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Busch Gardens Williamsburg (BGW BGE) Discussion Thread

P. 456: Information about Christmas Town 2021!

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Yea that's "normal" bridge...look at the concept art that was released... it's just sitting in the air by supports. You would think that it would at least start by coming off the ground at the high elevation. I am talking about the back side that is away from the river.

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Quick BGW update!


Verbolten construction is full force right now. The back area is completely clear and you might be able to make out the possible path the coaster will be taking. The bumper car house/Feshaus smoking area is covered in a green mesh, making it a bit harder to see (but keeping out the sun).


Maintenance crews were standing on Mach Tower today working on the brake fins. I don't know exactly what's happening over there.

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There's been reports that Mach Tower is/has been through the process of being repainted... a lighter blue.... like Griffon... WTF! WIll this thing ever open. I think Moser has made Intamin look like Wonderboy!


More than likely the ride wasn't the exact color of the sky which probably frustrated those crazy neighborhoods around BGW...

Or they might be painting a design like the concept art had? I thought the tower itself looked way too plain for a Busch park, even Paramount attempted to make them look a bit more interesting.

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^ Trevor, check your PMs.


I was at BGW today and couldn't find any Bash people. I did catch somebody with a Fahrenheit t-shirt, but he didn't seem to know anything about the event.


The door in front of Mach Tower was left open a little wider today so you could see the car off to the side, but aside from that, construction's been pretty quiet all weekend.

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^What he said.


And let me clarify a bit. While on the tour, I basically just asked him how much he was authorized to tell us about the new coaster for next year. He said, "Well, Verbolten is the name, and everything you've seen leaked on sites like Screamscape and BGWfans is accurate." And I asked him, "So Verbolten IS the name?" and he said, without hesitation, "Yes, unless they change it at the last second similar to the way Cheetah Hunt or Griffon were." (I guess Griffon was originally intended to be named "Phoenix")


The guy wasn't some random park employee spouting off information, he's someone who does these tours on a regular basis and probably has a lot of access to information. From working in parks, I can tell you that it's not even remotely far fetched that he has plenty of information about Verbolten.


The last few tidbits he told us about it was that "it will be a multi-launch family coaster, designed that way to fill the void left by Big Bad Wolf," and that "what happens in the building is what will set it apart from everything else in the country." He clarified by saying that what has been speculated so far is true (referring to the drop section), and that there's going to be a lot more that happens in there, as well.


Believe me, don't believe me, that's exactly what he said. There are several members on here that will confirm it.

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