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Busch Gardens Williamsburg (BGW BGE) Discussion Thread

P. 466: Mardi Gras at Busch Gardens

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I actually saw Mach Tower crash last week. I'm assuming this is what caused the problem. It had been testing fine pretty much all day. They were dropping it from random heights on the tower. I decided to take a break in the beer garden to watch it test when the incident occurred. Everything was working fine as the car rose to the top of the tower. However, when the car dropped, the brakes barely slowed down the car this time. Needless to say, the car hit the ground pretty forcefully. BANG! There was actually some dust particles in the air afterwards. I haven't seen it testing since that happened. The catwalk thing that lifts the car in the air stayed at the top of the tower for the next couple of hours which was abnormal because usually it came back down within about two minutes. I assume they were trying to figure out just what the heck happened to the brakes! I'm actually mad I didn't record it. It happened on May 31st around 4 p.m. I've never heard of a drop tower's brakes not working. Aren't they supposed to be foolproof earth magnets?? Needless to say, Busch has some MAJOR work to do before this tower is ready for ANYBODY to ride!


That's Crazy!

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Quick park update... Mach Tower's been quiet this weekend, which means that the missing parts are still on their way (hopefully).


As for Verbolten, BBW's area is now treeless so you can peer toward DF's old gift shop/station if you wait in line for bumper cars. Seems like Busch is wasting no time getting this area ready for 2012. I'm pretty sure it's gonna be a matter of time before construction walls go up around there.


I cross my fingers for Mach Tower opening soon.

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Speaking of "Verbolten," I went over to the park for a bit today to see what's been going on--quite a bit, it would seem (if you're into holes and dirt).


Hmm--didn't notice these yellow booms in the water last week.


"Yes, we apologize for the delay with Mach Tower. Please have some pretzels and beer while you wait."


The old Wolf queue.


Across from the chair swings, we have walls to the left . . .


. . . and walls to the right.


Let's have a look from the bumper-cars queue, shall we? (Nice sign, by the way.)


Hah! I knew that groundhog I spotted last week was up to something! Look at that hole!


My god! That's the largest groundhog mound I've ever seen! He must be a ponderous rodent, indeed.


Looks like they cut a service road through here.


More road (but I think this has always been there).


For all you heavy-equipment fans.


The backside of dirt as seen from the train. I wonder how this is going to affect Howl-o-Scream? This is the old Drachen Fire area, and it's been "HOS Central" for some time.


"Me big truck. Me haul dirt."


Don't forget "Clocktoberfest"--it's coming soon.

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^The rumored name is Verbolten, but nothing is official yet. Verbolten is a play on words, a mixture of "verboten" and "bolt," which would imply that it is launched.



This is what I would bet on. For those who don't know, "Verboten" is a German word meaning "to forbid" or "forbidden"

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DId anyone else notice that the week before MT was scheduled to have its media day, they added two rectangular-shaped strips going up either side of the entire tower? Was that the reason that MT was originally delayed? If so, someone really overlooked the fact that they were missing a major part... Odd part is that the catch car went up and down the tower prior to the adding of those parts and was perfectly fine. I don't get it, the tower got larger horizontally but no modifications to the catch car or the main car?

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This is funny seeing this, i just saw all the leaked concept art and schmatics on BGEfans yesterday. It looks great to me, although the last drop will be bigger the BBW's it looks like it will follow the exact same profile. and i think it was a great choice of Busch to choose Drachen Fire's site for ths show building. Imagine, it would block views and be very cumbersome if it was up front-so it's better to have it far away.


And since it's back in the old DF site- where busch had problems because it's a crappy location for a coaster (in retrospect to main paths and it's distant location) Busch can use the land for their new ride while still having the entrance in a convienent spot.


Everything about this ride looks great to me, i was expecting Intamin to do this since they were doing Cheetah Hunt as well but I am more than content having the same company that built Jetline, BMRX, and Lisebergbanan working on this.

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Has anyone been on Crossbow at Bowcraft Playland or Force One at Schwaben Park? Those two coasters are Zierer ESCs, which is probably what Verbolten will be.

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Source: RCDB


Source: Screamscape


A.J. I think you might be right about Verbolten being a launched ESC, the track looks similar, the full back support seating look really similar and the articulated (one row per car) trains. I am worried however that it won't open on opening day, the event building looks like it might have three "events", a vertical freefall, a vertical lift and a launch, that is a lot to get right, especially for a smallish manufacturer I mean they normally make Tivolis. When Thirteen at Alton Towers opened it was full of problems and that was manufactured by Intamin!

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To Me it looks like the oaster won't follow the old path though the village verbatum. It will for the first 2/3 turns it looks but then it cuts across and goes back beyond the old village site. Just my interpretation of the overhead view, If you look at aerial shots of BBW's site when it was there, this coaster appears to extend out of those bounds with the show building.


That's just my thoughts, there really is no telling until Busch officially announces something or there has been some serious construction progress underway.

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Quick Mach Tower update...


Opening is *hopefully* scheduled for 3-5 weeks from this week. The park is shooting for mid-July at the latest. At least that's what we're supposed to tell everyone. A maintenance crew was in the catch car, working on the brakes over the weekend so something must be going down (no pun intended) over there.


Not much is going around Verbolten aside from more dirt moving.


See you this Sunday!

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