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Photo TR: TPR Texas Trip by Luko Simlesa

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Day 1: Six Flags over Texas

Day 2: Six Flags over Texas, iT'z, Kemah Boardwalk




Reserving one of the great rides on our gold Q-bots, also known as Flash Passes.


This was our hotel for the first night. VERY close to the coasters.


Inside the restaurant


Some of us took an afternoon break and had a nice meal at a place called Humperdinks


We were treated to a nice ERT on the Shockwave


La Vibora, the best bobsled ride I've ever been on


Pay attention to the warnings.


First park of the trip. Welcome to Texas!

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Day 2....


Our bus even had tables inside


3) Don't be late for the bus


2) Stay seated at all times


Trip rules: 1) Clean up after yourself


This is our bus


Titan, another great ride


Don't know how to pronounce this ride


This one is for Tyler


Don't ride if you have a heart condition...


Gary can't wait to ride


Morning checks of the rides

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Looks like fun! How was Titan? Super intense as I found it?


Yes! It is very intense. My vision almost goes completely black on the first helix.


Did you notice the smoothness of Flashback compared to other boomerangs? I was actually quite surprized by that (well it was my first boomerang anyways)


I did a lot of boomerangs, and this one seems average. Not bad overall.



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Day 2, part 2




Upon arriving at the hotel, I tried watching some TV, but it seems the TV has crashed.


...the weather wasn't quite cooperating with us. Thankfully the storm passed, and by 10:15pm we were able to grab a few rides on the Bullet before the park closed for the night.


We came to ride the little coaster called the Boardwalk Bullet, but...


Some people come to ride roller coasters in style


Next stop: Kemah Boardwalk


More fun on the bus


Just in case you forgot the name of the place


They also have a kiddie coaster


We stopped at a small place called iT'z for lunch

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Day 3, part 1: More Kemah




We were also treated to a stingray exhibit where you could get up close and personal with these unusual creatures. After the exhibit we had an amazing buffet lunch and the park has shown us a video of the devastation of Kemah by hurricane Ike and the rebuilding efforts.


And this is the after photo.


Oh, and the ride is designed to get the unsuspecting passengers as wet as possible. This is the before photo.


Then we went to the Boardwalk Beast - a speedboat ride that lives up to its name.


First we started with ERT on the Boardwalk Bullet. This coaster reaches amazing speeds, and does hairpin turns. Nice!


The back of the bus crew is ready to ride.


Today we had some special treats planned at Kemah.

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Was fun meeting up with everyone out there! I'm glad the weather passed the first night and the wet track made from some decent speeds on the Bullet; it much better than the last time TPR visited. Hope you have a great day in San Antonio and New Braunfels, really wish I could have visited Schlitterbahn with you guys!



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Looks like a great trip. I went to SFOT in 2006 during an off time of the season so only half the rides were open. Did get to do titan and judge roy scream. But was really looking forward to get the texas giant credit oh well. Probably will go back next summer.

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^I don't know of anyone who got sick. We just all smelled like seawater.


It was a perk of the day, not an upcharge, although I was convinced that it was done to force us to buy (dry) T-shirts. And it worked as I picked up a Boardwalk Bullet shirt.

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