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Jakizle's TPR Deep South Trip PTR!


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Hello every one! Before I get started I just want to promise that I'm going to be good about completing the PTRs for the entire trip! Last year I stopped after the 5th day or so, but I blame that on my lack of photo taking during parts of the trip. This year I took thousands of pictures and feel confident that I can put together an entertaining and informational report about all the parks we visited!


Anyways here we go.


July 11, 2009.


I woke up at 4am to ensure that I would arrive at the SAT airport for the 5am opening. My flight was at 6:15 AM to Atlanta to ensure that I would make it in time for the bonus park, which required a 11:30 am arrival to the hotel. I got a really cheap direct flight to ATL on AirTrain which landed at 9:30. At the SAT airport it took forever to check my bag with AirTrain, but I managed to get on the plane on time. Anyways everything else went as planned and I arrived at the hotel by 10:30 AM via the free shuttle. After catching up with friends from last year and meeting new ones in the lobby, we were off to DixieLand Fun Park, the bonus park for our trip.


I'd say about 20 minutes later we arrived. Robb quickly gathered our all-rides wristbands and we were off! I don't want to get too much into the park here, so I'll let the pictures do the work from here.


Wave goodbye to DixieLand! Thanks for reading everyone...TPR fireworks show is next!


Allison looks ready for the 5 hour drive over to Charlotte, while Adam is...I don't know!


but back to the bus we went


Made a quick pit stop on the way out...and im not sure why Adam is so happy in this picture


and here is one last view from the top


Anyways we did the screamin swing one last time before it was time to go


...not quite sure what is going on here...hmm


However it was enough to win this super awesome stretchy man! He survived most of the trip but ended up tearing and passing away at some point :(


It came down to 12 or 70 tickets, and of course he won 12.


So Adam settled for a game of Deal or No Deal


We got really excited when we found a dark walk-through tunnel of death attraction...but it was closed :(


Sadly the mini himalaya type ride was really slow, so we passed


We still had some time to kill after the coaster so we checked out the indoor section of the park. These bumper cars were killer!


The view from the top. Being the heaviest I thought I would win but Allison smoked us to the bottom


Next we decided to race it up on the slide...it was a showdown between myself, Allison, and Adam


One last look at one of the TWO trains they were running on the track. When you got off you could get up and walk around to ride the other train before it left the station


Brent approves of the Scream'n Eagle. If I had to bet, I would say he rode it the most out of anybody. 5x was plenty enough for me


Looking towards the other direction from the top of the 2nd drop


The first drop


A view of most of the layout from the top of the lift


Going over one of the many airtime hills this ride had...it was very surprising for such a small ride


Looking back at the rest of the park


None of us have any idea of what to expect as we go up the lift


Decided to go for the back for the first ride


The loading platform


We eventually made it over to Scream'n Eagle, the parks only coaster. For those of you who don't know, the ride is made by Miler


Moving on...they had a simulator that was actually a $1 up charge...while the screamin swing and zip line weren't...


These gangsta cowboys were extremely entertaining...we watched them for a good 5 mins. I think I have video of them too, so I will have to find that


After the tower we decided it was time to ride the coaster, so we headed to the front...but noticed these guys dancing on the way there


Adam looks like he is having a ball while I look to be in pain...and I was


For some reason we look nervous on the way up..


I look pretty happy to ride, while Adam looks extremely excited. He


We had a lunch from the park around this time (and I really liked the pizza they served). We spotted TPRers on the Moser Tower so of course we rode that next


I was completely drenched, but it's hard to tell from this photo


The ride op gave Robb a super soaked and as a result we got SOAKED. Allison shows us the aftermath


Overview of the ride...and the boats were equipped with water guns


Afterwords Robb gathered a group of TPR members for a bumper boats take over


Adam approves of the Zip Line...and makes me wish I would have waited it out. Oh well!


And there they go swooshing by


But they seem to be really happy as they go flying down the line


By the time we rode a few times Allison and Adam were up to ride the Zip Line...here they look back in fear of the giant support tower


David and James seem to be enjoying their ride also...seriously, this swing was kickass


Another look at the swing...I really love these things (this was only my second one)


Other TPR trippers go for a ride right after us...this swing was included in the all-rides wristband! I love parks with upcharge rides that aren't actually upcharges


A look at one of the kiddie rides from the riders point of view...is that Elissa and Kristen down there!?!


For what looked like a pretty small swing, it seemed to swing VERY high and was a ton of fun...I think we rode it somewhere from 5-10 times


After waiting for a considerable amount of time, it seemed like we had gotten no where, so Bryan and I decided to get hit up the Screamin' Swing teasing us over there. Adam and Allison decided to wait it out...


Basically it pulls you back reallly slowly to the top of that tower...and then lets you fly back down with nothing but gravity pulling you down


The ride actually has a 3 person vehicle, but due to low weight maximums we rarely saw it run with more than 2 people on it


Here is a look at the fancy Zip Line station, with a bit of a queue forming (trust me, it is very very low capacity)


There it is! DixieLand has a unique Zip Line attraction and we figured the capacity would blow, so we jumped in line


So we opted to head for the back of the park, and we had a specific reason...


The first thing everyone did was head over to the coaster...so we decided to save it for later. Fortunately we didn't have to deal with heavy crowds on this day


Here is the parks old school entrance...I really like small parks like this.


I will start with the first picture I took on the trip...arriving at DixieLand! This is the view from the parking lot.

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Is it just me, or all of the colors inverted in the pictures... And I look strangely blue in every photo!


For some reason, Internet Explorer 8 is showing these photos with inverted colors... Thats a first. Here's a comparison between my Safari and IE8 screens...


Anyways, this is a great start to a trip report of an amazing trip! It was a pleasure being your roommate Jake and hanging out for the week was just as fun! Keep up this great TR!


The weirdness...


Safari Screen

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I forgot to mention that we actually went on the simulator Jason...it was pretty strange . It was basically a ghetto RCT coaster that jumped tracks, had fire and I think dinosaurs, and the simulator itself through you around like a rag doll to go along with the messed up track. It was a long tide too.


Thanks for the kind words everyone. Off to work until 4, but afterwords I will post some stuff from the TPR fireworks show .

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^Thats strange, it is fine for me in FireFox. Is any one else having problems with seeing the pictures correctly?


Yes, IE8 is inverting the colours for me too. At first I thought it was intentional, but save the pictures to the disk and open them in something else and they look normal.


If it's an IE bug then it's one of the weirder ones!

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It must be a weird IE thing then, everyone should use FireFox anyways .


Working on the special fireworks update now...including video!


Melissa, I think I might have more of ya'll on the swing, I will have to check.

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Update time! Unfortunately I'm having issues with my videos from our fireworks show, so it will have to come at a later date. For now I can share just a couple of pictures that I took from the awesomeness (I took like 45 mins of video so I didn't take too many pictures).


Anyways, we were supposed to arrive at our hotel at like 10 o'clock, but because of our bus driver's kickass driving we got there around 9! The first thing we noticed when we pulled in was that there was a fireworks store right across the street from our hotel...and it was OPEN! So we through our stuff in our room (literally) and found a bunch of others already in the shop...and at this point we knew it was going to be a fun night. I'd say about 10-15 of us came out for the fun.


Picture time! Like I said I didn't take too many because I took more video, which I will hopefully figure out soon (stupid memory card!!!).


And I hate to end so abruptly, but here is the aftermath...it was pretty awesome. Once I get all the video I will edit it up and post it here.


Either fireworks video to follow or I will move on to Carowinds!


The preparation


But it was time to shoot off the Fanaticon


The owners proved to us that they were even cooler than just owning the mall cops...they lit off a ton of stuff for us to enjoy out of their own pocket


Ok, now its story time...we had shot off everything except for the Fanaticon, when MALL COPS pulled up. They told us we couldn't shoot them, blah blah. So we walked back to the shop acting like we were going to stop...but we knew the Fanaticon would be lit no matter what. Anyways, the owners told us that the cops were wrong and they had permission from the fire Marshall to shoot the fireworks on that public street. So we let them drive away and it was back ON!!! This picture demonstrates running back to light more stuff on fire...we were that excited


and here is another...just because its the only other picture of actual fireworks i have


Here is a random display of pretty colors


As soon as the fuse is lit, RUN!!!


Lighting off some random stuff from our "launching pad." I don't have any pictures of the actual booms because it is all on video


Chris tested out his lighter to make sure things are good to go


Chris and Jason were the two highest contributors and hold up their prized possession


Allison shows off the Fanaticon


Behind the scenes look at the guys buying more stuff that will EXPLODE


Introducing the Fanaticon!!! The owners suggested this firework as the best bang for the buck so many of us chipped in to buy it!


Time to check out...where the store owners instructed us where to shoot of our explosives...on a small public street right off the side of the parking lot. I love South Carolina!


We spent quite a few time in here at various points in the night...just to buy more and more fireworks


Welcome to Davy Jones fireworks! This shop was indeed "themed" to Mr. Jones

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Is it just me, or all of the colors inverted in the pictures... And I look strangely blue in every photo!


For some reason, Internet Explorer 8 is showing these photos with inverted colors... Thats a first. Here's a comparison between my Safari and IE8 screens...

My advice to you - uninstall IE 8 and re-install IE 7. I checked on my computer that has IE 8 and I get the same thing. IE 8 has been nothing but problematic since I installed it on one of my machines.




Go with IE 7 or FF.


Jake, I love the TR, BTW!



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Haha, you got some great photos of the back of my head on the coaster (left side). It was a very fun ride in a cool little park. The ride had some great little pops of air throughout and the turn-o'-doom was interesting.


The park's wristband costs only $19, which is a steal considering all the attractions that are included which are normally upcharges (go-karts, screamin' swing, zip lines, and I think even mini-golf)

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Don't think it's an IE bug...because they open with inverted colors in Windows Vista Photo Gallery too...with or without IE8 installed (tried on a computer with IE7 and IE8). Has to be something about the way they were saved that windows doesn't like as they are the only photos here that seem to have that issue. Searching for the issue on Google only finds this site that mentions the problem.

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I had an issue with getting my video to upload on coastertube, but here is the youtube version! Just to warn you, I didn't edit it, I just threw a bunch of random stuff together! I got 1 of the missing video files to work thanks to Robb, but once seems to be lost for good. It has a lot of the other stuff we shot off (stuff like the bumble bee and bottle rockets that chases Wagner and made him fall down). Anyways, enjoy what you can of the video:




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Good news guys...I messed around with my computer/camera all morning and have worked everything out...I know have every video I took on the trip available to use. Scream'n Eagle POV, Slide POV, Screamin Swing POV, and more fireworks to come!

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