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Busch Gardens Williamsburg (BGW BGE) Discussion Thread

P. 467: Media Town Hall Report

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Those people at BGW Fans don't know what they're talking about. That turn is sexy, reminiscent of the BBW's final drop, which means it'll probably pack a nice little punch at the bottom. The purple track isn't too bad looking either (is that purple?).


I've noticed that one of the supports in the forest is facing a different direction too which reminds me of one of 305's high speed turns. Definitely won't be as thrilling or intense, but I'm still blown away at how awesome this project is turning out.


Can't wait to see the bridge set up. It's gonna look amazing over the river.

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Transition looks weird from that photo and the others on BGWFans. But I'm knocking it! That drops looks incredible.


There are a few more photos over at BGWFans that show it from other angles. Basically, it looks to start banking halfway down the drop, kind of in a similar fashion to The Beast's long drop into the double helix? And then it fully banks when it's almost flattened out, as opposed to being a fluid motion. It's just different, that's all! It's very Zierer-like, looking at their other ESC coasters.

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The track is grey and the supports are green, and actually the drop on Verbolten and BBW are more identical than you may believe. I know someone somewhere posted the drop of both coasters side by side and they look exactly the same. I can't wait for the greenery to grow back though.

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Speaking of Verbolten . . .


I went to BGW one last time on Friday night, mainly to get a look at the progress on Verbolten. The park was packed for the second-to-last night of Christmas Town, and there's been quite a bit progress since my last visit a few weeks ago.


Here's one last look at Verbolten for 2011--unless someone else posts pictures today, of course.


But I want my present now!


There it is, hiding behind the trees. Let's take a closer look.


There you are, Verbolten.


Let's see, after you do the bit in the building, you end up here, . . .


. . . nearly plunge to your doom here, . . .


. . . roar through here, . . .


. . . then face what ever fate awaits you in the woods.


Yep--looks pretty "Big Bad Wolfish" to me, too--and that's good.


The big show building. We already know of one gag that's going to happen in there. But what else could possibly happen inside?


Meanwhile, back at footer central . . .


. . . all sorts of reinforcement work has been going on.


This is for all of you with a rebar fetish--you know who you are.


Note that the picture is crooked--not the station. ;) They've put up some walls for what should be a pretty heavily themed queue. Time will tell.


All of you who are turned on by rebar and dirt are really lucky today . . . wait! What's that I see hiding in the trees?


Aw-w-w-w . . . don't be shy, piece of track. No one wants to hurt you.


Let's take one last look at the building. (I like how they've themed the wall signs to Christmas.)


The track running into the building seen in "Green Mesh-o-Rama Vision" from the Autobahn queue.


The backside of the building.


This gives you an idea of how big this building is.


The Big Hole we saw earlier in the season. Lots of work to be done here, . . .


. . . and here are three of the guys who will eventually do it.


One last, slightly crooked look at the station across from Mach Tower.


Hmm--never seen the Rhine River boats tied up like this before.


Happy New Year, Verbolten! See you in 2012!


And a Happy New Year to everybody at TPR!

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OH my god Chuck! How did you capture this amazing ritual? I have heard of it mentioned before, but never thought it to be true as they are a very shy species and have weight issues. But, it appears that you have captured the never before seen Rhine Riverboat mating ritual. It will be wonderful to see a bunch of little riverboats flitting about in the spring of 2012. Ahhhh amore' in the attraction industry. This is a day to remember and savor.


At least you captured them after they were done 69ing. Now they're cuddling.

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