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Jakizle's TPR Deep South Trip PTR!


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Thunderhead was awesome in the front. I was initially a little disappointed, as my first ride was in the back, but the front had pops of air at the top of nearly every hill. It's certainly one of my favorite wooden coasters.


I thought River Battle was a little strange in that most of the targets were completely outside the aim of our water guns.


Regarding the two Hurler's, I thought Carowinds' was faster and more fun, but it was also the rougher of the two.

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^I totally forgot about the running of the bulls! For everyone that wasn't there...after each lap on Thunderhead the park required us to "walk" around to the other side of the station. However, we wanted to get back on the same train before it left and wanted to make sure we got a seat...so a group of just about 24 of us started running full out down the station and back around to the loading side...it was intense! You just had to be there to experience it...awesome ERT session as always.


Working on pics from day 2 at Dollywood!

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Now I wish I would have recorded it...we were seriously hauling ass! We used the rails at catapults when going from the exit to entrance (under or over) and for the turns around the place. I do believe Robb started recording us and hopefully it makes the DVD! By the end of the night we were completely exhausted...thank goodness the hotel was right down the street!

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Day 2 at Dollywood!


The sad walk down to the bus...but there are still more awesome parks to come!


The next update will cover all of the fun we had in Pigeon Forge and the most embarrassing credit ever!


So long until next time Thunderhead! Trust me, there will be a next time! Everyone should go to Dollywood multiple times during their life!


The last train I ever did see went zooming by as it was time to go


It just amazes me how twisted of a design it is, yet still has major air everywhere, as shown by this crazy turn near the end of the ride. I really think this was the strongest pop (although not sustained)


The last turn of the ride was just as fun as the first...also why this ride is so incredible


...but that is part of what makes it soo good


There is crazy track everywhere on this ride...


A look at the first drop through the water sprays of death!


Thunderhead is still doing its thing over there


One last attempt at an artsy shot...its ok I guess :)


But here is the ultimate nut crusher for us males...jolt of airtime + the bottom of the restraint...ouch


All you have to do is turn around to see the best part of the ride


I did think this crazy turn was pretty awesome though, best part of the first half


The helix was the most uncomfortable part of the ride for me


I found a sneaky little spot to get some good pics of Mystery Mine's first outdoor section


That is a full queue for Mystery Mine also...


I still had time to kill so I walked around Timber Canyon and took a few more pictures


I finally made it to the entrance, where there isnt much queue inside. The entire line only took about 25 minutes


I had an hour until we left at this point so I waited it out...turns out it didn't take too long


I wanted one final ride on Thunderhead, but OMG look at that line! Yes people, that IS the line!


After the train I walked on to the main walkway...and holy crap there was a lot of people!


At one point you could spot Tennessee Tornado through the trees




After passing Thead the train went off into the middle of no where! It felt like we were going to get attacked by the Sha-Kon-O-Hey people at any minute!


A little bit around the mountain was Thunderhead


The first thing we passed by was heaven!


We took our seats (on the extremely long train) and off we went!


At the station they had an impressive sand formation


Next we headed over to the train depot to take a ride on...the train!


Wanna do the Aviator again? Nahh...atleast it looks good though


These bumper cars didnt look like much but at one point I hit Allison's car and it went air born and on top of the guardrail!


What we did do was the Demolition Derby!


We didn't do the ferris wheel but I really liked this picture of it!


After eating every last crumb we headed over to the Country Fair to do some more flats


And of course I purchased another loaf of the amazing cinnamon bread...worth every single penny


Right down the hill from the Slidewinder was this place...I think we should stop by again!


Overall it was a very fun ride! By the last couple of curves it felt like our boat was going to flip over (we totally went more than 90 degrees!) and we got fairly wet...it was all worth it though!


Anyways we eventually made it to the top about 17 hours later and were the first riders of the day!


...but it is impossible to figure out the layout of this thing


Going up gives you a little peak of the ride...


It's a pretty good hike up the mountain


This way to the ride! But how long would it take to get there??


This all of the ride you can see from the bottom...its mysterious


This is what the ride vehicle looks like...this one is getting ready to be shipped back up to the top (How they do it, I have no idea)


But this is where we were heading!


After Fury the park opened up so we headed towards one of the most popular and cool rides we didn't get on yet...but I grabbed a pic of the log flume on the way over there...this was the only time I saw it but didn't care to ride it


Right around the corner from the splash is the station, where we got some ERT rides in, lights on and off!


One final look from the far end


And here is the drop from the bottom, with more awesome Dollywood staff up there


A closer look at the splash...which will get you a little wet ;)


The room with the water splash is also huge! It's surprising because the building looks much smaller from the outside


And to the left there she is in all her glory!


Through the door and to the right is the approach to the famous finale


Let's take that secret door over there eh?


This one of the many creepy areas of the ride where it is dark!


And this would be the escape route!


The bridge is on fire, be careful!


As you approach the finale of the ride there are waterfalls and more fire!!!


Another classic scene hand-made by the folks at Dollywood


If it's not an exit, then what is it?


This was absolutely my favorite "dark ride scene" of the ride...all I'm gunna say is, "You better be careful because I have got a weakkkk back!"


This guy has seen better days...


This picture gives an idea of the scale of the building...it is HUGE! The ride is very long, too


And here is the scene where the main story line begins...the saloon is on fire!!! Many TPRers are going to be sad to learn of this


This is where the danger begins!


Down the first straight-a-way was the second and last (I think) transfer track. I wonder how many trains the park owns? While we were there it always ran 2


Right around the station is one of the transfer tracks which you can't see at all during normal operation


And the walk-back begins! They took us along the entire course of the ride


Pete Owens once again led us along another fantastic tour


First off was a behind the scenes tour of Blazing Fury! We all entered through this hole in the roof :p


Here is the secret backdoor entrance we entered through both days...I think DW was the only park that didn't make us get tickets and go through the entrance!


Good morning Dollywood, once again! Isn't the view of speeding into the parking lot with no other cars around lovely?

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Jake, great pics again!


Wow, the running of the bulls. Brent, no hard feelings I hope? The best is that somehow, I managed to get in front on the very last ride. All I heard was Brent taunting me about how slow I was going, probably hoping that I would laugh and trip over something lol Elissa had that look of terror on her face as we ran back up the stairs.


Jake, if I remember correctly, didn’t you run into a garbage can or close to it?

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^Haha Jason, I remember running into and/or almost running into many different things! We wanted to get back on the ride BADLY!


Thanks for the comments everyone! Next installment will also include a video of one of the most awesome dark rides ever!

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Wow...I am really sorry for the delay guys! I have started school and have been EXTREMELY busy with that and lost of hours at work (have to pay of a new car and save for a trip next year).


Anyways, after Dollywood we headed over to Nascar Speed Park. We had unlimited wrist bands but the coaster was broken (it needed parts). What is up with 2 kiddie coasters in 2 days needing parts? Anyways, we still found plenty of fun stuff to do to occupy our time.


After NSP it was off to Chattanooga, but on the way we stopped at Zuma Fun Center and had an awesome dinner next door.


However, to start off, I am going to post some of the other stuff we did in Pigeon Forge from the night before so its all in one "collection" of PF stuff.




And here is the collection of pizza dough that was thrown at Adam (thanks Robb for entertainment at dinner). Adam kept on getting nailed when he least expected it while eating Bryan's Breast.


And just like all of our meals, he said Bryan's Breast tasted delicious. He took in mouth full after mouth full.


Thanks goes out to Carabbas for saving a bunch of tables for us...we were seated immediately and I think everyone can agree we had a great time there!


Thats it for this update, Lake Winnie is next!


Um, disclaimer...I did not take this photo under the table at Carrabas. I am still awaiting for an explanation! It just has to be posted because it is one of 2 pics I took during our amazing meal


You probably could have guessed it...we were going to Carabbas!


Leaving Zuma Fun Center for our premier dinner stop of the trip...and Dan says HI


Artsy photo of the Zuma Fun Center sign on the way out?


The rest of the group (shamefully) gets their ride in.


The difficult thing of this credit was there wasn't any doors. It just happened this was my 200th coaster AND it was the hardest one to get in and out of


The first drop and ride layout made us all feel INTIMIDATED


Luckily the op was great and only ran 1 lap instead of 3 for us...so everyone got to ride in no time!


Ride Op says HAY GUYS!


We were obviously here to ride...the...uh, is that a roller coaster?


..to ride the bumer boats? Nah, we already had enough fun on those at DixieLand...and I bet they dont have a super soaker here.


It wasn't long until Robb got everything sorted and the group headed around to the back...


A look at the inside of the fun center


Welcome TPR


Just kidding, it is just one of the parts that makes up Zuma Fun center!


An hour or two on the road and we arrived at the...batting cages?


After walking around the place we headed back inside where we found the most amazing arcade game...I forget the name but basically you had to jump over a virtual jump rope that got insanely fast! I think Jason (stingrock) was the only one who got close to winning!


Over here was one of the smaller tracks which we actually did...the only one we did in fact. It was slow.


Instead we rode the awesome gravatron thing! It was ghetto and made awesome (or disturbing) sounds


We lined up to try this go kart track which was BY FAR the largest...but the line didn't move at all so we left


Well eventually we made our way back over to Nascar Speed Park


Adam and Allison challenged Bryan and I in a match of air hockey...lets just say they got dominated...they must have been INTIMIDATED


This is the first thing I saw after finish the last hole of golf...it made me chuckle.


Mini golf is serious business here! I wonder if they really had an alarm though :p


The final hole...complete with singing chickens that eat your balls!


Lucky hole #13 turned out to be this hole with these menacing creatures!


Whatever you say!


This uphill hole cause many roll backs!!


We decided to play some mini-golf, and because none of us felt too comfortable with our golfing skills we chose this course, which was the "medium" course


..and this is where we went!


Since we had some time to kill we decided to walk across the street for some other form of entertainment...


...nevermind. Closed.


However we are going to Nascar Speed Park! Why? They have a coaster here...


Anyways, fast forward time...after 1.5 days at DW it was back to more fun in Pigeon Forge...this is another fun looking joint in Pigeon Forge!


If you are in Pigeon Forge you must go ride this! It was worth every single penny. For those who want a glimpse of what is inside I will be posting a video of the ride soon.


Without giving too much away I just want to say behind that door is 12 minutes of pure AMAZINGNESS


This little scene outside of the ride was already AWESOME and just a preview of what was inside


Group picture time! I don't think any of us were prepared for what was to come.


After eating it was time to ride...it cost a whopping 15 bucks but it looked so worth it. Here our boat awaits...


We were starving so we had to hit up the TGI fridays next door...it was delicious!


Woohoo we made it after a daring crossing of the street (cars were everywhere!). Thanks goes out to Robb and Dave for telling us about this place. However, we had to do something else before we went on the ride...


Finally we reached the right Light! Basically the tram stops were based on all of the lights on PF's main drag...this was like Light #4 or something? Anyways look at what is across the street!


Another crazy go-kart place goes flying bye. I really wanted to try one of these but I will save it for the next time I go to Pigeon Forge ( I WILL go to DW again in my lifetime...its a must!)


There were a lot of upcharge attractions in the area we thought about doing...but they all looked too small to be worth the high prices


On the way to our destination (once we figured out how to get there) we passes a bunch of these crazy looking go-kart places!


Adam and Allison appear to be enjoying the trolley...except we had 1 extra person with us on the trolley this night...and she would not stop talking (I think she was drunk and her topic was about meat???)


Welcome to the Fun Time Trolly Station, where Adam, Allison, Bryan and I try to figure out how the HELL we get around Pigeon Forge!

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Did anyone ever figure out the legal way of crossing the street in Pigeon Forge? That place needs another cross walk or something.


Jurassic Jungle Boat Ride was awesome. Worth every single cent.


Carrabbas was awesome. I also ate Bryan's Chicken (it had goat cheese), with bruschetta, pasta, sangria and some stolen calamari.


Nascar Speed Park was not awesome. The go-kart track we rode was lame and I kept getting bump-passed. However, the kiddie coaster looked like it had a decent layout. And now I wish we'd gotten our Intimidator track credit.

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After eating it was time to ride...it cost a whopping 15 bucks but it looked so worth it.


This is the sort of commentary I approve of. Next time, I think the bus should just stop here so everyone gets to experience the awesomeness of the Jurassic Boat Tour! All of ten dollars might have been spent on the effects inside the building. This is indeed a quality attraction that no one should miss!



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Um, disclaimer...I did not take this photo under the table at Carrabas. I am still awaiting for an explanation! It just has to be posted because it is one of 2 pics I took during our amazing meal


That is just one explanation you will never get... At least not from me.


And here is the collection of pizza dough that was thrown at Adam (thanks Robb for entertainment at dinner). Adam kept on getting nailed when he least expected it while eating Bryan's Breast.


And just like all of our meals, he said Bryan's Breast tasted delicious. He took in mouth full after mouth full.


For the pizza dough, I thank Robb for adding food to my already delicious trio of breasts.


For Bryan's Breast, I think it could have used a bit more goat cheese.

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Guess what? I am going to finally start this up again with 3 parks left to go- Lake Winnie, Alabama Adventure, and SFOG! All 3 parks treated us amazingly!


Lake Winnie though had the friendliest staff of any theme park i've been too. They were extremely welcoming on every ride and even encouraged us to take our cameras on stuff to get awesome pictures and such, so that's why you'll see them in this report. I had a great time there and would love to go back some day!


I also took a POV of Cannonball as allowed by the awesome operators. It's not as good as Robbs obviously but someone might enjoy it? Haha.



Welcome to Lake Winnie! Failed attempt at taking a picture of the entrance sign


One of two park entrances, with this one being located off of the main parking lot


The prices and such


Our tickets, complete with vouchers for a meal and ice cream! Awesome :D


For such a small park Lake Winnie actually has a TON of rides!


The local news was also present to do filming of TPR on the Cannonball!


All of us trippers got a bright orange BOAT stamped on our hands that lasted the rest of the trip :p


Why do we need hand stamps? So we can participate in awesome activities like this!!


TPR Cannonball take over!


During our Cannonball ERT Wild Lightnin opened up so we headed over for a quick ride! How's it going ben?


Nerdy layout picture!


This place is named Lake Winnie for a reason!


The exit of Wild Lightnin has one of the best trash cans you will ever see! Take that Cedar Fair


Back over at Cannonball TPR was still going strong!


Robb was still shooting video that you can check out on Roller Coasters in the Raw!


How's it going guys?


Robb also got interviewed by the news station which can be found online...somewhere!


Ops encouraged me to take pictures of us riding...so here is one with some BOAT action


View from the station


Obligatory lift hill shot!


The view from the top!


And of course the first drop! Despite how it looks this ride was extremely smooth


Overall Cannonball was just a purely fun ride that was quick, smooth, and had great floater air. Perfect fit for the park!


Next up on the agenda was the Fly-O-Plane, a highly anticipated flat after Robb described it on the bus


What's up Brian? Ready for the most fudged up ride of your life?


Seriously this ride was just wicked...I thought I was going to die the entire time (especially when I got stuck upside down!)


Exclusive shot our of the fly-o-plane car...supposed to fit 2 people in here but it just wasn't going to work (hi Renee!)


They had other cool flats here, like a crazy ARM drop tower for example!


Ready to ride, Brent? They allowed cameras on the ride which provided great picture opportunities.


For such a small drop ride these things still feel pretty tall as you rise above the coaster!


A look at the other side of the park!


Got really lucky with this timing from down below


One last shot from above! At this point the ride just drops unexpectedly...seriously freaks me out sometimes.


Now that TPR started to spread out Cannonball was a walk-on all day! However...


...there was still another credit to gain here!


Renee seems to enjoy here ride on the Wacky Worm! it's much less shameful when we all ride together :p


Next up on the agenda was the old school dark ride, Castle!


Not sure why there was a truck inside a castle but anyone on the trip will remember the effect this thing had!


Awesome water fountain, it had to be included! Only other place I've seen this is at Sandy Lake.


Last but not least, the last must ride at Lake Winnie is the Boat Chute.


This was easily the most popular ride in the park as you can see here


Starts off with a creepy drop into a really small tunnel...awesome!


Basically for like 15 minutes you go through a long, dark, wet tunnel...a whole bunch of adjectives could be used to explain the experience


Eventually day light and a lift hill appear!


And the drop into the water was pretty fun...and luckily you don't get too wet :)


It looks everyone had fun...awesome classic ride!


By this point it was time for a pretty delicious lunch...thanks Lake Winnie for your hospitality!


Before we had to head out for Alabama Adventure I wanted to check out the sky ride...and I don't get the theming here.


The swings...seriously this park has sooo many flat rides


Looking back towards Cannonball one last time


And heading over the lake..


Basically Lake Winnie has 2 ride sections on each side of the lake with this midway in between them...so I guess I needed to include this picture!


Last picture I took from the sky ride was of the boat chute...and that's it! Thanks for reading!


Off to the bus to head to Alabama Adventure, which will be next!

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