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Busch Gardens Williamsburg (BGW BGE) Discussion Thread

P. 467: Media Town Hall Report

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I made it to HOS last night (Sunday October 16) and the park was surprisingly busy for a Sunday. The wait times for the mazes were around 45 minutes to an hour, so I opted for the Quick Que. I really liked the new mazes. Deadline was great, the last room really made the entire maze. I also thought 13 and Fear Fair were good. This was the first time I saw the work site for Verbolten, and its big. They seem to really be doing a ton of work during the week. The best view of the work site seems to be from the line Bitten. I just got a new camera and what better way to test it out than here.


Bridge to Ireland, lots of pumpkins


Ghosts seemed to have a problem getting around trees


See you real soon in my dreams I'm sure


Rats in France


Our host for the evening, her creepy song is still going through my head


Just a shell of a station


I see a footer going in - right in front


It was getting dark by the time I headed this way


Its a little dark, but the drop track is in the back of this picture

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Just posted some more (very awesome) leaked plans to the BGWFans Forums:Link Removed!


This time around, you don't need to sign up. The only thing I ask is that if you share them (please do!), share the link above, don't link directly to the pictures. Thanks and enjoy!


Also, we have two pictures of the event building construction from over the weekend that can be found here: Link Removed

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ALMS7TH, one of the members of the BGWFans Forums, LINK REMOVED! that there is a segment with an 86 degree bank inside the event building. Also, B-Mac LINK REMOVED! that the Rhine River drop has about a 52 degree angle and that the coaster is comprised of 171 segments of track.


Ok, I'm going to stop spamming up this thread now.

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Hearing the 'howl' of BBW in the video brought a tear to my eye- but sadly, I don't think the previous PREVIOUS coaster's adornment will be there either.


(For those who looked carefully, on BBW, just after the 'voyage' through the village- to the left of the train was a light decoration from... Die Wildkatze, which stood on the site where BBW/Verbolten's platform now stands. If you blined, you missed it- but it was there!).

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As seen above, track work for the indoor section has been completed. I was at the park today and have my own Photo update including photos of the Rhine drop and the station work.


The "support" near the Rhine looks like a drill..... Most of the footers (probably 70% or more have been pour and/or completed) either waiting for curing or ready for track erection.


Now on the the pics.
















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