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Busch Gardens Williamsburg (BGW BGE) Discussion Thread

P. 456: Information about Christmas Town 2021!

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I will be visiting the park for the first time this (incredibly hot) Saturday and have been looking through this thread about a possible plan of action. I've gathered that it's probably going to be busy but the extreme heat may help keep the crowds from being excessive. The group I'm going with is only three big, myself included, and all of us like pretty much everything so we are going to want to try to get as much in as possible. I've essentially determined that the regulars suggest just getting there at opening and riding all the major coasters/rides as quickly as possible in the morning and then doing the other stuff later on when the lines increase in size for the major attractions and it becomes unbearably hot outside. Is this essentially what a regular to the park would suggest for a first-timer? I will admit my knowledge of the park is lacking at best and beyond getting the five credits, what must I make sure to get in during my visit in order to get the best first time experience out of BGW? Thanks in advance for any and all help.

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^You might want to consider Quick Queue, as well. Even though it will be outrageously hot this Saturday, I imagine that the park will still be quite busy--and the Roman Rapids will probably have a ridiculous line.

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And I heard a rumor that Son of Beast would be torn down last year, and this year...that didn't come true.


SOB is rumored to get some sort of upgrade in the near future... at least that's the rumor.


Bad news for Mach Tower, ride wasn't testing yesterday. That doesn't look like a good sign.

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^My point was just that we're getting on a rumor kick over something posted to a fansite. Unless there's any sort of source. Which is why I said I don't think there's any round for it. That, and Busch spreads out their capital expenditures - they're kind of expensive, with everything they put in to an addition. I wasn't calling out SoB for any reason in particular (that rumor mill can't seem to decide whether its staying or going!)

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^I hope they have better luck with Zirer. I'm not against new companies trying to break into the "big ride" business, but it's always a pain to be someone else's guinea pig.

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I wonder if Busch is now kicking themselves for going with these smaller companies for Mach Tower and the new coaster. Hope they have better luck next year!


^I hope they have better luck with Zirer. I'm not against new companies trying to break into the "big ride" business, but it's always a pain to be someone else's guinea pig.


The idea that BGW is giving these companies a break in the big leagues shows either one of two things:


1.) Total 'testicular forititudinalistm' with regards to new designs,




2.) Somebody had been over at the old Hospitality House WAAAAY too long.


I questioned the idea of using Moser instead of Intamin or S&S for a drop tower (Granted, I questioned the idea of Drop tower in the first place- but that's my opinion on the park's surroundings itself. But if it turns out a great ride, Mazel Tov! (You won't get ME on it!)


I do hope that it's a case of flop for one, Mega-success for the other- and that a bad dress rehearsal turns out an excellent show. The idea of Zierer moving into the full-scale market excites me- as do the ESC train systems that have been leaked out from BGW.

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I think if they do as well as they did with Groover's Alpine Express in Sesame Street: Forest of Fun the new coaster may really be great. Honestly, I think its not the fact that these smaller companies have never built this stuff before. I think they are just trying to build them too fast. Take your time and everything will work out.


However, it is like buying something new that requires "some installation". Do you stop to carefully read the directions over and over to make sure you know what you have to do? Nope, you put it together thinking you already know what to do, and then you have that one piece left over and you can't find where it goes, but it is super crucial.


Howl-O-Scream Update -


Pompeii will be renamed and zombies seem to be a theme for the new maze. Read this at BGWFans.com forums. This should be interesting. I might have to take a look in there to see what's up. As far as he "Cursed" area goes, last time I checked that place was bare, but I guess I might have to take a look there too.


NEW! - The Count's Halloween Spooktacular at Busch Gardens! It is a "daytime Halloween celebration" that will last 10AM to 5PM. Does this mean that Howl-o-Scream will see longer hours, maybe but most likely not. Just something to get the HoS rumors started. At least we know they aren't dropping the KIDsiderate theme just yet.


Christmas Town Update -


Has anyone noticed, that on the website the park map displays all the stuff from last year EXCEPT Rejoice? I guess they might have updated the site a little and removed the show? Or it could be a technical problem. Let the Christmas Town rumors begin.

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I was looking at Wicked at Lagoon (Made by Zierer) to see if it had a delay too. And unfortunately, it did. There was a welding problem and a launching problem. But it was a huge leap for Zierer, containing a zero g roll and overbanked curves with just a lap bar. But companies goals are to not make the same mistake twice, right? I assume BGW won't make the same mistake twice and will make sure there are no flaws. :S


Anyway...why do you all think that BGW has been choosing small scale companies instead of the big names?

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...Anyway...why do you all think that BGW has been choosing small scale companies instead of the big names?



B&M Isn't Small Scale?

Arrow Dynamics Isn't Small Scale?


He means Moser for Mach Tower and Zierer for the 2012 coaster.....

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Lots of confusion in here. Anyway, I don't want to be mindlessly tossing rumors around, but I did hear that Kings Dominion made a contract with Intamin, restricting them to build anywhere within a certain perimeter of the park...which BGW falls into. This is strikingly similar to the supposed contract between BGW and B&M...which most think to either have run out or didn't exist at all.


I don't think the KD/Intamin contract is likely at all, but it would explain a few things.

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Who knows, maybe KD already did hire an assassin for Mach Tower Or maybe the employee that decided it was a great idea to mix ammonia and bleach together in the smokehouse? Loyal misguided employee or spy???


Howl-o-Scream List -


Haunted Houses:

- 13: Your Numbers Up (Ireland, EitA Queue)



- Monster Stomp Revamped (Ireland, Abbeystone Theater)


Scare Zones:

- Widow Makers (New France)


Now we know almost all of Ireland's attractions, we just need to know where that next things is. I think we can conclude the numbers may be going in order around the park. I believe the next haunted house to be revealed is either Catacombs in France, a new maze in France/New France, or something in Oktoberfest. I believe they are going in order working their way counter clockwise around the park.


I have gathered information and based upon the first show and scare zone I created a list in order of what I think it going to happen. with the first haunted house info released, it only further confirms my theory. Here it is:


1 – Monster Stomp Revamped


2 – Widow Makers


3 – Europe in the Air Queue Maze


4 - Catacombs/Haunted House in France/New France


5 – Das Festhaus Show


6 - Haunted House (Still Unknown)


7 – German Gifts/Rhinefeld Zone


8 – Italy Pavillion Show


9 - Clown Zone


10 - Haunted House (Still Unknown)


11 – Wild Reserve Zone


12 - Pompeii Maze


13 – The Globe Theater Show

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