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Busch Gardens Williamsburg (BGW BGE) Discussion Thread

P. 452 - Busch Gardens Summer Nights

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Halloween Harvest, or “Howl-o-Scream Lite.” Busch Gardens is sticking with its “reservations only/limited attendance” events with Halloween Harvest during October. This is sort of “Howl-o-Scream

^^Hmm--I think your assumption is correct.  @Mike240SX I'm certainly not expecting "full operations" before Memorial Day Weekend, which isn't unusual (for example, they usually don' t start operating

Before this thread derails off course into a COVID discussion, I’ll just keep it simple:  everyone should follow their state and local guidelines.  This isn’t something up for debate on TPR. Now

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Well, with the announcement, I can say that I'm glad the northeast is getting a dive machine, the floorless aspect will be a bit different (especially with the watersplash, I think the backrow may get a bit wetter). Should be another good ride for the park, but I'm kinda disappointed in Busch for going with a design so similar to what they've already got.

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Very similar. Still, hard to get a good idea of the complete layout until a video is shown.


And yeah... no tunnels for the drops? I say SheiKra hasn't quite been dethroned.

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Im quite diappointed that it is preety much the same as SheiKria, but it looks awesome. The Floorless trains are definatley going to add to the awesomness factor.


Gaven "At least I now have a chance to actually ride a dive machine" D'Ambra

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The way you sit in SheiKra it doesn't feel like a floor on it at all. This doesn't feel the same, but aren't there any stats being released on this coaster?


Height? Length? Elements (besides the immelman)?

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* Dive coaster




* Steepest drop (90°)

* Tallest dive coaster drop (205’)

* First dive coaster to include two Immelmann loops

* Floorless trains




* 130-foot second dive

* 360° climbing carousel

* Water-feature




* 3,108 feet, more than half a mile




* 71 mph




* Three minutes




* 4 G Forces




* 205 feet




* Three rows of 10 seats

* 30 passengers per train

* Floorless

* Stadium-style seating




* Approximately 1,400 guests per hour




* 54”




* Busch Gardens Europe, France area




* Bolliger & Mabillard – Monthey, Switzerland

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Looks great to me! Who cares if it's a clone, or semi-clone? If a design's good, then why whine about duplicating it with a slight enhancement like floorless cars? Heck, I don't hear anyone ever whining about the Batman clones. They're still considered the "golden age" beemers, right? Back when they were forcefull, blah blah blah.


Congrats to Busch for another superb coaster to compliment an already great park!


Btw, great logo as well.

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