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(RCT2) - Stoksland's Thrill City Amusement Park

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Love to help you with the colors, but since I suck at picking colors I should probably pass.


I think the color of the coaster is fine but I think the color of the buildings could be mixed up a bit.


Looking like your best work yet.


That is one cool looking place in the picture, Arab-ish I suppose.

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Sorry about not updating last weekend, but I've been having a few computer problems lately.


The computer is all fixed now, so I will make sure I give you all a HUGE update this weekend.



Teaser time...


The tunnel is related to the pic that I showed before.


More of the tunnel. More soon...

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Yes, it is a launch tunnel.


Since no-one is really trying to guess, I will give you all another letter to the word...





BTW, whoever guesses the correct answer will get a sneak preview of what the next attraction of Stoksland's Thrill City will be, as well as the name of the ride, stats etc.

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Yes, the city is Carthage.


I will make sure I send some pics via pm. Since you both posted on the same day, I will give you both a "special" update. But, as ericmichaellucas got it correct first, he will receive a more "detailed" update.


As for your question, I plan on building the coaster with an Islamic theme, in other words, lots of dirt/sand set-up in small dunes surrounding the entire ride. I might, if I have time/don't get bored working on the same coaster all the time, I will try to add a couple of small buildings, and try to make the surrounding area, outside the coaster, a small bizarre with palm trees and little market places.

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More from Stoksland Thrill City. Stoks Co. has announced that the next ride to be installed in the park will be bigger, better, and more thrilling than all the other coasters put together, this is big.


At a press conference this morning...

We are proud to announce that the next coaster that will be installed at Stoksland Thrill City will be built by Intamin. It will be one of the most thrilling coasters around. And with all the other parks we have to compete with, it will be up there with the best.


A small enterprise has been installed, and given the name 'Discombobulator', meaning confusing.


Front view


Back view


Finally I leave you all with a pic of Carthage's station



Remember to comment and criticise the park, rides, buildings etc.


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I'm back!!!



More from Stoksland Thrill City. Pictures have been let slip by Stoks Co. Enterprises, though not much, the picture is enough to cause a lot of rumours about the future of the park...




Hope this is a little better J K.


Even more pictures of Carthage are leaking out...



You'll know what this is if you read up on Egyptian creatures.



Remember to post your opinion, Stoks Co. is counting on YOU!


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Yep, the new color on the fences looks much better.


THANK YOU for the PM Preview even though I didn't answer first.


This has to be the best looking park (from what I've seen of it anyway) you have made. It's amazing how fast your skills at building in this game have improved. Keep up the great work.

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With "tinypic" not working, I'll just upload the pics on this website.





Welcome back!

It's not really an update today, just some teasers and things for you to ponder


Support work has begun on the Intamin.


The station. What could the ride be called????

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Does anyone know how to work photobucket, I get the link, post it, but no image shows up. Any suggestions?



I might not be able to update this weekend due to a lot of homework, but with holidays coming up, I'll have plenty of time to work on the park.

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How are people supposed to be able to get to the entrance/exit little path?

Since I'm using the NE workbench, no peeps can get into the park. Making it pointless to build a queue path. Secondly, by building the queue, it would ruin the theme and feel to the area, having the line would mean building the path downwards, which I didn't want.


THANK YOU VERY MUCH themeparkman. I felt that I always had this sort of stuff in me, but never really had the time or patience to produce the finished product.



Any guesses on what the coaster is called?

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