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Unnamed B&M Mega Coaster [NL]

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Just a little track I've been working on. I didnt realize how jerky the transitions on the hills so I hope to fix that. I wanted it to end on a strong note so the helix at the end pulls up to 4.7Gs. I've also been working on a station heavily based on the one for Goliath in Georgia.


Some specs:

243' tall

238' drop

83 mph top speed (you can thank the tunnel for that)

A pretty long underground tunnel






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Thanks! But Im not uploading it yet. I still have to do all of the supports, fix the grass surrounding the tunnel, and finish the station. I plan to add a lot more detail to it because it seems too flat atm.


Nice work but how did you create a custom station? Just one little detail I'd change though & that's the smaller camelback leading into the helix,I'd simply bring it down to ground level so it looks more fluid but other than that the layout looks great.

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^ Using Object Maker. I made one using Google Sketch Up but the shadows were insane and looked pretty bad. It was somewhat easier because I didnt have to scale anything, but Object Maker is pretty easy too.


I've been tweeking the three hills after the tunnel and those pics are a bit old so I'll post some new hill pics soon along with progress on the station. Supports will come last and will probably take the longest.

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If only I had the custom scenery used for the station & queue I'd download it when it's ready.


I'm working on my own B&M hyper right now & have everything done except for the supports which are turning out to be a total pain in the a$$....I swear why is there no auto support generator for use with steel supports?

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Word of advice, finish those supports. I have a ridiculous amount of really good tracks without supports. This is the second track I plan on releasing with completed supports. In the end, it really pays off and eventually gets easier. Custom woodie supports are much harder so get comfortable with steel ones. Best of luck on the track.

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Nice idea but I'm just not liking the shape of the hills, they look too RCTish, try to make the top not so round if you know what I mean, take a look at DB and Behemoth, and also I would recomend making your segments shorter, it allows for more presicion.

Hope that helps

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Wow. The scenery around the station looks amazing!

For the supports: I noticed in one of the pictures that the transfer track and the brake run have customized supports, while some of the airtime hills and the hammerhead don't. With track that's low to the ground, I've found that you can get away with using the pre-made supports, whereas with track that's high off the ground (like with an airtime hill) its better to elaborate on what the pre-made support gives you. Look at a typical B&M hyper, the supports for the airtime hills usually look a lot like the A-Shape supports, only the "A" shape is wider. These are actually fairly easy to custom-build once you get used to it.

Also: I'm sure you probably knew this already, and it looks like you already thought of this, but B&M track is very strong and not every segment needs to be supported. Usually the supports only hold up every other track segment. Just throwing that out there.

BTW: Where did you get Object Maker from? I've been looking for it for several days now and haven't found a working link.

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