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Busch Gardens Williamsburg (BGW BGE) Discussion Thread

P. 468: Loch Ness Monster Media Day Report

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I am so excited for another GREAT BGE coaster, I don't think there is a bad coaster (or ride) in the park and it looks like another great one is coming!!!!


EDIT: I love the DIVE thing on the bottom of the park web page

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HHMM 205' foot sound familiar


Roller Coaster: SheiKra

Amusement Park: Busch Gardens Africa (Tampa, Florida 33612 USA)

Type: Steel - Sit Down

Status: Operating since 5/21/2005

Make / Model: Bolliger & Mabillard / Diving Machine


Length: 3188'

Height: 200'


I'd say definitly clone!!

Although with a different name of course

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When I say clone i don't mean exact as in Batman: The ride at Six flags just this wont be a new concept it will be based on Sheikra.


I've not been but from watchin the video Sheikra turns right exiting approx 180 degrees the station and then right again at the top of the hill about 90 degrees from where you can see the second drop off to the left.

The new coaster station could be facing a different deirection eliminating the need for those turns say the 90 degree one, as in the video you can see an 180 degree one at the top of the hill before the drop. That would would make the second drop off to the left on the new coaster for the whole lift hill not just at the drop like Sheikra.


Sorry for the ramble all degrees are Approx as in example.

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^ Wow, a shot at Dollywood. That's definitely the first one of those I've seen. Heck, although a bit campy, I rather enjoyed Mystery Mine's build-up. I also liked Griffon's first teaser. I guess any teaser trailers are cool in my book. Cedar Point's '07 project has the most unique though....a hilarious 100 page thread on TPR.

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I highly doubt this will be a clone of Sheikra. When has Busch ever cloned a ride from one park to another?


Those of you who are convinced of it being a clone of Sheikra are being way too pessimistic about it. This is just what happened to Patriot. People saw it as a Talon clone and imediately dismissed it as a lame ride without realizing that most people love Talon (I am aware that they ended up being completely different in every possible way).


Are you actually depressed that you think BGE is getting a Sheikra clone? Is Sheikra not a world class ride?


Just my two cents.

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