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A mention to German Dirk Auer who sucessful made it around a complete curcuit of the Mammoth wooden coaster at Tripsdrill in Germany.


But that's not all...he did it in specially made ROLLER SKATES.


I have attached a link to the website for London's free morning newspaper metro.co.uk which also has a video.


I have only one thing to say...




What are your thoughts?




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^Yeah! Let's see him try this on Alpengeist or Tatsu!


All kidding aside, what he did was pretty cool.

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What I can't figure out is whether the skates have up stop wheels or not. Is he locked to the track?


Either way this is an incredibly dangerous stunt. If he lost his balance, he would, at bare minimum, suffer severe trauma.


Not sure I understand these people.

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If he was locked to the track, then it might not be so bad. I'm not saying its easy, but easier then the description. I though he was going to do it ON roller blades. Yeah he is on them but its not the only thing he is on.

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If he was locked to the track, then it might not be so bad.


If he was secured to the track, that would just mean he could suffer *severe* trauma to his lower legs if he lost balance. A person could actually bleed to death that way if a major artery was opened up and medical intervention was not swift.

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Many moons ago on the old TV show "That's Incredible", a guy strapped his snow skis to the 1st undercarriage of the train on the Revolution at Libertyland I believe. Not quite sure, but it had to be late 70's early 80's..

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I would be willing to Try this. On like, Holidog's Fun Coaster First, then something more difficult. Doesn't seem nearly as hard as skiing uncharted Alpine lines or doing skateboard tricks on a Halfpipe.

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Hehe, he didn't beat the Aston Martin in the video.


Oh well, still give the guy major props. Skating a roller coaster and geting rockets strapped to you to race an Aston Martin...

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