember riding Alpengeist back in '97 when it opened and a few years consecutively after that when the MCBR was not applied. It flew through the zero-g roll and corkscrew, and gave a nice pop of air time on the dive off the MCBR into the photo shack. Having ridden all the major B&M inverts of that era save the ones outside the US (Nemesis, Pyrenees or whatever it's called now) and Top Gun at CGA, I can safely say those were the most intense rides I've ever had on a B&M invert. Take that for what you will.

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When Alp was new it was much more forceful. The lift brake was not used and the MCBR was very light, here is one of my videos from a while ago that shows footage from 1997 when it ran full speed. The best shots are from 1:08-1:33 showing the unbraked speed of the last half.forgive the video quality shot with my over the shoulder VHS camcorder




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When Alp was new it was much more forceful. The lift brake was not used and the MCBR was very light, here is one of my videos from a while ago that shows footage from 1997 when it ran full speed. The best shots are from 1:08-1:33 showing the unbraked speed of the last half.forgive the video quality shot with my over the shoulder VHS camcorder





Jeff, I saved that video to my HD a few years ago so that I could relive those memories a little more easily... She's still a great ride, but she's not quite what she used to be.

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I wonder if we're going to get a sneak peek of the themeing inside the show building before the ride opens... I'm really anxious to see what they're going to do with that. So far all i have to go on is those few seconds of the model in one of the promo videos and the stuff detailed in the plans that were leaked last year.

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Here's some information from the park about Verbolten's trains.




Cars’ Designs Take Inspiration from Classic European Roadsters


WILLIAMSBURG, VA (March 16, 2012) – Real rubber tires, chrome side mirrors and the classic long hood lines of a two-door roadster distinguishes Verbolten’s 16-passenger coaster car from a run-of-the-mill coaster train.


Each of Verbolten’s five ride vehicles is painted a different color, and each is uniquely detailed with classic race lines inspired by vintage sports cars. From the racing stripe designs and race-inspired hood scoop to each vehicle’s customized license plate, Verbolten’s coaster cars incorporate the smallest details to complete the illusion that riders are racing uncontrollably through the Black Forest.


“It’s the small details like real rubber wheels, side mirrors and race-inspired pin striping that makes all the difference in a ride of this caliber,” said Larry Giles, Busch Gardens’ vice president of design and engineering. “This is just one more element that will make Verbolten like no other coaster,” added Giles.


Lap bars are used instead of shoulder harnesses aboard Verbolten so riders can feel the rush of lateral and horizontal g-forces designed into the ride. Tiny video cameras are positioned in front of riders to record their experience so they can relive their trip to Bavaria anytime.


The cars play a pivotal role into Verbolten’s overall storyline about a German touring company run by the brother and sister team, Gunter and Gerta. When complete, Verbolten’s immersive experience will extend beyond the ride itself and transform the spirit of Busch Gardens’ Oktoberfest village.


Verbolten is expected to open in late spring. It anchors the park’s newly rejuvenated Oktoberfest village, and joins Mäch Tower as the park’s newest thrill attractions. Busch Gardens opens March 24 for the 2012 season. Park guests can follow the Verbolten construction process on http://www.buschgardens.com and http://www.facebook.com/buschgardens.








And just in case you were wondering about the "bridge" . . .



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On the topic of Alphengheist...


I still think that the MCBR on that ride is probably one of the most jarring experiences I've ever had on a coaster... The transition from the banking into it is just brutal...


On the topic of Verbolten:


I'm jealous of you all who get that in your park. Each update makes it look better and better. You can have Cheetah Hunt if you want to trade...

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^I agree with you that it'll probably be great to have Verbolten at my home park. But I think Cheetah Hunt is a great ride, so you probably shouldn't be considering a trade.


At least not yet. Time will tell.

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BGW held its annual Passholder Preview today. This is, of course, the first time I'd been to the park since the Verbolten Hard Hat Tour, so I was very curious to see what progress the park had made on its new ride.


First off, the new trains look great in person! These are some of the coolest-looking coaster trains I've seen, from their headlights to their license plates. Zirer and Busch have done themselves proud. Second, they've added quite a few theming elements to the "collapsing bridge" and the "tour center" station. Busch is really pulling out the stops for this ride.


At least that's what I think. Here are some pictures to help you make up your mind.


"Twistiness" is cactching on worldwide.


When I last saw this bridge, all they had up was the steel framework.


But now it's looking truly "drecrepit."


And that's great!


Here's a closer look--note the workmen toward the back.


Hmm--not sure if we'll ever see this waterfall working again.


But who cares about an old waterfall, when there's this train to check out.


If Barry White were still alive, he'd write a song about how sexy this train is.


Sorry for the blurry photo, but it does give you a look at three other trains.


Here's a clearer shot from the front. But what about train number 5?


We see you in there red train! There's no need to be shy.


We won't bite.


Now what about that station?


A sign of things to come.


Hmm--here's an interesting bit of theming. Must be Gunter's ride for when he visits the Black Forest.


Looks like there's been a little accident.


Oops! Guten tag, officer! My bad.


Dude, I know some people don't clean out their cars very often, but this is ridiculous!


You don't need a car wash--you need a hazmat team!


Larry--here's a sign for ya.


You can take this seat for a spin before you line up for the ride.


Meanwhile, back at "Gunter's Creepy Office" . . .


Have your Visa card ready.


"What in Germany"?


You can have some undercarriage work done while you ride.


They're still adding some more creepiness to Gunter's office.


One last look at the station. The top floor is the "Black Forest Inn, another of Gerda and Gunter's businesses.


Here's where your journey begins . . .


. . . and where it goes horribly wrong.


Your exit from the Black Forest . . .


. . . ends up here. (Watch that step, pal--it's a lulu.)


And the countdown continues . . .

That's all for now!

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