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Photo TR: HW, CP, IB roadtrip

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The three of us, one of my good friends Eric, my girlfriend Tina, and I, have been talking about taking a roadtrip to Cedar Point for years, so to see it finally go through, was one of the most exciting times of my life. I had been to all three parks before, but neither Eric or Tina had been to a park outside of our home park SFGAm, or anything in the Universal area.


So naturally, excitement was high.


We stayed the night at Tina's place Saturday evening, preparing to get an early night's rest and take off by 3 that morning, to get to Holiday World by opening. Naturally... that didn't go entirely the way we envisioned it. We finally settled down enough to attempt to go to bed by about 12:30. By 1:15, all three of us came to the realization that no one was sleeping, and that wasn't about to change in the next hour and half. So we started our trip, out the door by 2:45, on no sleep. Awesome start.


We arrived at HW by 8:30, no problems, and waited for opening. Voyage is my favorite coaster by a mile, and I was incredibly excited to ride it again, especially with the opportunity to take two of my best friends along for the ride. We ran there, were the first in line, and grabbed the last row.


Once again, this ride blew my mind. The park stayed rather empty the entire day, keeping lines under a few train wait. I ended up with 16 rides on the Voyage by the time we left around 5 for Cedar Point, bringing my two visit total to 50. Great stuff. The Voyage still remains my undisputed favorite coaster.


The amount of power it packs into its ridiculously long unique layout is unreal. To still be flying that fast on the return trip just blows my mind. There's airtime everywhere, on the big drops up front and the short bounds on the back half, and the aggression is unmatched. This coaster kicks so much butt it simply defies description. No other coaster in the world (well... from what I've ridden and what I've read) comes close to tearing up the course quite the way the Voyage is capable of doing.


The Legend confuses me. Why aren't the turns banked? It really detracts from the ride in my opinion, and just makes it uncomfortable.


For me, the Raven is nice, but it just pales in comparison to the Voyage. Also, I'm sure SOMEbody's said this before, but... it's much too short.

We only rode Raven and Legend once each.


The liberty launch was surprisingly enjoyable, and Revolution was just a bad idea all around.


Pilgrim's Plunge was an interesting new addition. It was a little unincorporated into the rest of the park, but was sure nice to look at. It was nice, for a water ride. Not really all that impressive to ride, although the lift sure was nifty.


Turkey Gobbler is hilarious, and should not be passed up.


Oh, and I don't know if we were just the wrong age, or we were just all a little too exhausted, or if it was because Eric and I are both competitive gymnasts, but we really weren't THAT impressed by the dive show.


Overall, an amazing start to an amazing trip - now for some pictures

Thanks for reading, CP report coming relatively soon


And the sunset as we drove north to Cedar Point that evening, trying not to keel over from exhaustion. CP pics coming soon


Some car ride fun


Both of the loves of my life in one picture. Ah, Love


I think Eric's actually in this one. Ah yes, in the seventh to last row, if you squint


But "Tyler Voyage Weiss" really just doesn't have that much 'ring' to it


I spent a large part of the afternoon wondering how I could incorporate the name "Voyage" into my firstborn's name.


Let us once more return to the Voyage


This was just a bad idea all around




Unfortunately, this picture is actually longer than the ride itself is


from the picnic area


Same with the Raven - one ride was enough for us. I know some people love love love love LOVE this ride, but I just don't really get it


This picture confuses me


The Legend... not for us. One ride was enough


This migggggghhhhhhhttttttttt be the best picture of my entire life.


This is wonderful


Eric and Tina - the essence of class


Really good rollercoasters make me fly


Not quite as much on the dainty butterfly... more like an aggressive Indian tribal dance. But either way, we all decided that the best part of this ride was the elevator lift. Still fun, but the tiniest mite of a shame


Like a dainty pair of butterflies...


It rode just as good as I remember, if not better. I think the brakes were on much more last time, so the back half this time was even MORE insane than I was used to.


I really realllllllly love how it's built into a house. The station is one of my favorites


Running to Voyage - we won


Right before they dropped the rope


Thar she blows.


Looking good dear, looking good


The Raven's never looked better


Excitement was running high


The Holiday World splay...


WE FOUND IT! I love starting roadtrips at such ungodly hours. By the time you've accomplished more than you do on a regular day, it's only 8 o clock.


World's greatest looking roadtrip? Probably


So, our GPS had a bad habit of deciding that the world's most out of the way, small towns were a better option than, say, a highway. This is the only gas station within a 30 mile radius I'm rather certain, and also one of the top ten sketchiest places I've ever been

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We finally arrived in Sandusky around 12 that night, got in our hotel room, and crashed in under 10 minutes.


CP the next day was one of the best times I've ever had at a park. I've been there 3 times now, but my last visit was in 06, before Maverick was built.


We got to the park before 10, and waited for the ropes to drop. I was so excited I could hardly talk, and the weather was absolutely perfect. I don't really like how resort guests get an extra hour in the park. Maybe I would have a different opinion if we had paid the extra money to stay on site, but we're all three of us poor college students, and that extra expense wasn't really an option.


So they finally let us through, and we sprinted to TTD to avoid the long lines and frequent breakdowns that might come later in the day. Unfortunately... we hit both of those.


EVEN THOUGH we were the first ones in line from the general public 10 o clock opening, there was already over a half hour wait built up outside of the queue. Kind of a bummer. And then, when they opened it, we got to the top of the ramp, 10:20 or so, and it broke down. Kind of another bummer. But still, it opened up 10/15 minutes later, and we got our ride, and it was everything I'd remembered and more. I still can't figure out what exactly makes TTD so much better than Kingda Ka, besides even the rattle and no OTSRs. I don't know whether maybe it's the atmosphere, or the fact that it was first, or the fact that you can see the ENTIRE PENINSULA from the top, but it really is a wonderful, one of a kind experience.


We went to MF next, waited and hour, and had our minds blown once again. I don't really care if the layout is a bit skimpy, or if the airtime after the first drop isn't as good as it could be, it really is a phenomenal ride. The first 80 degree drop into that incredible fan turn is one of the best combos in the world, and I give MF a lot of respect for that. Even if it is overrated, it really is a wonderful wonderful ride, and shouldn't be cut down just because a few too many people claim it to be the world's best ride.


Maverick was next. After an hour wait (I don't know if they changed things, but the single rider line is pointless if you're just trying to get through faster), but this ride didn't blow me away the first time. The neck chops were what killed it. The second ride, at sunset, was fantastic. I still prefer MF out of all the CP rides, but Maverick did crack my top ten. We rode sunset back row, and the airtime was unreal, and it was actually smoother, and less painful. Also, I don't know if it was because I knew how to ride it, but the neck chops disappeared.


Then to Magnum. Oh yeah, Gemeni, I forgot about Gemeni - That about sums that ride up.


Magnum was... not really very enjoyable. Maybe this was my mistake though. We rode third row to get the airtime, but forgot that I have exceptionally long legs. This being the case, the lap bar can't get past my mid thigh. Which, is usually very good, it gives me more room. This time around, though, those last few bunny hops almost broke my thighs in half. It was awful. And even if the lap bar wasn't in the middle of my thigh, I'm not sure it would have been too much better. It's a shame though, I remember my ride when I was six, and back then it was magical.


Wicked Twister is awesome in the back on that twisting spike, since we come from SFGAm where V2 has a straight back spike. Raptor was fun, but not quite as good as Batman or Alpengeist. Blue Streak was not as good as I remember, Demon Drop is a classic, and Mantis rocked my socks off again.


Last time in 06 when I left, Mantis was my favorite coaster at the park. Most peoples' scorn for it has made me second guess that opinion, but now I know for sure, it was not a fluke. This ride kicks major butt, especially when your home stand up is Iron Wolf.


We got second rides on Maverick, MF, and TTD, which we managed to get the last ride of the night in the front row.


I can't really understand why people give this place so much crap. Who cares if it's overrated, who cares if maybe it's not the world's best park like it says. It is what it is, a powerhouse of fantastic coasters, and a clean, nicely kept haven for thrill seekers. Take it for what it is, and you'll get an absolutely phenomenal day out of it.


We had an amazing time, thanks for reading again. We'll get some pictures, and then the rest of Cedar Point and maybe even Indiana Beach will be put up some time soon, but not til at the very least later tonight around 9 or 10 central time.


Maverick. Complete with sign.


I love this picture. It looks like they tried to look at the train, but just missed


Little Mermaid


Wait... why aren't we riding Mean Streak?


Timing at its finest


Ohhhhh Yeahhh


It looks absolutely perfect


The theming here was really nice. Better than Dark Knight




Such a pretty ride


The airtime here was perfect


LOVED this element



Hidden mickey


Maverick. First ride was like getting karate chopped in the neck. Second ride at sunset in the back was pure awesomeness


This picture is a necessity on a visit to CP.




This is the greatest picture I have ever accidentally taken. I didn't know I took this til the ride home


MF virgins - they're ready


This is my favorite. That fan turn is unreal


poppin up over that last little bumplet.


too big for one camera




I don't know, sure it is a little overrated in terms of best in the world, but regardless, this thing gives a wonderful ride


Really lovely


Probably one of the most photogenic loops in the wooooooorld


Heading over to MF


Iron Dragon we didn't really have the time or desire to ride today.


Maybe it's short, maybe it's a gimmick, maybe it brakes down all the time, but it really is one of the most remarkable single trick experiences in the world


But it was up and running in no time, and we were off


And this is about where we were when it broke down


This picture really emphasizes the size of the ride. Not that it needs it



GO GO GO GO GO! so... the run to TTD is a lot longer than I bargained for. Good lord I about died


Raptor from the midway. The problem I had with Raptor was the long flat transitions that killed any momentum


Right before the drop


CP skyline. There really wasn't any containing our excitement at this point. All three of us just peed

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Great TR thus far. Nice to see my home park get a little love.


Agree with you on TTD and MF, but I do so enjoy Raptor. As a platinum pass holder, it is kind of fun to ride Raptor before 10 to look down on the GP waiting to ride as the train does a left turn......

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Awesome report and pictures! I think we share almost the exact same feelings about CP and MF/TTD. The place really does get bashed a lot around here for what it is. I bet if they they stopped calling themselves the best, or if Amusement Today gave the "Best Park" ticket to another park, a lot of it would stop.


As for Holiday World, it really is an excellent park. I can see why you didn't like Revolution- probably one of the craziest spinning, puke-inducing rides around- I loved it though! It's actually my favorite flatride now

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thanks for the comments so far everyone, I really appreciate it.


Moving on, here's the second half of Cedar Point


and finally, the night time skyline. It was such a great day, thanks for reading


Got the last ride of TTD front row. It was unbelievable


It rides like you've got a rocket up your butt


This thing in the dark is unbelievable


didn't even notice the water cannon, not gonna lie


Millennium Force looks like it was pulled from an animated movie it looks so good




Look, it's stunning. It rode this well this time around too, it was an amazing ride


In my opinion, this park is absolutely gorgeous. The theming is subtle and existent, but not over done. The landscaping and greenery is there, and it is clean. No, it's not Busch Gardens, but it's nothing to complain about


And here's why I don't get the criticism of the commerciality of Cedar Point


They don't come looking any better than this


I could ride this thing all day


Millennium Force from the Mantis line.


It's probably one of the most beautiful rides in the world, let's be honest


I love this little breath in the middle of the ride


I love how it interacts with the line and the water


I'm one of the few that thinks Mantis is a gift from God


From the other side


Dive loop glory


This loop is just wonderful


This picture is pure chaos. I love all of it


The world's best back spike.


Front spike and sign


Wicked Twister never looked better


I LOVE LOVE LOVE how Wicked Twister is built right on the beach


It's like a new generation of flat ride


Maxair rode fantastically as well. AND it looks great. Both this and Skyhawk really are a step above most every other flat ride


This really is a beautiful corner of the park


don't fear the raptor


hahaha... demon drop. The ride that you always forget about until you're walking out of the park


I don't know who thought of the sky - ferris wheel - wicked twister color scheme, but props to them


But the first half, and the finale helix, were really quite nice. Also, the color scheme looks great


In my opinion though, it was built too high to really fly, staying up over the midway too much. Also, that flat part before the corkscrew really bothered me


Raptor ran really good. I really enjoyed it, and for an invert, I can understand the love.


Some corkscrew love. (We didn't actually ride it... just admired it from a less jostling position)


Magnum looks much better than the way it treated my thighs. I'm pretty sure I still have bruises


Some more dragster


The new sign looked lovely before. But now. It bespeaks perfection


Story time. 13 years ago, my family took a trip to Cedar Point. Recently I was looking through old family photos and found a picture of my mom, my sister and I in this very location with this very lamppost and that very trash can. It was the only picture from that trip, and it is now hanging on our wall. This will be put up right next to it.


I was about to climb through the brush to get a little closer even than this, but decided against it


TTD doing what it does best


My humps. My humps my humps my humps.

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Awesome, someone else who loves Mantis. Was my #1 since '96 until I rode El Toro this year. Back when I worked there in 2002, I ended up riding it over 40 times during an employee ERT. Maybe 10-20 people turned out for it, it was fantastic.

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Indiana Beach, the greatest and smallest of ALLLLLLLLLLLL the parks.


I had been to Indiana Beach before, and absolutely loved it. It's probably my favorite park, just because it's so chaotic. I love the atmosphere, and I love how much the atmosphere makes a difference in the quality of a day you have.


Cornball was running just as good as I remember it. I think this is probably one of the most fun coasters, if not THE most fun coaster I've ever been on. The dive down to the water, and the last two pops were great. The whole thing is just a chaotic airtime machine, swooping down over places you frankly weren't ever aware you could fit a roller coaster.


Hoosier too was running really well, better than last time. I love how it takes you the entire length of the pier. And it just looks spectacular cutting through everything else.


Galaxi was fun, not as bad as I remember being, but Tig'rr was a little rough. Last time I rode it there were no seatbelts, and I felt like adding them takes away a large part of the charm of the ride. LCSM is just plain awesome. One of the most fun, quirkiest rides I can think of, it does many a thing most coasters should never do, but it's a one of a kind, and it sure is a blast.


The dark ride was a ton of fun, and the chair swing is probably one of the greatest flat rides ever created. The way you just soar out over the water, and your chair just kind of rocks dangerously back and forth, tipping you this way and that as there's nothing beneath you, is really a one of a kind experience.


The new coaster I had yet to ride, Steel Hawg, and frankly, I wasn't expecting too much. It just looks a little odd. And yes, that's a fairly understated way of putting it. That thing is effed up. The whole time it's going you can't stop thinking of why it shouldn't be doing the things it's doing. The first ride we had in the front was actually pretty decent, and much less painful than I had guessed. The first drop was exciting, and nothing was as painful as it looked. The only problem was that the entire ride is braked (and thank God for that), but I like my coasters with a little more momentum, not just element pause element pause element pause. The second ride, I rode in the back, and that felt like a Wild Mouse on cocaine being punted down a set of stairs. It really was not a pleasant thing, and thus ended our reriding on this odd little machine. I also hate that it's that far away from everything. There was really no thought given into location and integration. And with a park like IB, location and integration is everything.


But we had a fantastic day. We didn't do the dark ride, due to time and money and wanting to get back home at a decent hour (and because Harry Potter opened that night), but there really is nothing quite like this little park.


Thanks for reading, I had a blast, and hopefully I did an alright job of conveying how awesome these three parks were.


And the classiest car in Indiana. thanks for reading


One last shot of Cornball


Hoosier ravaged


Hoosier has a special place in our hearts




under the boardwalk


Hoosier from across the way. Such a good looking ride


What exactly even is a cornball??


The flyers were a lot of fun too


Cukoo for cornballs


Hey Eric, look like a lost sheep


Car ride action


More rides should do this


LoCoSuMo was a hot mess of fun


This car ride is also excellent, how it is built over the water


This chair swing was AMAZING!!! Definitely don't pass it up


I don't think I would ever do what this man is doing, not in a million years




Hey Eric, look like a Galaxi


The park from the double shot


This corkscrew toward the ground thing was really unnerving


Hang time is nice


That first drop is ridiculous! Kind of what you'd expect, but still... ridiculous


Steel Hawg close up


First drop action


There is many and many an element that really shouldn't be happening in this picture


Cornball from Hoosier


Gotta love those curves


Cornball Express. Nothing but the best


The pier down the stretch of the midway


A little squinty, but other than that, not half bad


I love Indiana THIS much


The rest of the park


There's more than corn in Indiana... but mostly just corn


some Indiana Hops


Seeing this view while walking across the bridge gets me every time


Indiana Beach - nothing but the classiest

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Good report, I just went to CP for the first time in June. I had a wonderful time as well and fell in love with the park, coasters, scenery, people, everything. As a thrill seeker it had everything I could ask for and more. I can't believe how people will sit and whine about CP, if you can't enjoy that place you just shouldn't be a theme park goer.

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